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  1. I just heard that the new HISD basketball schedulele has been released.  If true then the Silsbee schedule can't be far behind.
  2. I read somewhere Silsbee vs Center away, Tuesday Dec 19th 2017.  
  3. Slazinski & Smith were an exciting b-ball duo.  I saw them and the WC team twice last year.  Smith's drive down the lane & slam against Silsbee would be legendary if it were recorded just right.  Getting there at 9:30am to watch Westbury Christian is not as big of a deal now.
  4. I've visited a church in that area.  I also worked over there for awhile. May have to explain why I won't be home til 10 on thanksgiving eve.   If I could i would get there at 9:00am & watch Westbury Christian.  I doubt if I will be able to.  Quinn Slazinski is gone.  I guess it's Charles Smith IV's team, so to speak. Hopefully I can see some of the Lamar v PA Memorial game.   All of the games look interesting.  Is there not a second basketball showcase?  Last year Silsbee played two games in two locations thanksgiving weekend.
  5. Yes, that was Chris Rossow's team.  If I could go back I would of watched more than one Brazosport game just to see him play.  Maybe I can catch him playing on TV at the next level.  I think he is playing at a small college in Missouri. They have the big guy coming back.  They have a decent guard from last year, and a forward that I remember.  Barring the unforeseen, like a superstar move in nobody knows about, B'port should be good, but not as dynamic as last season's team.  You never really know though, until you run against them for four quarters.
  6. Yate's coach Greg Wise probably doesn't want to play Silsbee this early in the season.  Good time to see what Brazosport is about this season.  All of those games are must see games.
  7. Whites Don't Have a Monopoly on Hate

    I lived in Beaumont after i got out of high school for a year or so, over on magnolia, on the Northside.  I was working at the Eastex paper mill in Evadale.  I was making good money doing that, but I had one problem.  I didn't like shift work.  I have problems with insomnia.  If I sleep more than 4 or 5 hours in a night that's a good night.  Shift work had me all messed up.  To save face, being I didn't want to just up and quit that good paying job, I joined the military, the US Coast Guard.   So, I have lived in Beaumont.  I think Irving street has a lot of night clubs, if you want to call them that.  I never was much of a night life person, so I didn't hang out over there.   The way i see it there is good and bad.  Evil and not so evil, kinda good.  Racism is a subset of evil, getting algebraic with it.  Put it like this, if I  am out driving in a new, nice car and i stop someplace, maybe Irving st.  I get jumped, the guy, a fellow black person,  shoots me dead and takes my car.  Question is, was I dealing with evil or racism?  Maybe he was a little of both.  It really doesn't matter because I'm gone on to kingdom come.   Maybe the police catch this guy.  By the laws of the land they judge him a criminal and put him in prison. Crime and criminality is another subset of evil.   I'm no logic and philosophy expert, but I think somewhere in all that I made a point.  I was trying to anyway. 
  8. Whites Don't Have a Monopoly on Hate

    Racist, evil, serial killer whatever you want to call this guy I don't think he will be seeing life outside of prison bars for a long time, probably life. I am tempted to say that I wouldn't walk down Irving street either at 9:00pm on a Saturday night.  The only problem is it has been so long since I lived in Beaumont, Silsbee and the greater golden triangle I don't remember where Irving street is.  I would have to drive into Beaumont then use gps to find it.
  9. Hurricane Season 2017

    I left my home in Silsbee to join the coast guard.  I've never really lived in Silsbee since, but I visit from time to time.  I would have loved to have seen coast guard Helos flying ops in my hometown.  
  10. Perspective

    I am sure the schools and school district has beefed up the security and police presence, because some type of conflict is going to break out.  It probably already has.
  11. Whites Don't Have a Monopoly on Hate

    ..on and on ad nauseam
  12. 2 move ins in PA Memorial

    i hope everyone is okay and coping well with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.   In regards to students displaced by the storm, from the UIL:   The University Interscholastic League is providing a waiver process for displaced student-athletes who wish to participate at their new location after the wake of Hurricane Harvey. While the League said in a press release that the hope is all students return to their original schools, it might not be ideal considering the damage from the storm. Information regarding the waiver process has been provided to UIL member schools and will be made available on the UIL website in the next few days.   Additionally, the UIL announced it will provide flexibility to affected schools as the impact of the storm is assessed and necessary accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis.  This should get interesting.  
  13. Hurricane Season 2017

    I've never been to Lakewood.  The last time I was in that building it was at a Rockets game.  I don't watch Osteen on tv either.  That's just me.  So, I don't have an opinion about him opening his church to evacuees.  
  14. Hurricane Season 2017

    I drove around some Saturday & Sunday.  I've been in this area 20 + years.  I've been through several floods and 3 or 4 hurricanes.  I have a good idea where to go & what I can get away with in terms of flooding.   Saturday the local Krogers,, 2.5 mi away, was open.  So were a few restaurants. McDonald's on hwy 249 was closed.  I found that interesting cause they hardly ever close. I went the same way Sunday and Krogers was closed.  The street in front of the store was flooded.  All the restaurants open the day before were closed.  Today I haven't ventured out.  I don't want to press my luck. I had to go N to go the route I took both times.  Going South is flooded.  I don't even have to look.  I know it is flooded.  I've seen it flood many times before.  It's a nice area when it is dry.  When it rains, it is as ghetto as anywhere you want to see.  A lot of the Houston area is like that.   When I am at work I can't wait to get home.  When I am home, especially when I am stuck in the house or the neighborhood, I can't wait to go to work. Can't please human beings.  I work South of here.  So, all that is going to have to dry up before I can get back to work.