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  1. The Democrat's Dream Ticket For 2020!

    Abrams won't be on the ticket. I would assume it would be Biden/Beto or Sanders/Warren.
  2. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    Eh, that's not the only reason Dems won't support a full border wall. I'm certain it's "a" reason, but not the only one.
  3. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    Again, I am too quick in typing and not caring about semantics. Let me restate: Democrats would never support a border wall that extends the entire southern border from Texas to California in the form that Trump wants.
  4. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    ? I read the article and there is nowhere in that article that a Democrat has advocated for a border wall. Of course every politician will say "improve border security" but outside of Obama in 06 as a senator saying there needs to be more fencing in areas, there is no evidence in that article to support your claim. Democrats would never support a border wall. Ever.
  5. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    i am 100% the Democratic Party would never advocate for building a border wall.  And of course I'm not saying that. Where did you get that from?
  6. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    Well if your argument is just anti democrat (which is what I've gathered from your posts) you really have very little ground to complain about Congress and National Security when prior to the midterms both houses were Republican and they still control the Senate.
  7. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    I think immigration is a whole different can of worms. My complaint is over the abuse of administrative power. Plus, besides the fact that he just removed the moral high ground from the Republican party as the rule of law party in the future, the idea that 1. he can get a wall built before he's out of office and 2. the next Democrat in office wouldn't just tear it down, is ridiculous. 
  8. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    Nah, I'm not twisting your words, the premise is still the same. But for the sake of semantics: But thinking that "well you can't change the Bill of Rights through an emergency" is the same as "well Democrats won't find ways to limit guns through an emergency" probably won't hold the test of time.
  9. How Were Romney and McCain RINOs?

    Have to disagree with this. Historically it has been shown people will vote by a candidate with an R by their name. That doesn't mean they approve of every thing Trump does.  Additionally with a quick google search I immediately found 5 senators that were Republicans who spoke out against it (Isakson, Ernst, Romney, McSally, Graham.)
  10. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    Cool, that's why our country is great. But thinking that "well you can't change the Bill of Rights" is the same as "well Democrats won't find ways to limit guns" probably won't hold the test of time. But to each their own.
  11. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    Eh, we can agree to disagree. There are plenty of true conservative Republicans that see the error in Trump's decision.
  12. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    Of course they have. That's the point. By circumventing the Congress and Rule of Law, Trump has now put the Republican party in a corner so that down the line Democrats will be able to push something like that through and have no high ground argument because Trump "made it okay." 
  13. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    A very shortsighted way of looking at it. You don't think Democrats won't find loopholes they can push through as emergencies to limit the scope of the second amendment?  Let's be realistic here. And when it happens (and it will) or when they use emergencies to push through climate change reform, Trump supporters will have to eat it because they damaged the Republican party with this stunt.
  14. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    Yes, they will, but they have no one to blame but themselves. I tend to think that Republicans will now diligently try to change the rules on how an emergency can be used so Democrats can't do what Trump did.
  15. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    I don't disagree with you as far as the economy.  As far as the emergencies, it's irrelevant what Bush II and Obama used the emergency for, none of them were hot button issues. Trump just guaranteed that down the road Democrats will use this tactic to bypass a republican congress on the Second Amendment.