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  1. I'm glad they are able to have it this year. Fun way for many of these athletes to finish their career.
  2. Georgetown took out #1 in MaxPreps national ranking, but with one and done it should be open.
  3. No new high school. 2 new lower level ones.
  4. The article you posted talked about vaccination which is a preventive measure and not a cure and the covid vaccine is not killing a lot of people.
  5. Good link that says it was due to successful vaccination program to prevent it, not cure it.
  6. Actually it wasn't a cure. There is no cure for polio
  7. 6 State tournament appearances and 3 championships (with 2 appearances coming in last 10 years). Playoffs almost every year since late 70's. Girls Basketball is still a strong pull.
  8. Not bad. Google Maps shows about 40 miles from Lake Creek High School. 53 miles from BH High School. (a little more traffic from our side, but that usually doesn't slow down BH fans)
  9. Should be a good one. MaxPreps #2 National ranked BH vs #7 National ranked Lake Creek #1 Ranked Leander is also 5A
  10. Kinnebrew is a basketball guy and will do well there.
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