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Family Cat Rescues Son From Dog Attack

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Growing up in the 50’s, most people had a dog, or cat, or both, but this video blowed my mind.  Only 1 min long, but gets 5 stars, and a 100 on the Popcorn Meter From me.  Boy had several bite marks on leg that had to be stitched up.  But don’t mess with that boy around this cat.

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    • PNG@Dayton
      Liberty kids staying in liberty now?
    • MLB Playoffs
      A lot of over managing going on these days.
      Wow, that is impressive. 
    • 22-4A Predictions
      #1 HJ - I would say is the clear favorite in this district. They have 4 returning starters, including last years Beaumont Enterprise Super gold player of the year, Tanisha Smalls. Then you have the Freshman phenom being added to the mix, not to mention this group has played a lot of ball together from a young age. #2 Silsbee - They are quick, strong and physical, will make some noise and go two to three rounds deep in playoffs #3 LCM - Talented group that has a Jr who was select Freshman of the year and I believe received a superlative again last year.  #4 Lumberton - They are young, have lost some talent, have I believe 2 starters returning or at least 2 that played significant minutes, with a couple more Sophomores filling in to solidify the team. They having a winning culture there and I think it will continue. #5 BC - They lost top two or three players to graduation last year and I don’t know if the talent is their to replace them. #6 HF - Third coach in three years and showed a lot of heart in the games I watched them play last year, but the winning culture in HF basketball is not there anymore. #7 WOS - Dont know much about them, I believe they struggled last year and don’t know of any young ones in that area to step up and make a difference.   By all means correct me if any information is incorrect or if you have information to add.
    • Hull-Daisetta at Deweyville
      True that Kountze is a different ball team without Adams. HD was still a couple scores better than the Lions even with them missing him in my opinion. That prediction is also based on comparisons with Evadale outcomes as mentioned earlier. Rebs beat the Pirates by 8 and the Oilers by 6 so I’d think WH and DV are somewhere in the same ballpark with each other and HD beat WH 34-0. We shall see in about 36 hours 
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