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  1. @ the Jasper Tournament.
  2. I saw this one on Maxpreps this morning. Not a bad start, Bob Hope is now 2-0 and have outscored their opponents 16-1.
  3. Houston Math & Science is actually Houston Sam Houston and they reload in basketball every year (although they stink at football, they were in our district when I coached at Westbury). For basketball they are SOLID.
  4. Uh, that year Hardin came to Port Arthur and Hardin only won 50-49....... 1/108:00p Hardin (Hardin, TX) Location: Bob Hope High School Box Score (L) 50 - 49
  5. I'll just throw this out there as my opinion. One year when I was at Bob Hope we opened up the season 7-0, playing a steady diet of 1A and private schools. We were in UIL 3A at the time. Our first district game was at home against East Chambers. If I remember correctly we lost that game approximately 120-40. Our boys soccer team on the other hand barely finished above .500 for the regular season. However we played the absolute toughest competition we could find. That team lost in the regional quarters to Hargrave on penalties and was a hair from advancing to the tournament. That coach won Southeast Texas Coach of the Year. I'll take a tougher schedule and a worse record any day of the week.
  6. Dime Box was beating Tenaha after the 1st last night, but man they are crazy solid. #2 for Tenaha shot lights out.
  7. Bob Hope Boys 6 Beaumont Legacy 1 /final

    Not sure, as I am no longer there and I'm out in the Hill Country, but I know they have a girl up top that will be a senior who I would be shocked if she isn't at least at an NCAA Division II next year. Her older sister played there last year as a midfielder and is now at Paul Quinn College's soccer team.
  8. Saw this one on maxpreps last night. Nice start for the Eagles who are senior loaded with at least four boys that should play college ball.
  9. Doesn't matter who you root for, its obvious RJ is a special talent.
  10. Yeah, I hear they can grind it out. They had a game last year where I was told they passed the ball 19 times before they took a shot. They look for those high percentage shots for sure. Very solid program though, they always make deep runs.
  11. What should we expect from Moulton? They are in our district (we have three state ranked teams in our district Moulton #8, Waelder #11, and us at #19.
  12. Livingston 69 Leggett 66/FINAL

    Don't feel bad, Lipan beat us in the state semifinals two years ago. They are a beast.
  13. Livingston 69 Leggett 66/FINAL

    Yeah that happens. 6 freshmen coming on up is pretty helpful though. We are looking to be senior heavy this year. Had a good first game the other night, beat Milano 89-10.
  14. Livingston 69 Leggett 66/FINAL

    How's Leggett looking this year? We might meet you guys in that regional final this year
  15. TABC District Picks

    We get no love lol. Ranked #20 in the state and picked to come in 3rd in the district (although Moulton is ranked 8 and Waelder is ranked 11th in the state). Should be a heck of a district battle!