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  1. Lumberton Raider Showcase

    Lumberton starts the showcase with a 6-0 win over Vidor
  2. By the way very proud of our Raiders. Went 13-13 on free throws
  3. 22-4A Standings

    Yeah I found out it was a mistake putting boys home, they are at big sandy.
  4. 22-4A Standings

    You sure Lumberton girls play Vidor at home tomorrow? Boys play Big Sandy at home tomorrow
  5. Gotta understand he's family so loves to give me a hard time.
  6. Yeah I had a lot of those kids in daycare
  7. Is Lumberton side packed? Couldn't make it tonight
  8. Lumberton @ Silsbee Time Change

    So JV is 2 instead of 1:30? 
  9. Lumberton 68 Kountze 34/FINAL

    One was because he wanted to go to JBB plus didn't like when coach yelled at him.
  10. Silsbee vs. Cuero, 4A State Semifinal

    That's Aaron's brother right?
  11. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    If it is still on for Friday I'll be there! 
  12. Carthage 50 Midlothian Heritage 49 Final

    Don't even get me started! Everyone knows I know football dang it! I hate you now
  13. Carthage 50 Midlothian Heritage 49 Final

    I didn't see the whole game. I've just seen videos of the td to cause ot. But hey I was pulling for Carthage