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  1. These are quality loses.against some really gud teams.our kids show that they can play with just makes them better.even after disastrous 3rd qtr our kids still hung tough.i can guarantee you there aren't many teams that can give Crosby that many opportunities and hold them to 35 points.every drive was started in w.o territory.ik it's kinda hard to see but our kids are getting better.all the 2nd half t/O and that up tempo took a toll on the defense. #2 At QB is getting a lil better for us.that will payoff up the road.not to knock the kid #9 but the game is to fast for him.horrible INTS.3rd lost from self inflicted wounds.but at least some of our kids are growing up.which is a big positive.
  2. He will be better next year. Has to digest the game more.i  can just abt assure u QB change is coming next week. These are gud loses. U have to see where ur kids are.
  3. Speaking with CT and thinks they are close to getting them where we wanted them.this schedule is been really beneficial to them.2 of biggest things are tackling on defense better.and get the offense on track by doin the things that the QB does best.theyre really working on things just to get first downs and moving the chains.he knows Crosby will punch them in there mouth.but he also knows that they will also punch Crosby in there mouth.this game want be like some ppl might think it will end up
  4. Glad you see that.wo blew assignments that gave up cheap TD .it wasn't PG was more physical. Hate to look back #18, #42 didn't cover there man the whole game for looking in the backfield.that team averaged almost 4ooyds rushing last yr.and it basically was shut down.and bcz of the aggressive defense style they play.what had me worried abt newton this action and going over the top on us.even in the SC we wasn't able to throw the ball.things just caught up with us.ppl forget madisonville,salado games.we couldn't move the ball.that why hopefully as the season progresses the offense figures it out.bcz the defense will keep us in any game.
  5. I totally agree. And it brings me back to last year. I truly believe that 9 times out 10 if w.o play PG in a title game we would win.but it only took that one time for us to come out flat and got beat. I truly believe that w.o will have that signature win. And it will spark there season.
  6. Crosby is playing some gud ball.and truly understand looking at some of the things w.o has done wouldn't scare anyone.but this is one thing u didn't see.w.o heart and the quickness of defense will give y'all the blues.manvel is great but they can't stop anyone.them bigs got tired to much.and manvel too many turnovers.and what u also didn't see how all that mud neutralize w.o speed on defense.where it made it a lot easier for them to get blocked. Newton is to skilled for any defense not to be able to get off if that sophomore does things not to lose the game.crosby hands will be full come Friday nite.
  7. Numbers do favor Crosby big time .but if they can't get a big lead on them going to the 4th. Crosby will catch the blues out of them.bcz these kids are build for that.
  8. Luv the respect all of Newton fans gives the will win some and they lose some.but they will fight to the end.same way as newton.
  9. I'm sorry ed dryer horrible at calling plays.every play is imagination as last year to help the QB out. Offense is very vanilla. Everything looks gud when u have offensive weapons like dallas,miller,hancock,shaw, that he actually has to coach.he can't do it.i said the same thing last year.its not bcz w.o is a basic team that really wants to run the ball and control the clock.we are in a era where u have to put up points.and play sound defense.we better hope and pray stay a least a couple more years bcz of what he gets out of his defense.
  10. I just watched it again.and concerned even more.ik early probably was nerves.with all the short arm throws.but u get to the 2nd half and look like he wasn't even close on throws.why I'm concerned is bcz I go to practice and watches him miss throws.i know he can get some what better. But accurate right now has me smh.and that's why i think if they had a better OC could really help him.
  11.  Look w.o couldn't beat no cibolo steele.they wouldn't be afraid of them.but no.we probably would have made it interesting with the offense and defense we had back then.depth would've came into play. I'm realistic and say w.o wouldn't have been a gud a matchup for last year carthage. Any year that they have gud QB play normally turns into those long runs in the matter what yr.that why anyone should be proud of last yr team.bcz we couldn't throw the ball.but he would run it.
  12. Very sorry if my phone tagged anyone. I dropped my phone and it went hay wire.