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  1. He is a soccer and track guy also. 22.15 200 as a Freshman last year. He is on their sprint relays also.
  2. Interesting, can you find the actual article? He was a good writer for the Washington Post and not the New York Post. This is another 'article' floated and tagged to someone in an attempt to make it look legit.
  3. Typically crews are either tighter or looser than fans want. Good coaches and teams make adjustments. It is hard to believe that unruly fans would cause a forfeit. The game administrator should of been used to remove as many fans needed to keep the game going. As far as COVID and short handed chapters, that is true and it makes it even more tough with all the cancellations and movement of games.
  4. BH/PNG Game has been moved to Wednesday.
  5. They say the same stuff about going east. I think all the chapters have good and bad refs, you just have to make adjustments. Of course I've seen fans complain about refs without seeing the dumb fouls, missed layups, and poor defense. Refs are either too tight or too loose for some teams
  6. Making excuses ahead of time? United should roll in district.
  7. There have been quite a few schools cancel games in the area. Makes it hard when the teams restart also. I agree hopefully the UIL doesn't step in.
  8. From NFHS rulebook: 4-10: A closely guarded situation occurs when a player in control of the ball in his/her team’s frontcourt, is continuously guarded by any opponent who is within six feet of the player who is holding or dribbling the ball. The distance must be measured from the forward foot/feet of the defender to the forward foot/feet of the ball handler. A closely guarded count must be terminated when the offensive player in control of the ball gets his/her head and shoulders past the defensive player. fyi: Another defensive player can pick up the 5 second count if closely guarded i
  9. Was this in a High School game or college?
  10. May of just been old news. Last year's team only had one return with varsity experience.
  11. They had quite a few returnees from last year including seniors Crump and Anderson who started last year. Juniors Pennington and Barber played a lot last year and the other starter played most of the 2nd part of the season as a Freshman (Smith)
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