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  1. PNG played well and had a good crowd. BH couldn't shoot tonight.
  2. 13. Barbers Hill (16-7), 16, 15, 1/14 at Port Neches-Groves; 1/17 vs. Nederland BH hosts Cleveland on the 17th and not Nederland (we host them on 1/24)
  3. Almost as bad as Beaumont. Lol Fans get too wrapped up in thinking refs cheat other teams. 99% of the time it's just refs calling tighter or looser than you want. What's worse is when you hear parents tell their kids they had to play 5 against 8. That just gives little Johnnie an excuse for losing. Forget the fact he had a bunch of turnovers or missed free throws. Our fans wanted to blame out PA loss on the Beaumont refs. Nevermind that PA outplayed us and we shot horribly. We have to blame someone, so just say the refs blew it.
  4. Foul count difference was probably what it should be. BH drove more in first half and went down to post thus more opportunities for contact. BH shot way more 3s in 2nd half. Vidor was shooting more from outside to start the game and drove and dished to bigs more late in game.
  5. Foul count was 10-4 favor of Vidor in 2nd half
  6. Silsbee beat Baytown Lee in that tournament 104-72, per MaxPreps
  7. what mag would that be? Picking BH to miss playoffs blindly wouldn't be too crazy with only one returning player (though they should make it)......but to pick Dayton to finish 3rd in district would be way off.
  8. Lumberton at #9? Over HJ? Seems a stretch. Do they have any good wins?
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