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  1. Can't help but wonder

    Except he doesn't.
  2. Can't help but wonder

    I also question your statement "would you be comfortable being investigated by 20 lawyers who you know are not fans of you." I'd like to see the link of all these individuals who were not fans of Trump. Merely being a Democrat doesn't mean you are out to get Trump. If that is the case, as your argument seems to present, you have a lot of explaining to do as to why our Republican president donated to Democrats.
  3. Can't help but wonder

    Well that is your opinion (they were disappointed) not a fact. Now you are the one running from the issue. You made the claim that there was bias. The group came back pretty much clearing Trump. Your argument fell flat on it's face and so your rebuttal to my response that noted that was to say, "oh they were probably mad."  Facts are stubborn things.
  4. Can't help but wonder

    I do believe that group was able to pass an unbiased judgement without regard for political leanings. If they hadn't, Trump would already be impeached. 
  5. Can't help but wonder

    You can say that again!
  6. Can't help but wonder

    For a third time, no I did not see any bias in Mueller's selections. Not sure how many times I have to answer this question. I see what you are hunting for, but the Mueller Report pretty much showed most leftist notions were false, this was done with a group that had some with Democratic ties......that doesn't help your argument. It shows that the group did their job properly and not based on political leanings.
  7. Can't help but wonder

    I was pretty clear on my view of this.  I can see you are trying to weave a web here, but I'm not exactly sure what your angle is. 
  8. Can't help but wonder

    I didn't avoid any question. Read above. I answered clearly. No I don't believe Mueller used political leanings as a bias in selection. You on the other hand seem to be completely okay with an individual who plays both sides. I can't for the life of me see how an individual who claims to be a Republican, a conservative, pro life, pro second amendment, etc. could donate to Clinton, no matter the reason.
  9. Can't help but wonder

    Trump is a Clinton donor.....
  10. Can't help but wonder

    No, I don't believe in stereotyping. I'm the type of person I'm going to base my judgment of you on what you say and what your follow through is. I don't care what you look like or whether you are dem, republican, libertarian, or whatever.
  11. Can't help but wonder

    My opinion is that an individual in the position of Mueller would not look at political leanings to make hiring decisions. 
  12. Can't help but wonder

    RINO? He was originally put in his position by Ronald Reagan.......
  13. Can't help but wonder

    Mueller is/was a Republican.......
  14. Brenham was my first though and sure enough there they are at #2. But Calallen has always had our number....
  15. Joe Biden

    He should. Avenatti is a joke. Biden is toast as far as the election goes.