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  1. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Being able to pass when it's being successfully set up by the run is one thing. Having to pass to move the chains because your ground game is not working is quite a different deal. I believe you and I discussed this very thing at one point earlier this year. Can this QB be effective enough throwing the ball, when the defense knows he's going to throw the ball? Can he carry his team with his arm when the run game isn't there? I didn't think he looked like he would be able to do that earlier in the year. I have not seen him in a while, he may have improved. But, I think this will be the big difference in this game. Can he move the sticks when he doesn't have the run to support him? We're going to see, here, shortly. I DO think he's going to have to have a big night through the air to win. Is he ready?
  2. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Defense is different. Those gaping holes that Jasper and Silsbee enjoyed are gone.
  3. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Good post. And so true!
  4. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    That was in Richmond in the state semi's against Sinton. Not Texan Drive.
  5. Plenty of time for it to change.
  6. I'd bet all the money in my pocket he plays, no matter what's said here by "insiders". LOL
  7. Oops thats right, sry.
  8. Bville and Sweeny played this year. Sweeny won 28-0. 
  9. Jasper 13 Bellville 0/FINAL

    Wow... this is a surprising score.
  10. Liberty vs Giddings @ Texan Drive

    I think Liberty couldnt have gotten a better 2nd round draw. They will match up well with Giddings. They just cant self destruct like they did a few years ago when they played.
  11. West Orange Stark Mustangs vs Sweeny Bulldogs

    Just a few observations coming into this game: 1. I was impressed by the speed of WOS overall and really the speed of our skill players last Thursday. It was nice to finally get a dry, turf field. 2. Speed aside, all WOS fans need to remember that Huntington was not very good and we can't put much stock into that blow out. 3. Sweeny has played a weak schedule. Only 4 teams with a winning record and 3 of those barely winning. I feel certain had WOS played the same schedule we would be 11-0 and probably leading the state defensively. You can only play the teams on your schedule, but you cannot ignore how the lack of quality teams plays into their record and stats. I think the tight game against a 6-4 LaGrange proves that fact. 4. During the season, the Bulldogs have only played 1 team with similar team speed to WOS and that was Wharton, who they lost to. 5. WOS will need to tackle, play good run defense and our Cornerbacks are going to have to start competing on these jump balls everyone we play is throwing at them. If we get a PI or two, so what... They are going to get us for a couple no matter what we do. Maybe if they know we'll compete they'll stop trying. We do that and we should be good.
  12. That's what stood out to me. I don't think the Silsbee QB would be able to stand back there and complete passes consistently. You have to play to your abilities.