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  1. I didn't know Baytown had any UIL Football state championships. Even though we won our a few years back, we at least have 2. 1971 and 1976.
  2. Sorry, I missed on this one. We won girls district in track and were runner-up on the boys side.
  3. Well since we are the defending champion in basketball....and baseball, softball, track, tennis, volleyball, cross country
  4. They put on a good tournament. They normally have multiple brackets and make sure the good teams play each other.
  5. I like how it has Barbers Hill ranked in the top 25 but coming in behind unranked PNG in district. I think PNG will get 2nd but I would be very surprised if they won the district. Hopefully a few other teams improved as PNG and BH will need some good games in district before playoffs start.
  6. and an alignment before it was said we pushed Dayton into being with the Beaumont teams so we didn't have to be. Rumors are always out there. I don't think we would of picked to be with PNG even with Roshon only being there one year since they are a powerhouse. Financially it would be better to be with Baytown schools and we had a mini rivalry starting with GCM that was fun. As a fan I wish all the teams in the district were close as it would help fan attendance, especially for those sports where they play on Tuesdays also (Basketball, Volleyball, etc.).
  7. We have a wining record against Lee and GCM, but I think we have only scrimmaged Sterling in the past. I'm not sure why you'd be saying that, or are you just saying we won't play Sterling?
  8. With this district win, we are now holding the title for volleyball, team tennis, cross country boys, cross country girls, and football for this year. Girls and boys basketball, softball, baseball, girls track, boys track, spring tennis boys and girls from last year. Just can't get a district title yet in soccer.
  9. No, BH is going to be short, slow, and not shoot very well. Ned just needs to worry about the other teams.
  10. 5A D21 PAM Nederland BH Cleveland For some reason they have Silsbee winning their they even play basketball?
  11. 5A D21 BH PNG PAM Dayton
  12. I assume you are talking about college program, because there is obviously no recruiting in High School programs. 😁
  13. How much with the opening local rankings change from the final rankings last year? Especially with 1,3 and 5 losing a lot. 6A-4A Rankings 1. Silsbee (23-6) 2. Beaumont United (24-6) 3. Texas City (29-5) 4. Galena Park North Shore (28-3) 5. Barbers Hill (29-6) 6. Port Arthur Memorial (23-7) 7. Beaumont West Brook (22-10) 8. Hardin-Jefferson (27-9) 8. Huffman Hargrave (28-5) 10. Friendswood (18-9) 11. Galveston Ball (16-10) 12. Nederland (21-13) 13. Lufkin Hudson (15-10) 13. Lumberton (21-15) 15. Deer Park (23-12)
  14. TGCA Basketball poll usually has some big holes early in the year. TABC poll will be a little more accurate when it comes out.
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