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  1. Not quicker than I thought. Williams actually was the better throwing QB last yearas a sophomore. But he lacked confidence. By the end of District Play he may have reason to strut like a peacock. And let me say this now. They will be at the top of the heap next year as well. Having said that, they may not even win this game against Gilmer. But after watching the Gilmer , Carthage game on YouTube, I have even more confidence in Newton. But it will be all out War. Newton doesn't have down years, as per say. Cmon, if you call a regional Championship a down year. IMO, Newton is actually on their way up. They will continue to improve their program year after year JMO. Only advice I would offer, and nobody's asking me. But like every other genius on this site. I'm going to give it. Develope throwing, athletic quarterbacks. That's been my only knock on the program over the past 50 years. Very few throwing QB in Newton. Williams will prove to be by for the best and will be the measuring stick for Quarterback's in the future at Newton. I'll see all you Newton folks mid December at Jerry's. Have a great Day!!!
  2. BTW Who is the Big Star on Newton's team? I'm going with everybody or nobody, or everybody
  3. He doesn't seem to be a effective runner. But he will get rid of it, and live to fight another set of downs
  4. I'm definitely not betting against them. I'm a big fan. If Newton wins this game, no ther 3A D2 team will even stay close.
  5. I think Gimer pulls this game out and breaks Newton's win streak. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. I'll be so glad when District play starts. Hard to survive these type of games without injuries. But Newton is as advertised. And so is WOS. Two great teams and a great game But honestly, both teams definitely have some improvements they can make. With or without improvements they both have a very good chance at winning state in their respective divisions. But they will both get better because of this game. Congratulations to Newton, they found a way to pull it out. Get ready for more of the same next week.
  7. Newton has a lot of Sophmores on Varsity. They don't have enough kids to compete with larger classifications of schools. They can't field 2 good teams that can compete. Varsity will compete however. Not trying to make any excuses for the JV. Like you said. They are being taken to the woodshed. Getting some valuable experience however
  8. We don't want, are need any bad bllood between theses two teams. No more than there may be already. These are two great programs and I hope both of these teams represent East Texas in December. Injury free
  9. WOS is a Great team. Every year. I give them the respect they deserve. Newton is a great team as well. I can't confidently say who I think is going to win this game. But I'm a Newton fan and am pulling for them. But the scoreboard is really all that matters
  10. I have absolutely nothing to say negatively about WOS. They are one of the best programs in Texas as is Newton. I look for a great hard fought game and I expect it. Not likely a blowout in either way. But anything can happen with a momentum shift and a few mistakes. Both of these teams k8nda mirror each other with great athletes, great coaching and great fan base. Looking forward to a great game. Go Eagles!!!!
  11. Silsbee has and excellent football team. They have great athletes and will go deep in the playoffs, imo. Everyone needs to support these kids and they will rebound. Coming from and Eagle fan. I'm 100% a Newton fan but I know a good team when I see one. This game really doesn't matter. It should be used as a teaching tool. Disrict play is the only thing that matters.
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