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  1. SETXsports broadcast server is down. Hopefully will be up soon.
  2. You have a three year QB with a ton of experience that has done a good job of "driving the bus" for the Tigers. He is not connecting with his young WRs this year. This is a good time to bring in the young QB and get him some game time, not at the end of the season. You can't just sit back and say the job is mine, you got to work to get better. Someone is always working hard to get to play to get some playing time. The age old question is What did you do to get better for the Team? I have heard on here many times If you have a young player that is good and a senior player that is not develope
  3. He was a thorn in our side, along with Tony Allen. We played one he(( of a game in 84 only difference was Allen two returns for TDs.
  4. And there you have it folks, I ask for smashmouth a answer for one thing and smashmouth gives the answer to another thing. One thing that everyone knows is the there was over three minutes left in the second quarter that much everyone could read, everyone could read what was happening on the field also, and it wasn’t looking good for jasper. If that’s the only way you can perceive a win by jasper the sky really is cloudy in your world.
  5. Tell us smashmouth, what’s the color of the sky in your world? Here in Texas it’s Blue.
  6. It is your bad. Jaspers own head coach of the jasper bulldog varsity said it wasn’t a game. The fans don’t have to suit up to keep saying we win. Dang. But everyone knows how hard up jasper is for a win against Silsbee.
  7. Wrong answer Correct answer would be Jasper fans
  8. Just a few quick stats: Raiders 0 - 7 - 0-7 14 Tigers 22-14-13-7 56 Silsbee Lumberton Passing R. Foster 2-5-11-0-0 D. Boykin 17-35-188-0-2 Mas. Brisbane 2-2-15-1-0 Rushing M. Jones 8-170 4TDs C. Sellers 13-46 TD K. Lockett 10-91 D. Boykin 13-8 TD M. Dodd 7-54 K. Marcantel 2-2 D. Miller 6-24 C. Danna 1-8
  9. Yeah, this game wasn't scheduled this year that's why I said back on.
  10. Oooooooo it’s getting good now. Village Creek Classic, so glad this rivalry game is back on this year.
  11. Having only one scrimmage, practices interrupted, and still a pandemic this game could get off to a slow and rocky start for both teams. The team that handles that the best will have an advantage in the second half.
  12. Finally, a game to be played. Silsbee/Jasper
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