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  1. Those super private schools are like small colleges.  They recruit just like colleges, in some cases better than certain colleges. They dance to a different beat compared to public schools.  Their hands are not tied at all.  How do they play 15 games already and it's only Nov 20th? The Houston Rockets have played 17 and they started in October.   The Tigers full team, when it is assembled, could probably give them a good run, maybe even win.  The present Tiger team?  Idk.  We'll know after Wednesday night for sure.  What I do know is they won't be in the way when the 4A playoffs roll around.  
  2. Last couple of seasons the team without the football players could hold its own, aka Silsbee Lite.  This year...hopefully that continues.  We shall see.
  3. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    We had a big meeting before all this happened.  A lot of folks were there.  Lavar and the UCLA three were present, but they weren't paying attention.  They didn't take any notes.  Oh well.  Next meeting hopefully we can't get it all straightened out, so 45 won't  be angry with us.
  4. Well, so much for my speculation.
  5. Also, there was  story/tweet going around Saturday morning that a Jr. decided to leave his HS team.  The specific team is not mentioned.  rcs sports wants you to join their newsletter to find out.   This is strictly speculation on my part, but what if the team mentioned is B'port?  That would go a long way in explaining why they only scored 27 points against Episcopal.  
  6. Not long ago I saw where Brazosport got blown out by Episcopal.  B'port only scored 24 points in that game.
  7. Lyndo Jones shot, kidnapped in Mesquite, TX

    I jumped to the conclusion that the police were wrong because the hid the guy in a hospital for six days.  If they have nothing to hide why kidnap the person?  Also, I didn't pay much attention to the incident in Mesquite a year or so ago when a car full of teens was driving away from an officer and he shoots into the car and kills a 17 year old young man.   Besides, if this case went to trial they would weed me out very early, and not because I quickly jump to conclusions.
  8. http://www.dallasobserver.com/news/dfw-man-out-of-the-hospital-after-being-shot-by-mesquite-police-10073868 The guy is turning off the alarm in his own truck.  The Mesquite police come by and shot him in his stomach.  The guy was unarmed.  They, four policemen, wrestle him down. Actually they were trying to perform an illegal anal cavity search.  The guy struggles, because he is being sodomized by Mesquite PD.  So, they shoot him in the back.  Miraculously he still doesn't die.  I guess it was meant for his story to be told.   They take him to the hospital.  He is in surgery and intensive care for six days while handcuffed to his bed.  His family tries to visit him, but the police run them off.  His lawyer tried to visit his client but he is run off and charged with criminal trespass.  That is kidnapping.   The police charge him with resisting arrest.  The charges are later dropped.  I'd be squirming around too if someone, police officers, were trying to plant a gun up my butt.  You probably would too.   The event happened on November 8th.  He was hidden for six days.  So this story is just now breaking, this week.  No national press.  Stuff like this happens so often nobody really cares.  People are numbed to this kind of thing.   The officer that shot him is at home on paid leave.  Nothing new there.   Stuff like this probably happens more than I know.  They usually manage to kill them and then put up some official story.  Who knows?
  9. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    In fairness to them they were just released late last night or early this morning. Flying from China to LA California, having to cross all sorts of time zones, i'm sure jet lag is a factor.  Once they landed at LAX there was a barrage of cameras in their faces.  They are dealing with all kinds of ostracism and ridicule.  I am sure their emotions are in a whirlwind.  Then you have to factor in these are young teens, top level basketball players at that.  Not the most tactful and diplomatic segment of society.  I'm sure the PR dept at UCLA would have guided  them on what and how to thank the president.  If anything Trump turned this into a political football much too fast. I'm told they did thank him in speeches delivered at a press conference.  In cyberspace you can instantly show up at the white house and "kiss the president's feet".  When you are dealing with real life logistics and protocol it is nowhere near that easy.
  10. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    Giving 45 credit where it is due, he did that thing.  As for the thank yous give the guys time to un pack and unwind
  11. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    I want to rail against what those guys did in China, but when I fix my mouth to say something, figuratively speaking, I think about some of the crazy stuff me & my cousin did when we were 12 to 13 years old.  We didn't hurt or kill anyone, but we did some stupid stuff.  Nothing I care to say out loud.  When I get with that cousin now, we both tell one another man we lucky to be alive, and not in prison.  Thank you Lord for looking out for me.   My cousin lived with a grand mother in Orange, Tx.His mom had him out of wedlock, which was a big deal in the mid 50s.  So she left him with the grand mother in Orange.  The grandmother passed away and the cousin came to live with his aunt and uncle in Houston.  That's when we met.  I was an only child and so was he.  We hit it off fast.   Thank you Lord for sparing me in my stupidity.
  12. I think I will be able to buy a ticket, get in the gym and find a seat.  If I can't get in, or if the tickets  are $10.00 or more, I may turn around and go home. Once home  I'll lean back in the recliner with the remote & watch recordings of The First 48 Hours.  I think I will get in though.
  13. I was just speculating TxHoops.  The first time I actually attended this event was on a Friday after thanksgiving, season before last. Silsbee v Bellaire.  Silsbee was relatively unknown, and still is in Houston, although they were ranked # 1.   There were a few people in the stands but it was hardly crowded. That was at the episcopal (help me out spell check) high school gym.  Last year's game at the TSU gym the crowd was small for that large gym.  Perhaps the promoters had trouble making a profit after their expenses.  I don't know. I wasn't tuned in to this showcase prior to season before last.  I remember they used to play at the 2nd baptist church gym, which is relatively small.  Yates played then and they were a nationally recognized team and hot ticket item.  I think they played Willowridge, which had the same type of fame. I think that's how that went. it was awhile ago.  They could have played that game in Hofeinz or somewhere and still sold out. I don't think the Campbell center was open yet or maybe not available. I tried all year to get that day off. My co workers were too fast for me. As mentioned I work at a dps driver license office or dmv. All the children will be out of school that day and getting their Tx IDs, permits and taking rd exams. (remember to bring your VOEs folks).  We only work half a day, but we don't close until everyone has been helped.  I'll be lucky if I can get there by 3pm.  
  14. Probably not very big. This is a showcase not  a tournament.  Each team plays a game then, win or lose, they are free to leave.  Many of them will leave, and probably whatever fans they attract to the game.  Some hard core high school basketball fans will stick around all day, but most casual fans got the holiday, black Friday and other stuff on their minds, besides basketball.   Hopefully that is how it works out.  
  15. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    China is not communist anymore.  They have many millionaires & billionaires.  I don't know what they are.  A totalitarian socialist, capitalist society, best I can tell.