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  1. I like that.  I may use it again.
  2. Faith Family vs Yates

    Thanks Faith Family.
  3. Silsbee put a 40 piece win on Brock, but that was a few seasons ago.  The memories, sigh.
  4. The Green Deal

    The green new deal is being used to usher in the mark of the beast.
  5. My niece graduated from Timberview two years ago.  She's a sophomore at Lamar U now, 
  6. Just opened the forum and read this.  I guess EC lost.  
  7. A town of 6k population with a 3A high school.  It doesn't make sense.
  8. I should be asking you that question.
  9. Faith Family vs Yates

    I didn't say the two freshmen factor goes against FF, I just said it is an issue.  Personally I am hoping the two young guys show out and go home with the big trophy. 
  10. You told on yourself Bruh. If you had said 'who is bayou 713?" I'd be inclined to believe you.  Instead you said they are two individuals...nah that's you, both of them.  Fess up homes.
  11. Faith Family vs Yates

    Faith family has two starting freshmen. One of those two is that team's top scorer.  This prompts one to ask the question: can a team that starts two freshmen hold up under the pressure of winning a state championship?
  12. One more thing:  H-Rocket and Bayou 713 (remember him?)  are one in the same person. Not sure who he is in real life & don't want to know.  But that's the same person.
  13. I Devon's hand has never fully healed. And I also think Bush's ankle was a factor.  You don't fall down in pain one game then get back up a few days later in another game playing 100 percent.
  14. Silsbee was more motivated last year I guess.  Also, Bush got extremely hot in that game.  He was hitting shots that would break an opposing team's spirit.
  15. Yates was a mystery team for me this year.  They didn't play in the holiday tournaments.  So I didn't get to see them then.  Then they started district play.  Going to see them play the other 4A teams here in Houston is down right boring.   Then I finally got to see them in Kingwood vs Hardin Jefferson.  I was impressed but I kept it to myself.  I even thought they may just take it all.  They had a deep bench like Silsbee had last year and the year before.  They can run and press just like Silsbee, but they had a thing that Silsbee does not have.  They got about five or six players that can consistently hit the three.  So they ran with HJ for 2 & 1/2 to 3 qtrs until they got them tired.  Then Yates started hitting 3s from around the circle.  Right then I felt in the back of my mind that Silsbee was in trouble.  I was hoping I was wrong.  But it turned out I wasn't.   A team that can run and put five players on the 3 pt line that can shoot that is a serious combination.  Hopefully somebody in the 77656 is going to the gym soon and working on that.   No criticism though.  I love what I saw over the last four or five seasons from Silsbee.  I thought I'd never see them win state.  I got to see them do it twice.  The 3peat should be already on the books.  Still a two piece with some red beans & rice and a biscuit ain't too bad at all.