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  1. It's tough being in that coaching position. Like so many others. You get held accountable, just like that person at McDonald's, people throw coffee at you when you put thrre creams inatead of two. We do pick our jobs. If we can't handle the pressure probably should change jobs. And really I'm not trying to beat you up here. I'm just telling you like it is, not the way you want it to be. I guess if you coach at Warren or Kountze you probably wouldn't have to much to worry about. I mean probably half the coaches in Texas scream at the TV when the cowboys play. Because you coach High School football does that mean you know as much as Bill Belichick. Everyone has and opinion and they voice it. Gotta have thick skin and continue to do the best you can. We aren't going to stop voicing our opinion. Well I guess they could shut this site down. That might help you
  2. From the highlights I've watched, Troups quarterback likes to stand in the pocket and pick his receivers. Deason , vess seems to be his favorite targets. I'd be surprised if he gets that much time. He'll take of with it as well sometimes, by design. Running backs don't seem to be that fast or very big. If Newton gets every one back and can hold on to the football and limit the penalty yards. They should roll.
  3. I think the reason they done it that way is because at times many teams in the same districts are very evenly paired. Not to just give every team and opportunity to go to the playoffs. But often some teams end up there that really shouldn't be there. But for the sake of equal parity in some districts, I can live with that decision
  4. Most of the times they get blown out. But in 3AD2 this year in both District 11 and 12 all 4 teams from both Districts is pretty competitive. Also the #1 seed in District 11 Dangerfield beat the #4 seed in District 12 by a score of 18-0. Thats by no means a blowout anfd Shiro definitely deserved to be there.
  5. I'm from Newton and I agree. Not blaming the players. I believe you should hold adults accountable. I still say Newton has the best athletes in the state. 3AD2
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