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  1. Well here you go then. Alot are picking this to be a blowout. I will assure you it want.  From the start I picked PNG to win the District and I said a couple of weeks ago that they would beat PAM. They will struggle against central.  The strength of central defense is there secondary. Png wrs will see more man coverage then they have seen all year. And press coverage will bother them.and PAM showed wat not to do wen u get a lead.conserverative on both side of the ball.lets not bring up refs lol. But if png is able to run the ball on them.long nite jags. 28-21 either way. And it want surprise me if central won.
  2. I'm with you on that one. Like last nite PAM as great as they are for some reason can't play a full 4 qtrs for some odd reason and this has been the case for a few years now
  3. PAM vs PNG

    And I'm sticking with my pick. PNG at home gets the w.
  4. That’s why I'm hoping a friend of mine comes through for png and memorial game
  5. Preview to PAM vs PNG

    I'm just wondering do PAM fans travel well following there team ??
  6. We sure do have the same coaches. I went back and watched last year game. And as great as our d/line was all of last year.towards the end of 3rd qtr. and the majority of the 4th.they were so sloppy against Kennedale. And watching this year team they're not as stout as last year d/line at all. But this year team pursuit of the ball so for has been really impressive. Kennedale will get some yardage on them but they will struggle in some situations too. Bcz they know that trap is Comin with Knowles they will be very prepared.mandel as great as he was done a poor job last yr bcz he would over run it. And on offense after jack found his groove we started we want put up no 45 points .but Chaka and Cooper could have big games on the outside bcz of the blitzing they do.if they play assignment football like they know how.we should win by a couple of scores.this also will be Kennedale toughest test too. Bcz the teams they have played weren't that gud on defense. 
  7. 3 games.......

    Great stuff ! But my question is will png and PAM game be a sell out ?
  8. U have to give all ur backups  time in blow outs. u never know when u will need one of them to play major minutes. Great job and gud luck the rest of the way.
  9. Hate to tell u enjoy life they want come close to 31 points on that defense. Check the teams that Kennedale has played and they aren't that gud.ans I will assure u there isn't a player on Kennedale team that has the speed w.o just saw in Kaylon Barnes. So those big runs that they u see are against teams that aren't that gud.  And if u look at last year.the game was already a blow out. And w.o started putting in the subs.and there defense wasn't that gud outside of 2 kids.if u don't know by now if Kennedale gets tired they will be done! !
  10. Not everyone.  They're best defensive player was an all American. And he was a monster. Thank God he is gone. They have a couple of descent defensive players .rest are average. And bcz w.o knows how to defend the wing T they will struggle some on offense. But they have a couple of RB's that can really take it to the house. If Chaka is halfway descent throwing the ball.he could have a big game. Bcz there secondary isn't that gud.
  11. The 2 teams that I'm very impressed with w.o plays this year. That is Silsbee and Kennedale. Both are sound football teams that  should make alot of noise in the playoffs. W.o hands will b full this week with Kennedale. Even though jack shredded Kennedale last year he also took a few shots.and with the pressure they play there defense with. Watson could have a big game running 
  12. They both were gud calls.bmt soulja 1 whenever u do get time go watch this Silsbee team play. They have a gud football team.