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  1. Silsbee Football 2019

    Forgetting the Crosby, and BC games too. But at the end of the day.its like this silsbee has beaten w.o 3 times in those types of w.o better learn to play in those conditions.give credit where credit is due.silsbee and jasper kids matured better than w.o kids last yr.even defensive it was a step back for inexperience QB,a young dline that didn't understand the concept. And one of the worse secondary they had in a while.and still competed. So bf ppl start counting them out .u heard here first.its fixing to be another 3 or 4 yr run coming.
  2. Ouch!! Gmgksa ,to be totally honest with u. I'm really cheering for silsbee.but I have watched games on both teams. Ik cuero studs #3,#6,#7. If and only if silsbee QB can complete passes against that secondary to take the pressure off the run game.they might have a is abt matchups.and I truly dont kno if silsbee has enough to beat them.i think w.o would've been a better matchup. But w.o can't beat silsbee in bad weather games.and its evident by there record against them in those type of conditions.0-3!! 98,09,18 all Loses. But I can't see silsbee slowing whittington or grant down. And they will go both i hate to say it.i think ur right on this one
  3. Bad Santa and what makes it worse. He didn't even hit the kid!! I rather not point the finger at who did. Trust me ppl that's close to the situation know did what. Camera dont lie.and the only reason he was identified was bcz of the hat and shirt he had on.and his fellow teammates he was with.wrong place at the wrong time. But DT never hit the kid.
  4. West Orange Stark Next Year

    Earl was jr. Deion was a senior.
  5. West Orange Stark Next Year

    That wasn't the biggest problem. Our kids needs to know cardinal rules of playing DB.and that is pass first and run second.and not only that if a WR lines up wide in front of u.u have to hold him.u dont just let Wrs run free. And u play zone bcz u think that's the coverage yall are running. It happened in back to back games in the playoffs. 
  6. Ik you dont like it. But it also makes w.o aware of things that they need to work glad everyone made it out safe. I'm w.o to the fullest. But if I was coaching against them.i would have done the same thing.
  7. That is just smart coaching by silsbee.  All it tells us is that our kids has to learn to play in the rain. Rain games this year w.o is 0-5. And even BC game they didn't move the ball silsbee should get all the respect tonite from knowing what they could do and what they couldn't do.
  8. At the end of the coaching by silsbee not to play it tomorrow. W.o all we can do is hoping and pray it easy otherwise it is what it is.bcz they both are playing on the same field.its not silsbee fault w.o can't hold on to the ball.but they will dig deep and make this a game.w.o has to learn to play in the rain.
  9. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    For all the doubters.i just spoke with a coach. And w.o ask again.abt playing tomorrow and silsbee said No. So the game will be played. 
  10. Yes. Ik silsbee has been playing with a bunch of confidence and in which they should.but this the thing. The biggest 2 things came out of jasper and silsbee game was that w.o had to made adjustments on defense in which they have.those running lanes want be as easy.and with #4 and #2 playing will hard for silsbee to run wide.and I'm just calling like it is.silsbee hasn't stopped cooper in 3 yrs.and they still haven't. There best defense was there offense chewing up his touches.and he is healthy.and this new offensive scheme with the 3 backs could be huge again.

  11. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    That was just playoffs. At the end of the day. It's not how ur playing in Aug, sept,oct,nov.but how ur playing in December. To be honest I would be alot more worried abt this game if we would have the same personal on the field. And I'll be the first to admit that jasper,and the silsbee game has made them do some adjustments. That's gud coaching.a few of them seniors has stepped there game game at a time bcz it only gets harder.
  12. Yes. Bcz it gives Tyrone a breather. If they get the ball first. But if we get it first Tyrone might start bcz his ability to run out this new formation we have.helps keeps them from loading the box up for cooper.they haven't stopped cooper in 3yrs.

    1. #1stangfan


      Yeah, Wilson has been one that has helped on D.  That is why I thought there was a chance Pop would start.  We have a few going both ways

  13. He is a go. They have a lil bumps and bruises but everyone will be a go. He was more dehydrated than anything and tired.they talk with doin practice abt preserving his energy. And they will rotate a lil more too.e en with Wilson coming back.pop should still see some action at Qb bcz Tyrone will be playing some defense too.