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  1. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    Dang.  At this rate, NC State may have to have kids going both ways and student teachers coaching them for the bowl game.
  2. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    Silsbee broadcast lost. WOS still up and running. 
  3. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Good luck to both teams. Whoever comes out ahead will have earned it and will represent our area well. Praying for player safety and safe travel for those that made the drive. Wish I could have made it. 
  4. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    Well dang man I was just tryin to be nice and give you guys a compliment and a bit of hope. You are correct though, I don't understand your rebuttal because as an Aggie I can see your horns are 6-9 against SEC teams in the last 30 years.  I also see you guys did not renew your cupcake series with Maryland.  LMAO.  I will however come back in January and eat crow if the T-sips keep this game within 2 scores.    
  5. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    Well they are not going in the first round if projections are correct. Seems a bit ridiculous but unfortunately that's seems to be the popular thing to do these days. I say go get a loan, take out an insurance policy and go do what you were given a free education to do.   Pratt is missing out on a chance to up his value like Texaz says.  Harmon on the other hand is probably just scared of Wilson. 
  6. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    Not quite but close. I have watched a lot of college football this year and no doubt Texas has the best team they have had in a long time. They have some really good players on both sides of the ball and Herman is doing a great job with them. No doubt they will come in with their A game.  My point is, if Georgia plays the way they did last week, they beat anybody including Texas. Spread is 11 and they will cover. Now, backup and look at the LSU game. If that is the product that put on the field, Texas wins.  Month off should be time to recover from the Alabama effect but all teams tend to struggle after playing the Tide.  
  7. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    Georgia really only has one legit first round guy (CB Davis) and I am sure he will play and play well. The real question is will the entire team play to the same level as last Saturday's very impressive effort in the SEC championship. If so, it will not end well for Texas. 
  8. Henderson 41 Lumberton 0/FINAL

    Excellent summary. Great insight. Perfect analogy. Proud of our players, coaches and community. Next year starts now. 
  9. Lumberton vs Henderson

    BP stable. Thanks. 
  10. Lumberton vs Henderson

    I'm showing 50% chance at kickoff.  Little bit of rain on good field turf should not make a difference for either team assuming Henderson will still be going with 12 at QB. Personnel wise, Wheatley was probably the best looking defense we have seen all year and our O Line handled them just fine as they have all year.  Henderson definitely looks as least as good if not better player for player.  Difference is they are definitely more disciplined and very well coached.  You can tell they have been there done that.  We will definitely have to bring our A+++ game on offense. Defensively, I think we will be fine.  Other than Jasper, no one has beat us on the ground.  Henderson will bring a little different look and has some big backs but will not have the quickness we saw with Jasper. We will need to win the turnover game get the needle in the middle. I know the players and coaches have been working hard and we will see nothing less that 110% from them on Friday.
  11. Lumberton vs Henderson

    That is correct. O line is pretty dang good. 
  12. Lumberton vs Henderson

    Look mom I can change the colors. 
  13. Lumberton vs Henderson

    You go to the game?
  14. LCM VS Navasota Ratttlers

    Good luck tonight Bears!!!  Complete the Sweep.
  15. Lumberton 38 Houston Wheatley 21/FINAL

    21-0. 9:26.  2nd.