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  1. If one outside venue gets turf I think you’ll see all outside venues will get turf at the same time.
  2. You gotta take the good with the bad when your the QB, but 35 point spread would be a bit much. Maybe a 34 point spread. Lol
  3. If it happens it happens. Coach Smith is not one to run the score up on purpose.
  4. Dallas make the deadskins punt on first position
  5. OH, them Cowboys gonna put a beat down on them deadskins!!!!
  6. I don't think the emphasis on stripping the ball is coming from the coaches.
  7. Total Yards Silsbee - 488 Big Ned - 449 And this is for the PNG fan Total Yards Silsbee - 429 PNG - 436
  8. Silsbee ISD is precipitating in some kind of Texas state school event that weekend. ???
  9. I said during the pregame broadcast the two things I wanted to see for my Tigers (1) was for the defense to step up, the Dline to cause havic and the secondary to start making plays. (2) Foster, to take command not just be a leader but command and I saw a little of that last night. Last year he was along for the ride, this year he needs to drive the bus. The long passes are nice, just throw it up and let the WR run go get it, but slants, out routs, come backs. I see the coaches are working them into the game plan and Foster is making the throws. Touch passes to the RBs and a little zip on the slants that's what I've been waited for, for Foster to get the chance to get it all together. Nice job last night Foster. The defense gave up some yards last night but was able to stop the Bulldogs in the red zone. Two INT and two sacks and several tackles for loss. I can tell you right now, we miss Tarver, badly, very badly. Would love to have him in the LB rotation and at FB finishing off blocks and running the ball and coming out of the backfield on passes. The guy was a machine. I seen some players been moved around and more in the rotation. Work on TACKLING twice as hard, trust me it makes a difference. I did see the Tigers start to loose some gas in the middle of the fourth quarter when Big Ned got the game within two points, but the fumble recovery after the punt energized us and we finished the game and got the dub. It was a nice BIG win for us last night, now we got to build off of it and not have a let down in the following weeks. TigerNation!!!
  10. Just a few quick stats; Silsbee Nederland Passing R. Foster 9-13-220-3-0 B. McMorris 12-25-234-2-2 C. Chandler 1-1-14 Rushing D. Taylor 16-145 J. Mazyck 13-89 TD A. Arline 8-30 TD K. Scott 7-71 TD C. Martin 7-87 TD B. McMorris 5-(-9) R. Foster 2-6 TD K. Fuselier 1-18 Receiving C. Martin 5-62 TD K. Fuselier 5-132 TD A. Arline 2-146 2TD B. Garrett 3-51 TD K. Cartwright 1-11 C. Cunningham 2-33
  11. If only a&m could win......something...….
  12. Yep, That dropped TD in the first quarter for Texas was monumental!!!
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