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  1. SETX Top 40 Recruits

    I know.... I get really tired of them complaining about being left out, too.   
  2. SETX Top 40 Recruits

    “Where are the rest of the kids from Silsbee? We’re getting screwed again!”   Silsbee Fan. 

    Seems like a solid guy... not sure about hiring a coach that’s been out of coaching for 8-9 years and forcing him to recycle almost all of the old assistants.  I mean, you can’t say anything bad about the guy, but I’m not sure he’s ready to bring the team into 6A relevance. In fact, it seems pretty unlikely. I smell a West End fix to keep the Bruins as the big dog @BISD. 
  4. Manvel/Seven Lakes/George Ranch

    In all fairness, he had some really big shoes to fill. 
  5. Ex-Ozen star Tony Brown invited to NFL Combine

    That’s what I’m talking about!
  6. Newton to unveil state title rings

    So I guess if our point totals matched theirs, we could beat anybody in 3A or 4A, too?  That’s Newton logic there, son!
  7. PA Memorial Head Coach to Summer Creek

    I disagree... a coach with good connections to the college level can get a lot of kids looks who wouldn’t normally get a look....  Coaches who don’t focus on the recruitment process tend to end up with fewer recruits. 
  8. Newton to unveil state title rings

    No... we’re a remarkably average fish but we definitely start seeing the big fish in the playoffs... and that’s something Newton can’t say. 
  9. Newton to unveil state title rings

    Oh, I wasn’t offended.  This next year will be the first year that I don’t have anybody participating in anything on Friday Night in four years. I didn’t have anybody on the team last year and it seems like I just get more and more out-of-touch with the program every day. I’m wondering if I’ll stay as dedicated as time moves on.  There’s only so much entertainment value to be had cracking jokes about Newton and Silsbee. 
  10. Newton to unveil state title rings

    No doubts!
  11. Newton to unveil state title rings

    But we have that trophy. That’s something you and Silsbee can’t say. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s an army of young cardinals chomping at the bit to be the next stud RB in Cardinal Country.  I think that we’ve got better days ahead. 
  12. Newton to unveil state title rings

    But I’m not sure y’all would have any of those if you played in our district.  Just enjoy your JV state trophy. Make no mistake, though. I support you guys. It’s better to be a big ol’ fish in a teeny tiny pond than to have to swim out here with the big fishes. 
  13. Newton to unveil state title rings

    We’d have a bigger collection if we played 3A D2 Ball.    
  14. Hamshire Fannett is open

    “Coach Jones, and I have to ask you to be frank here today.... have you ever forced a child to perform squat thrusts or bear crawls? This district WILL NOT have our children subjected to those archaic forms of degradation and punishment.”
  15. Newton to unveil state title rings

    Sneak peek.