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  1. Is that finalized? I thought they were just looking at Spring as a possible option.
  2. yes, I was being facetious. Braelon is one of the best scorers I've seen at the high school level and I only popped off about the height as others would mention it over the course of his career on here. He was always worth the ticket to get in.
  3. Decent career for a short guy. I remember when he was young and playing on Silsbee Jr. All Stars. He could light if up then and was never afraid of anything in front of him. I've enjoyed watching him when I could through the years and I'm glad I never had to face him when I played. Good luck to him in college.
  4. Barbers Hill. 5A district for this go around (2 years). BH has won a district championship in Volleyball, Football, Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Team Tennis, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Girls Track, Spring Tennis, Baseball, Softball, boys golf, girls golf
  5. He sure gave us fits with his size and skill. I think many teams in the area are glad he will be moving on. Good luck to this young man at his next stop.
  6. We played sloppy and Nederland played well. They worked the ball around nicely and gained momentum late in 1st and rode it a while. We open up with Texas City which we beat early in the season. If we come back together as a team and hit the 3s, we have a chance. Nederland has improved over the later half of the season and may get some playoff wins this year.
  7. Leggett held opponent to 13 tonight to keep Dayton off the lowest score list.
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