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  1. 2 Tankers Hit In Gulf of Oman

    It was Iran or someone who wants it to look like Iran.
  2. West Orange-Stark turf

    The programs deserves it and on Friday night the citizens and fans can be proud because they chose/voted to pay for it.
  3. Thoughts On This

    It's an available program for kids in a district that the majority are eligible for free or reduced lunch. I think it is a good think as long the students take advantage of it. 
  4. Man is trying to understand the universe. If they only knew as much as they think they do.  
  5. Their backs are now against the wall.
  6. It has been a battle in Houston and really need that third win. They'll have to dig deep on the road. 
  7. It was good but too dark to follow well.
  8. Help A Brother Out

    I could handle listening to Hillary read the report if she was gargling the Ebola virus while reading.
  9. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I'm rooting for the Nederland bond to pass. The recent appraisal values could be a killer.
  10. Pope Funding Illegals!

    Providing humanitarian support is the Christian thing to do.
  11. Once programs like education and energy are established it is very hard to revert back. The same is even so for social security. It was never intended to be mandatory or a primary retirement income but that's where it is.
  12. NFL Draft
  13. NFL Draft

    Cowboys use their top pick on a risky player. We'll see if the gamble pays off.
  14. I would have no problem eliminating either of these. However, would you also propose eliminating the funding of each that goes to each state? If so, how would that affect each state? If not, how would we managed the allocations?
  15. Going with his teammate Murray
  16. John William King to Be Executed Today

    I agree. Twenty years is not fair to the family.
  17. Speaking of schools and parents.
  18. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I think that's illegal.
  19. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    The state regularly changes education requirements which affects facility needs. The teacher to student ration requirements have changed over the year resulting in more space needed. Additional required special needs or programs also contribute to the need for more space. It's not always about population growth.
  20. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    You expressed concern over raising taxes. Are you in favor of the second proposition for only athletic improvements that will have virtually no affect on your taxes? 156 mil is a lot of money but construction costs are well over $200 a sq ft right now and not sign of stopping, much more than when the last failed bond was proposed. The prices are not going down anytime soon.
  21. I've wondered about this. The US push has never been stronger to keep illegals out and we have the biggest waves ever coming to the border. It didn't add up.
  22. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I stand corrected on the direction you were referring to. However, it's still speculation on yours or who else's value actually goes up. Non of which is the cause of the school bond. So in reality, if your property value goes up it will be where it should be and you will be paying what you should have been paying all along? Of course I'm just messing with you. We had the same scenario in our district years ago. Property value and tax increase statements came out just before our bond election and it was a bond killer. 
  23. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I pointed it out with clarity. And no, it's too soon to say for certain what the state will do until legislation is over. Even then, there's no way to project the true affect just like there's no way to project city or county tax increases. All these non bond related increases are hypothetical at this point.