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  1. Splendora @ LCM predictions

    Ok L-Train you know better than that. Do your research first like I do. Just watched 3 quarters of the game. They still had the same group in late in the 3rd up by 50 still throwing the ball. Obviously they started the backups.    On a serious note, LCM definitely worked harder than all of us during the first 4 weeks of the season. Will see if it pays off on Friday.  Bears will bring it at home and I think they get it done in a close one. If I am correct, the last three weeks will be intense and we will send 4 teams to round one and give Dist 12 more than they can handle. 
  2. Lumberton 38 Huffman Hargrave 31/FINAL-OT

    I thought your summary was pretty accurate and almost politically correct. Don't think you said anything that will not get addressed and corrected next week. There are a few other threads you can dig up here around teams that win consistently and like you and your household live and breathe football throughout the entire community.   Some of the comments in those make your critique look like compliments. Bottom line is, what you know and expect from that group of young men, is what I was worried about all week. Huffman can play on both sides of the ball. Defense is quick and slippery.  Receivers open every play no matter what defense you throw at them. QB can sling it and at times looks really really good. If they can put a complete game together, all I can say to their opponent is GOOD LUCK.  Good game last night. I am glad we got out of there with the W.   Both teams will improve after this one and will be tough to beat throughout the rest of the season. 

    I saw the rusty can you speak of and it did indeed look like the lid was almost off in the first half.  However, in the second half, as each minute passed and another play made on both sides of the ball, that lid got a little tighter.  By the end, it was screwed down securely and wrapped with duck tape.  I heard a few players drove to the Village Creek bridge after the game and tossed it over the side.  As for the questions, I think we answered many.  A lot of work still left to do, but we  came away from this game with quite a bit to work with.  We will improve offensively as we iron the wrinkles from an offense that saw its first live play last night.  There is a lot we can do with the simplified version rolled out in this game to make it very effective and efficient.  Defensively, we made some adjustments that will translate well to most of what we will see for the rest of district play.  We showed we can do some things that will improve our pass defense and are already pretty salty against the run.  Hard work and improvement each week and the Raiders have a real shot to run the table. 
  4. Lumberton 38 Huffman Hargrave 31/FINAL-OT

    Wow!   Great game. Been in Lumberton 41 years and this is the best adjustments and strongest willed bunch of young men I have seen here.  At least 15 plays made on both sides of the ball that were essential to this second half comeback. MVP to the whole team!
  5. Lumberton 38 Huffman Hargrave 31/FINAL-OT

    Good call from what we have seen so far from both teams.  It should be a 10 point or less game.  However, assuming Lumberton scores 24...... That will be enough.    Raiders  24 Falcons  17
  6. Lumberton 38 Huffman Hargrave 31/FINAL-OT

    Tickets are 6 bucks.  Game is at 7:00.  Come see. Gonna be a good one. 

    I know they will run into some heavy resistance by the third round but don't count them out. That is a tough bunch of kids doing a lot of things right. Winning the way they are is building them mentally to outplay teams that may book out to be better. WB in 82 and French in 84 are prime examples of what can happen when you have a bunch of young men that simply refuse to lose. 
  8. Jasper 55 Shepherd 3/FINAL

    Jasper has a couple of those guys but they don't get many touches because they have at least three that are better. Shepherd may very well be their toughest opponent in the district but will not give much resistance to a very solid Jasper team. O line was their only concern before season began and they obviously have that taken care of.  300+ on the ground against WOS is as far as you need to look.
  9. Lumberton 38 Huffman Hargrave 31/FINAL-OT

    Middle of the field hasn't really been challenged much in the 5 games we have played, BUT, we have given up a few yards and at least one score to the pass. Huffman receivers run good routes and seem to get open regularly.  Passing accuracy and catching consistency have been suspect though. Pretty sure they will get some opportunities but we will bring more pressure than the QB has seen and there will be turbulence in the middle of the field.  
  10. 11-4A

    I think Huffman will be right there in the mix as well and could very well finish higher than 4th.  Everyone got the pre district bye week memo except Splendora. They took theirs a couple of weeks ago. However, it looks like they scheduled a Friday night extended practice this week.  Splendora puts up 50+ any way they want.
  11. 11-4A

    This will be the most important game in week one. Winner will all but lock up a playoff spot.  Although I have not seen any BC film, I gotta believe they will bring a more potent WingT than what LCM saw last week.  This should be a good one.  Lumberton/Huffman should also be a good contest with subtle implications of its own.  Winner will be in a position to make a run at a DC and the loser will have to scrap to get one of the top four spots.  Splendora should have no trouble in week one and will divulge little to the rest of the teams.  Will be week two before we see what they have. The loss to Shepherd showed they may be vulnerable but the win against Liberty says they are pretty darn good on offense and probably the team to beat.  Gonna take 30+ to beat them but appears that their defense likes hearing other fight songs as much as they do theirs. 
  12. 11-4A

    Two weeks until we get some really good data to see how the district shakes out but these are my predictions before week one:   1/2: Lumberton and Spledora (Pick em) 3:  Huffman 4/5:  LCM and Bridge City (Pick em) 6:  Livingston First round of the playoffs will be against District 12.  I say we will have at least two teams advancing to round 2.  Those left will have Carthage, Van and Henderson waiting. Don't see any of us getting by those guys.  Gonna be a fun season and we should see some good games with all the 1 thru 5 picks.
  13. Looks like STigers85 found 3 more games than I did with Lumberton winning all 3. Thanks for the correction.  Looks like the forecast is improving slightly. Hopefully it will be enough to keep the field from getting too bad. 
  14. This matchup began in 1978.  The last meeting between these two teams took place in 2013. Silsbee and Lumberton crossed the creek a total of 22 times during that span.  Silsbee currently holds the "OAR" as the 2013 contest was won by the Tigers. Silsbee has dominated this series winning all but 4 of these contests. "With the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise", we are looking forward to the 23rd meeting in Silsbee on Friday night.
  15. Pretty sure this topic is about the Lumberton/Silsbee Village Creek Classic/Battle/Bowl.  Let's talk about the game, the history,and the tradition.  If anyone has accurate data regarding history and results please share. I know we took some pretty good beat downs in the early 80s.  However, the Raiders took the 84 Classic with a 4th quarter drive that consumed nearly all of the 4th quarter. Pretty sure that was the first Lumberton win in this match up.  Ran 1 play 9 times on "The Drive". This should be a good one, but like last week, grass field conditions will make for a sloppy game.   Avoid the big play and win the turnover battle and Raiders pull this one out.  Gonna take 28 points to win. Hope to see a great game that will help both teams get ready to dominate their respective districts over the next 6 weeks.