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  1. All jokes aside, I’ve never seen Ply before Friday. Honeycutt didn’t seen to have as many touches (he was shoring up the secondary) compared to previous weeks. Hamm runs hard but just doesn’t have the breakaway speed that we’re used to seeing from multiple kids out of the backfield.  The bears were definitely watching for the qb to sweep after seeing us gouge people  with it a few times already this year. That one got us nowhere on friday.  Ply looks like he has what it takes and gives an idea what to expect for the next couple of years. 
  2. Same here.... the Bears came to play, no doubt. That D-line looked monstrous. 
  3. I haven’t heard anybody say... it didn’t look bad from 24 rows up. They just iced him and Tims’ ankles. No air casts or anything of the sort.   
  4. It didn’t help that we lost Baker and Lara... our two leading rbs going out had a lot to do with holding us to 14, also.  With those two leaving the game and Denton being out, it’s amazing that we put 41 up.  Dubois can coach ‘em up. 
  5. Cleveland 40 Huffman Hargrave 6/FINAL

    I stand corrected. 
  6. Cleveland 40 Huffman Hargrave 6/FINAL

    I’m almost certain. They beat us in 2014 in overtime in Cleveland for their only win in this district since the February 2014 realignment.... before last night. 
  7. It all depends on who all is suited out next week. The cupboard is bare, my man. 
  8. It didn’t hurt for y’all that we lost Baker and Lara. That #28 took his first snaps that I’ve paid attention to tonight. The loss of Tims on defense was a big one tonight, too.  I looked up one time and one of our offensive guards was in the secondary on defense. The last kid kicking off is a d-lineman in his first game back from breaking his arm. I’ve never seen him kick before. That’s why we were going for two. It wasn’t strategy.  Good game Bears. How’s it feel to be alone atop the district? Nice work, and good for you LCM17... you’ve been like Moses in the wilderness. Enjoy the ride, Amigo. 
  9. 47-41 Bears after a TD and failed 2pt.   
  10. I don’t see how we can win with so many kids missing. 
  11. 41-41 with :38 left in the half after LCM misses an xp.    Hell of a game. 
  12. And for the second week in a row we get consecutive false starts while our band plays after the half while we’re on offense. 
  13. Ugh. We were in a position to put y’all to bed. The game marches on. 
  14. Maybe it was the drive, lol.  It almost looks like Cleveland might have been a little tougher than I gave them credit for.