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  1. Democrat Debates

    I appreciate the straight answer. However, you and I have a disagreement on what a tax is. You seem to think TARP wasn't a tax, I think it was. Thankfully the vast majority of the "conservatives" you posted above agree with me.  As far as Obamacare, I think it definitely is a tax, and was complete garbage. I know plenty of liberals as well as conservatives that hated it.  And there was no spin. A liberal saying let everyone else bail out a college kid is the same as a "conservative" saying lets bail out a suit.
  2. Democrat Debates

    I'll answer your question as soon as you answer mine. I've noticed that on here it is like pulling teeth to get a straight answer. Someone replied up above "show me the tax a republican put in place regarding wall street: and you responded that what I was saying was spin. I ask you a simple question and your answer is "I don't know." Talk about spin.....
  3. Democrat Debates

    It was a simple question. Was TARP a tax?
  4. Democrat Debates

    It's very interesting that you guys don't see TARP as a tax. Funny enough Rand Paul does.....didn't you just list him a true conservative? Someone has some explaining to do.......
  5. Democrat Debates

    So you don't see TARP being funded by taxpayers as a tax? It was signed into law by W. Bush.
  6. Democrat Debates

    But I'll take the bait. Who are some conservative Republicans that are left? I'm curious.
  7. Democrat Debates

    The Republican Party had no issue labeling Bush a conservative. Revisionist history doesn't help either. Also the fact that McConnell's hypocrisy was skipped is quite telling.
  8. Democrat Debates

    Not much different than taxing you and me to pay off Wall Street.......which was the policy of a "conservative" Republican. This is the problem Republicans step in. They can do things like that when they are in power, but complain when Democrats do the same. What do you expect? Another great example was McConnell blocking Obama from appointing a Supreme Court justice, saying there was an election coming in a year and the people should decide. But when asked now, "if an opening occurs on the Supreme Court within the next year, would you wait for the election like you did with Obama?" and he says, "No we'd fill it."  What do you think is going to happen down the road? I mean really?
  9. Democrat Debates

    I don't think so. This is a different game than the Clinton con show. I really think the Dems are about to go way left and we are going to see Sanders/Warren get the nomination.
  10. Democrat Debates

    I was actually surprised at the lack of going after Trump. I think the Democrats could have had many things to push him on and didn't. Warren and Booker didn't really change their positions, Castro went way up, Beto got hammered.
  11. We need to listen to Ron Paul. Follow the founders, don't police the world, practice national defense not international offense.  We've been talking about war with Iran all the way back to 2007 when Ron was embarrassing Duncan Hunter in a Republican presidential debate talking about how its just war propaganda and how we are fretting day and night over a country that doesn't even have an air force.
  12. Can't help but wonder

    Except he doesn't.
  13. Can't help but wonder

    I also question your statement "would you be comfortable being investigated by 20 lawyers who you know are not fans of you." I'd like to see the link of all these individuals who were not fans of Trump. Merely being a Democrat doesn't mean you are out to get Trump. If that is the case, as your argument seems to present, you have a lot of explaining to do as to why our Republican president donated to Democrats.
  14. Can't help but wonder

    Well that is your opinion (they were disappointed) not a fact. Now you are the one running from the issue. You made the claim that there was bias. The group came back pretty much clearing Trump. Your argument fell flat on it's face and so your rebuttal to my response that noted that was to say, "oh they were probably mad."  Facts are stubborn things.
  15. Can't help but wonder

    I do believe that group was able to pass an unbiased judgement without regard for political leanings. If they hadn't, Trump would already be impeached.