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  1. Local College Commits

    Jaydon Daigle from Bob Hope School is headed to Ranger Junior College.
  2. That's a heck of a schedule right there. I hope Randy has a good season though, he's a top notch dude (even though I hate the wing t lol)
  3. Honestly if they put in a run heavy package like the I or the Jbird they won't need a qb. Most of those teams on that schedule will not have very strong defenses. Maybe Lake Jackson, but I haven't seen them in a few years.  If they just let that qb get some confidence, don't put him in a diamond spread or something, they'll be fine with just a run game.
  4. They shouldn't lose a single game with that schedule. If Conroe Convenant is still running the jbird, then Wichita Christian is probably the only team that gives them a run.
  5. This is my last week at Bob Hope School, as I am making my way back to Brenham and will be coaching at 1A Dime Box.  However I saw this article in the Enterprise yesterday. I hope Chris does well at Kelly in his senior year. He's a great kid, super respectful, and he can really make it happen on the floor. According to the article it looks like Kelly is getting a big underneath too, they should be hard to handle!
  6. DCTF predictions for SETX teams, players

    I actually coached with the Scarborough head coach that made the playoffs without winning a game while I was at Westbury.  He was an excellent guy (he played DB for Notre Dame under Lou Holtz).  That was just a bad deal for those kids, they were trying to just learn the basics and hope to compete and if I am not mistaken didn't they get thrown into a playoff game with WOS?
  7. I would suspect Garth from PNG is going to have a stand out season.
  8. He just got an offer from Alabama as well. He's an excellent young man and these offers are well deserved!
  9. And only 21 years old! We are real proud of what Coach Reyes accomplished this year!
  10. Heartbreaking game but my hats off to Hargrave. Excellent team with a very classy coach. I hope they represent SETX well at the regional tournament next week!!
  11. The Eagles are here and ready to roll! I'll try to provide updates throughout the night.
  12. Should be an exciting one! Friday at 6:30 at the Butch
  13. Bob Hope wins 6-5!!!!