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    Vote for  Craig Williams!
  2. 2017 Individual Offensive Statistics

    Chance is the man. He has for sure hands.
  3. Crosby 69 Dayton 27/FINAL

    62 -27 Cougars. Fight breaks out after last score for the Cougars on the far sideline. Several players involved... none ejected. LOL DAYTON SOME SORE LOSERS. HAHAHA
  4. Crosby 69 Dayton 27/FINAL

    27- 21 Cougars. 2:20 left in the 2nd. Williams has 4tds in the 1st half! It's been all Sqwirl show so far for the Code Red Machine.
  5. Crosby 69 Dayton 27/FINAL

    21 -21 with 5:19 left before halftime.  
  6. Crosby 69 Dayton 27/FINAL

    21-14 Cougars
  7. Crosby 63 Kingwood Park 45/FINAL

    Yeah, Craig Williams is surely putting on a show for him tonight. He easily has over 200 offensive yards in the 1st half.
  8. Crosby 63 Kingwood Park 45/FINAL

    35-17 Crosby. Nice trick play with 31 seconds to go right before halftime by CPat and Sqwirl for an 85yrd score!  #CCTakeOver
  9. Crosby 63 Kingwood Park 45/FINAL

    28 -17 Crosby. 1:12left to go until halftime. 
  10. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    I imagine #21 had an awesome game. Crosby defense needs to get it together because they are giving up way too many points and can't cover the pass.
  11. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    Stats please!
  12. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    Any stat lines on the game anyone? 
  13. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    Refs made us work for the last score with all the flags thrown.  We scored 3x's before we actually got points  on that drive... "Doghouse, meet the CodeRed Machine."
  14. Jasper playing Crosby

    Crosby up 22-7 early in the 2nd according to kjas radio. Crosby seems to move the ball up and down the field and Jasper seems to keep turning to ball over.