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  1. Mike is have issues with the server staying connected.
  2. So, let me get this lined out. A team (BC) that some people/person calls average/below average beat a team (HJ) that some people call way above average in the first round of the playoffs and while it is shocking some people/person would rather place blame or make excuses as to why a "average" team beat an "above average" team. It's ok to be shocked, the first thing you have to do is admit it and the first couple of stages of sports shock is to place blame and make excuses. And that's why we have this web site, it to air it all out so we can make some people/person better. We want to help.
  3. The ball game was over almost at 11:00. It started at 7:00. Silsbee went through six pitcher and Nederland used three pitcher.
  4. Silsbee issued 10 walks and Nederland issued 5 walks. Each team had 7 pass balls/wild pitches. You could tell the layoff from the weather had effected the pitchers and catcher more that the batters and fielders. Yeah, a bit rusty. Usually the pitcher are ahead of the batters early in the season.
  5. R H E L Nederland 043 180 2 18 14 2 10 Silsbee 124 006 0 13 11 3 10 WP: K. Baker LP: B. Krapf
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