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  1. The area has a lot of good players... I am totally spoiled getting to coach quite a few top notch players every day. These girls work their tails off daily! I have coached for 20+ years and would have loved to have the talent that we have in our 8th and 9th spots any other year. Should be exciting! Praying that the Covid mess is under control before we crank up! Been very hard to get local games this year, so lots of bus miles for the Lady Hawks this year!
  2. So proud of that kiddo of yours! Doing great in an academically tough school, playing for a coach that expects and demands excellence on and off the court! I check up on her often!
  3. Great representation by the Lady Hawks this year! Lots of young talented ladies ready to do it again next year. 21-4A MVP- Ashon Jackson-jr -HJ DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Molly Beavers-soph-HJ NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR- Kendall Sneed-Fr- HJ 1st TEAM ALL DISTRICT Makenna Henry-Sr- HJ Jalyn Wright- Jr- HJ India McMahon-Soph- HJ 2nd TEAM ALL DISTRICT Jada Pleasant- Soph- HJ Audie Rogers-Soph- HJ HON . MENTION ALL DISTRICT Savannah McDonald-Jr- HJ Rylee Wirth- Sr- HJ
  4. Sorry to disappoint on the defense, but they followed a defensive gameplan to a T! goal was to disrupt sets and the girls did a heck of a job doing so!
  5. HISD should release ticket links to schools sometime tomorrow.... The 409 is about to take over H-Town! Go Shewolves, Go Lady Hawks!
  6. We played Cedar Park last year in Georgetown. They were solid on both ends, but very tough nosed on D. Well coached. Should be a great game between two great teams! GO 409!
  7. HJ vs Waco La Vega March 2 -Tuesday 7pm Crockett High School
  8. I bet you guys are chomping at the bit to get started! Finally tie to hoop! Good luck coach....
  9. You can't be forced to flip for home and home. This usually happens when teams can't agree on neutral sites, or neutral sites arent avaialble.. (happening alot this year). or the expense of renting a place. prohibits its use..... Coaches get together... usually they have both secured locations and agree on a date, a place and what referee chapter they will use. If they cannot agree on officials, UIL assigns them based on each schools preference. Most coaches come to pretty easy agreements. There are some places/districts that are notoriously difficult to deal with.
  10. From the UIL..... This will help clear up some of the crunch of teams tryign to cram in 4 games this coming week. State Finals will move to mid week now, and wont be on the weekend.... UIL Update UIL has released updated basketball playoff information to account for the interruptions created by the severe weather. Complete information can be found on the UIL website. This information includes: Girls State Championship games will be played March 10th-11th at the Alamodome; Playoff round certification deadlines have been adjusted to allow all playoff
  11. Folks dont understand... Lots of places not hosting games.... ones that are... many are not doing double headers and lots are having to keep their gyms available for theor own teams incase they have to go home and home.... crazy times!
  12. Tournaments are 6 in 3 days... At this point... it is what it is.... practices are way more intense... the girls may actually favor it. Haha Gotta look at the positives
  13. HJ vs El Campo set for Monday 5pm At Grand Oaks.... Slight chance it can still be Saturday. El Campo has canceled school for the rest of the week due to power and water issues. This has been a crazy day!
  14. Hj vs Elcampo due to El Campo closing school through Thursday.. The HJ vs El Campo game has been moved to Friday Game will be at 5:30 at Grand Oaks High School in Conroe.
  15. you don'tknow me very well lol.... I treat a 1-20 the same as someone who is undefeated.....Used to not be that way, but with age comes wisdom.... hahah
  16. El Campo is the only one they are worried about at this point.....
  17. Not talking about success... just participation rates
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