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  1. Week 5 Polls

    Purple wizard's voo doo is strong.
  2. TCU @ Texas

    Yep. That was him throwing in his sweat saturated towel. God he sweats more than anyone I've ever seen. That boy be drippin
  3. TCU @ Texas

    Step away from your texags page for a while Mack, it sounds meltdownish up in here.
  4. Week 4 Games

    You sure about this?
  5. Week 4 Games

    Lots of butthurt on this thread
  6. TCU @ Texas

    Hey hey hey!! That's 3 in a row! That's a winning streak!!!
  7. Aggie at Bama

    Hopefully you took bamer and the points. If aggy gets blown out, you win. If aggy pulls off a miracle, you win and don't care about losing your money.
  8. Aggie at Bama

    ^^Congrats aggy! Now go get your shine box.
  9. TCU @ Texas

    The OL looks better than it has in a long time. Almost explosive. And by explosive, I mean the line explodes into thin air when we try to pass protect. RUN THE FOOTBALL!!
  10. Stories about Texas and other in state schools

    <Phat> I don't get it. Doesn't look like a Kroger to me </Mack>
  11. Aggie at Bama

    Give me a heads up when it's -59. I MIGHT be interested.
  12. Week 4 Games

    The last column meaning they ran out of time?
  13. TCU @ Texas

    Early line is cockroaches -3. Sounds like a good game for aaw to bet the mortgage.
  14. TCU @ Texas

    Is it a toad? Is it a lizard? What the hell is it??? Sat, 3:30 on Fox. PS.. Malcolm Roach broke his foot Sat. Out 6-8 weeks with surgery expected.
  15. USC at Texas

    PSA... Replay now airing on FS1.