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  1. Here lately yes it is uncommon for Silsbee to be in those type of situations. In years past, well……
  2. You must be mixed up with the Carthage/Jasper thread.
  3. It's a combination of things, but coaching is not one of them.
  4. Halftime Silsbee 13 BC 0. An U-G-L-Y game so far
  5. Well shucks, just got home from working 12s on an outage and got my TV all set up to watch the Tigers then I see this message. Oh well, listening ain't to bad either. Go Tigers. TigerNation!!!
  6. Congrats WOS on the win. Twenty points was about what I expected from our offence, especially with Dodd hurt. When you play a defense like WOS you got to keep grinding over and over and not give up. Plays will work but few and far between and when they do, you got to capitalize on them. Your mistakes, penalties and turnovers, have to be at a minimum if not at all. The defense looked like they where running in water tonight, just a step behind. Their RBs were hard to get a hold of and harder to bring down, when you did get a hand on them you got to make it count. You can be shown how to tackle
  7. Orangefield, if the same ref show up that did their homecoming game.
  8. Just about the time we start getting our injured players back, we done gone and got some more.
  9. Congrats on winning your homecoming and congrats on beating Silsbee for the first time. Good luck the rest of the year.
  10. If you’re theory is based on the Silsbee/Vidor game, you are in for a rude awakening.
  11. Isn’t that what I said? You just reworded what I said.
  12. So, y'all feeling all nice and comfy after beating some 3A teams with a combined record of 4-7. Your loss is to a 4A school that has beaten a winless Christian school and two 3A teams. Not to mention y'all have never beaten Silsbee. Now, Silsbee coming in with a losing record, having two last minute losses to bigger schools and a win over a power house 4A school, that maybe down this year, still a tradition rich team. Y'all still feeling all worm and fuzzy? Consider this, Silsbee has already seen y'alls offense, having played two teams that run it as good as or better than y'all can. Y'alls lo
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