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  1. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Going to miss him at Lumberton but he so deserves this
  2. College World Series

    Go Mississippi State 
  3. Lumberton Homecoming

    Seriously felt like a scrimmage lol
  4. Lumberton Homecoming

    9/13 lol
  5. Lumberton Homecoming

    When we played them in Houston they did not have a band or drill team and maybe 4 or 5 cheerleaders who cheered from the stands
  6. QB that played pretty much all season was just a sophomore so that’s a plus 
  7. Lumberton Homecoming

    Houston Furr
  8. Lumberton Homecoming

    Anyone want to let our visitors use their band for the night? Haha I hate when the other team doesn’t have a band or anything 
  9. Lumberton Population

    Shut up 
  10. Lumberton Population

    I doubt we make it to 6a though
  11. Lumberton Population

    I already knew about this I saw it on Facebook 
  12. Welcome back

    Boy don’t start
  13. Welcome back

    He couldn’t even let someone else start his welcome back thread hahaha
  14. Welcome back

    Now it’s back to the way it’s suppose to be!!!! 
  15. Stephenville 5 Lumberton 1/FINAL

    Lets go Lady Raiders