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  1. "Snowflakes", "Uncle Tom's"  what's the difference?
  2. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    I wish they played some games in the Houston area.  Games against PAM, So Garland, the DISD Coca Cola Tournament.  The So San Antonio tournament.  Seems like everybody wants to try the Tigers out, see what they're about.  Statements will be made.  The end results is the Tigers should be tough once they get to the 4A district games and playoffs.
  3. Should Be A Given!

    I am about to retire. I got 28 years or so doing what I do.  I may look for a help wanted sign once I go, but other than that you can stick your help wanted signs and your food stamps where the... never mind.
  4. Apples & oranges. Silsbee is public 4A champs.  Lutheran Concordia did what they did in private schools.  They will not meet in the playoffs.   I was there for some of that game.  Hellums has as pure a jump shot as I've seen in high school.    I got there (Houston Christian High School gym) early in the afternoon.  By the time Silsbee & Concordia tipped off @ 8:30pm  my butt was sore from sitting on those bleachers all day. So I didn't see the second half.   I saw a lot of good games though. Silsbee was a bit sluggish during the tournaments at the first of last season.  They got there football players and started coming together during district.  By the time they played the regional finals they were a 4A team to be reckoned with.  The rest is history.   I am looking forward d to the upcoming season.
  5. Me, the sabbath & the Dallas Cowboys.   One of my uncles became a seventh day adventist after he came back from serving in the Korean conflict. He in turn convinced some of his family members to become adventists as well.  Some of those that converted were my mom, my grandfather, my grandmother and one of my aunts. Which basically meant I was a convert as well.   My uncle would strong arm me, more or less, into keeping the sabbath and have church with him at his cabin out in the woods.  It would be me, him and maybe two other folks.  I was the only child.  I hated it. I learned to like it later but, back then I wanted to run & play with my friends on Saturday.   Then I found the bright side of keeping the sabbath.  This is how I thought back then as a boy.  If I kept the sabbath, which lasted from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, I was free on Sundays to do what I wanted.  That meant i could watch about five hours of Dallas Cowboys programming.  There was the DC highlights at 10:00am, Then the Tom Landry show would run from 10:30am until 11:00am.  Then NFL preview lasted from 11 until the 12 noon kick off.  Then the DC game would last from noon until about 3pm.  Five hours of dallas cowboy bliss.  Some of the other adults would try and force me to go to church on Sundays, but I would say uh uh uh, I went to church yesterday.  
  6. I am a Texans fan.  I used to be a Cowboys fanatic when I was growing up.  As a boy I once wrote a letter to the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas Texas.  I think that's how I addressed it.   It got there.  I told them I was a big fan of Don Meredith, Bob Hayes, Don Perkins and Bob Lilly.  They sent me back some black and white 8 1/2 by 11 photos of each player mentioned.  They stayed tacked to my wall for several years. Some of the first tv programs I watched were cartoons and the dallas cowboys.  I vaguely remember Don Meredith playing in the cotton bowl for SMU.  Then he became the cowboy QB.  Then Bob Hayes came along.  Every boy on the playground at school wanted to be Bob Hayes.  I knew all the old DC greats: Bob Lily, Chuck Howley, Jethro Pugh.  I saw and felt all the great loses in big games, like the games against Green Bay.  I saw all the Super Bowl wins. Then new ownership and management took over.  They got rid of Tom Landry.  maybe it was a good move, but I didn't like it.  Then free agency took over.  I couldn't relate to all the players coming and going.  That's when I lost interest in the cowboys.  We were in Arlington this weekend and sister in law was calling Dak an uncle tom.  I kept my mouth shut cause I said everything that Dak said when this whole kneeling thing started.  Considering all the sports I've watched on tv and in person over the years I never dreamt that something as basic, fundamental, even perfunctory as standing for the anthem would become such a divisive issue.  Times indeed have changed.  
  7. In genesis 2:1-3 God blessed, sanctified and made holy the 7th day, the day we call Saturday.  The same cannot be said for the other 6 days, not in the bible anyway.  Ezekiel 46:1 the other six days are called working days.   So if a person or a church is having a special revival week I understand that.  If someone just worships, as in corporate come together worship 7 days a week, that person is going to starve.  He is worshipping when he should be working.   I've never met anyone who worships everyday. People throw all kinds of weird scenarios out there to avoid keeping the true sabbath.
  8. 2018 Houston Astros

    Were you the one that interfered with the Bregman triple?
  9. I like the KJV the best.  James 4:17 sounded good in the niv so I used that.
  10. New International VersionIf anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for them. james 4:17
  11. The first word of the forth commandment is remember.  If someone knows what the right day of worship is and worships on sunday anyway, that's not a good look.
  12. Antinomialism is not synonymous with faith.