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  1. No matter how watered down the UIL make the playoffs, bottom line is you have to win and if you win you get a trophy. You are the champion of that round. Also, if you win that round and get a trophy the big deal is you get to go to the next round. I see no participation trophy for the losing team.
  2. Just a few quick stats: Silsbee Shepherd Passing R. Foster 3-5-57-1-0 D. Yates 2-8-15-0-1 K. Turner 0-1-0-0-1 Rushing D. Taylor 10-106 TD K. Turner 19-82 TD C. Martin 6-172 2 TD D. Yates 10-42 A. Arline 6-69 2 TD J. Weekes 7-44 K. Lockett 1-10 K. Burton 3-28 TD Receiving D. Colvin 2-47 TD K. Burton 2-15 J. Hunt 1-10
  3. Don’t even joke like that! Mike will have a heart attack.
  4. For the second year in a row a depleted and injured riddled Silsbee Tiger team beat a good HF Longhorn team to win the last game of the season and keep the momentum headed into the playoffs. For the second year in a row the Tigers had to hang on for dear life to win the game. The Tigers get a much need bye week to get ready for the playoff and the Longhorns play for at least a piece of the district championship or the #3 seed for the playoffs. Long live Friday Night Lights!
  5. Just a few quick stats: Silsbee HF Passing R. Foster 7-10-120-1-0 #1 12-26-156-1-0 Rushing D. Taylor 8-46 TD #1 29-181 2TD C. Martin 8-41 TD #15 5-7 A. Arline 6-28 #9 4-25 R. Foster 2-5 #11 4-14 #4 2-5 Receiving K. Cartwright 5-109 TD #9 4-36 TD J. Hunt 1-10 #21 3-72 C. Martin 1-1 #4 3-39 #11 2-9
  6. Say "I" Say "I believe" Say "I believe Silsbee will win"
  7. One would think it would have been shown on senior night.
  8. I don’t think nether team is as good this year as last year. HF trying to stay on pace for a DC and Silsbee trying to win out and take that momentum into the playoffs. Silsbee has faced duel threat QBs this year but non as athletic as the HF QB. I know Silsbee is banged up pretty good on both sides of the ball, so it’s time to see how much depth we have going into the playoffs. Silsbee has been road warriors this year and no sense in stopping now.
  9. Just a few quick stats: Silsbee Liberty Passing R. Foster 5-10-78 A. Walker 0-2-0 Rushing A. Arline 16-142 TD BJ Peterson 14-32 TD C. Martin 15-110 3TD J. Leday 13-60 D. Taylor 8-53 TD J. Harris-Hines 12-81 TD A. Walker 4-14 Receiving Q. Kelly Jr 3-33 K. Cartwright 2-18 A. Bell 1-27
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