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  1. TABC All Star Teams

    Will there be a live stream?
  2. John William King to Be Executed Today

    Many times I've tried to explain to people not from the area, or state, that Jasper is not that bad a town. If something like that could and did happen in Jasper, it could happen anywhere.
  3. Notre Dame burning

  4. Notre Dame burning

    Sometimes stuff just happens  
  5. Notre Dame burning

    It could be friends of the deputies son in La.  They're into that kind of thing.
  6. As far as loving the game and using it to set yourself up for life I don't know if anybody from Silsbee has done that better than class mate James Simmons.  I don't know which one James was better in basketball or academics.  Probably academics, but he was a sharp point guard as well.   He got a full ride at Rice U.  Worked in insurance for about 10 years.  Went to tier 1 U of H Law school at night. He graduated at the top of his law school class, suma cum laude, or some thing like that,  Now he is a seasoned attorney.   It is hard to make it to the NBA.  Becoming a NFL player is not easy either.  A few from Silsbee have done that.  But not the NBA.   Maybe some more former Silsbee players have done well academically.  I don't know everyone's story.
  7. Biden allegations?

    The USA is circling the drain.
  8. Adams, McCain, Bush ran it all the way back to back.  Nobody else has done that.  Maybe someone will in the future, but that remains to be seen.
  9. Michael Dabney was poetry on the b ball court. He could do it all. He had handles, could pass, shoot mid range.  Bomb from the three point line.  Only problem with that was there was no 3 pt line.  It hadn't been thought of yet.   The main thing that shut Michael D down was he tore his knee.  Before he hurt his knee he may have been the goat.   David Brown was great as well. 6'8". Nice jumper.  Haven't been many or any come out of the 409 with that kind of height and skill.  He played in the final four with Memphis. I never saw David Green. I never saw Darrell Mac Arthur play either.  So this debate will never be resolved.  
  10. I like that.  I may use it again.
  11. Faith Family vs Yates

    Thanks Faith Family.
  12. Silsbee put a 40 piece win on Brock, but that was a few seasons ago.  The memories, sigh.
  13. The Green Deal

    The green new deal is being used to usher in the mark of the beast.
  14. My niece graduated from Timberview two years ago.  She's a sophomore at Lamar U now, 
  15. Just opened the forum and read this.  I guess EC lost.