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  1. I remember staying up late after the news and watching TJ playoff games, those were hell of a team. HOF material right there!!!
  2. Silsbee's offense will reload with some talented and athletic players that got some experience playing last year. Our defense will have two huge holes to fill due to graduation, but next man up has always be Silsbee's theme. Again, Silsbee has one of the toughest pre-district schedules that will get us ready for district and beyond. Not expecting Silsbee to start out slow like some years past but not a ball of fire ether, by the third game we should settle down. That's what I love about Texas High School football. Some teams can start off like a ball of fire only to fade at the end or start of
  3. We shall see!!! I would love to see Carthage get tested in first week of season. Silsbee has played Carthage in the playoffs more times than any SETX team and Carthage always reloads. We had our chances in '15 and '16 but it slipped through our hands. Crosby gets Carthage in week one, so there's some hope for Crosby.
  4. You got to win the first game to get to the next game. You don’t safe nothing.
  5. Porters first year Lumberton won one game. Last year, after three years, Lumberton won 17 games and lost out on the playoffs on the last game of the season. Porter had that program headed in the right direction with young players coming back. I don't know what the new AD is looking for, but the program was successful under Porter. Good luck Josh.
  6. Orangefield is so fundamentally sound and patient that’s why they’re hard to beat. I haven’t seen Rusk, but ranked in the top 20, they must be doing something right. IF, and I say IF, Rusk has one pitcher like the other poster said he needs to make quick work every inning and stretch his pitch count out.
  7. Looking at the weather for next week, this may become a one game series.
  8. Game 2 Final Livingston 002 010 0 3 8 0 Silsbee 000 200 0 2 4 0 WP: T. Seek Complete Game HR: Sil-K. Sundgren
  9. Game 2 Final Livingston 002 010 0 3 8 0 Silsbee 000 200 0 2 4 0 WP: T. Seek Complete Game HR: Sil-K. Sundgren
  10. Game 1 Final Silsbee 021 000 1 4 2 3 Livingston 100 402 - 7 7 2 WP: D. Ruiz HR: Liv-B. Compton GS Sil- K. Sundgren
  11. G2 on Saturday has been changed to start at 11:00 and G3 30 min after G2 if nec
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