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  1. LCM 66, Bridge City 58 Ben Elliott with 23/12 reb, Jesse Doucette 20, Kaine Humberson 9, Da'Marion Morris 8 pts/8 reb/7 stls/6 assists. Pretty tough season for us, but glad to close it out with a win.
  2. Silsbee 88, LCM 64 Bears led by Ben Elliott with 36, Jesse Doucette 10, Da'Marion Morris 9 pts/9 assists/6 rebs. Dunk count 3-1 LCM...gotta take small victories where you can. Bears will host Bridge City Friday for senior night.
  3. Orangefield 74, LCM 68 Bears led by Jesse Doucette with 25, Ben Elliott 20, Cole Freeman 12. Bobcats led by Peyton Wrinkle with 19, Bryce Bergeron 19, Pete Ragusa 17.
  4. WOS 69, LCM 58 Ben Elliott 17, Jesse Doucette 16, Da'Marion Morris 15. Michael Wardlow had 23 for WOS, Braden Gant 15. LCM falls to 11-14 (2-6) and is off Friday. We'll go to Vidor on Tuesday.
  5. Lumberton 75, LCM 41 Ben Elliott 19, Kaine Humberson 10. Brock Mcclure 26, Aidan Millican 18. Bears 10-12 (2-5) will host West Orange Stark on Tuesday.
  6. Bridge City 63, LCM 45 Ben Elliott 18, Da'Marion Morris 15/7 reb/6 stls. Bears fall to 10-11 (2-4) and will go to Lumberton Friday.
  7. While we were definitely the beneficiary of the DEC policy, there was very little satisfaction or feeling of accomplishment from our game last night. Credit to Coach Sigler and his staff for coaching the kids they had and how hard those kids played. They were placed in a difficult situation and they competed. I do not see any going back on the district's cancellation policy this year. However, it is apparent that it could be better and we will advocate a change for the future. Hopefully covid-19 will not be a factor and hopefully these quarantines will not change the outcome of this
  8. The situation has changed since my last post. There will be one game only tonight at LCM starting at 6 pm.
  9. District athletic passes are accepted and then attendance up to 50% on each side. Visitor side should allow around 300 or so. Must have on a mask for admission.
  10. Poster above is correct. Injuries and Covid are all part of the equation and are not an excuse that should carry any weight. You play with who is available and those guys have to get the job done.
  11. Orangefield 63, LCM 50 Bears led by Ben Elliott with 24, Brendon Brones 13. Bryce Bergeron 26, Pete Ragusa 15 for Orangefield. LCM 9-10 (1-3) will host Silsbee on Friday.
  12. LCM 55, Vidor 50 Bears led by Da'Marion Morris with 16 pts/7 rebs/7 stl/6 assists, Ben Elliott 14, Brendon Brones 12. Bears are 9-9 (1-2) and play at Orangefield on Tuesday.
  13. Wheatley 61, LCM 58. Ben Elliott 24, Da'Marion Morris 20, Brendon Brones 12. Bears are 8-9 and will play Vidor next Friday.
  14. LCM 54, Splendora 50. LCM: 14, 10, 16, 14 S: 11, 16, 8, 15 Bears led by Ben Elliott with 21 and Da'Marion Morris with 13 pts. Brendon Brones had 9 pts and 10 boards. LCM 8-8 (0-2) will host Wheatley Saturday at 1 pm.
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