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  1. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    I imagine #21 had an awesome game. Crosby defense needs to get it together because they are giving up way too many points and can't cover the pass.
  2. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    Any stat lines on the game anyone? 
  3. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    Refs made us work for the last score with all the flags thrown.  We scored 3x's before we actually got points  on that drive... "Doghouse, meet the CodeRed Machine."
  4. Jasper playing Crosby

    Crosby up 22-7 early in the 2nd according to kjas radio. Crosby seems to move the ball up and down the field and Jasper seems to keep turning to ball over. 
  5. Jasper playing Crosby

    Jasper varsity better be able to put up points. Crosby offense will have to win games this season until the defense finds an identity, unlike the previous years when the D was solid and IMO was the better of the two.
  6. Jasper playing Crosby

    What's the update? I'm out of town in Irving, Tx and won't be able to attend either of the games this week for Code Red!
  7. Fort Bend Marshall 42 Crosby 21/FINAL

    True statement! They are stacked at pretty much all the skilled positions but for some reason Rio doesn't utilize good talent to the full potential. Poor play calling and lack of different packages to get more playmakers involved. I would wager my right leg that it is a host of coaches that are salivating to have the talent Crosby does. It's a disgrace to lose to a team that ran 2 plays pretty much all night. 
  8. Fort Bend Marshall 42 Crosby 21/FINAL

    Well we need to adjust the offense some kinda way. Move #16 to wr and put #7 in at qb. Coogs better wake up or it's going to be a sad night for the Seniors. 
  9. Fort Bend Marshall 42 Crosby 21/FINAL

    Does Marshall seem to be more physical and athletic than we are? I figured #21,  Sqwirl,  would play tonight and make a difference for our offense. 
  10. Manvel will demolish PAM next week. Not a  knock on PAM but Manvel will not  meet a team that will match them until Rd3 when they meet up with Cedar Park. 
  11. Crosby v. Vidor (Stallworth 7pm 11/10)

    Grace didn't return until this season.  He missed week 3 thru the postseason last year. 
  12. PNG vs. Barbers Hill

    This is the one matchup I think can go either way out of the 4... BH has had the luxury of playing against 4 dual threat QBs in their district so I think they will be ready! Should be a good football atmosphere ...  Good luck to both squads.