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  1. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    Like the old saying goes "I never owned any slaves, and I'm pretty sure you haven't picked much cotton..... so what do you say we move on from here?" Nah... because then certain groups would have to look in the mirror and admit that 95% of the problems facing them are self-inflicted.  
  2. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    I don't have it too bad at all.  I feel very sympathetic towards the plight of so many of those raised in single parent households in violent neighborhoods, surrounded by poverty, with substandard schools, and believing that all of those problems are caused by "white privilege." I also feel bad because if the hate-mongers on both sides have their way, people who don't have hard feelings will generate them and the conflicts will only worsen.   I mean, if somebody on the left was had plowed into a crowd of conservative protestors, it would be labeled "road rage," not a hate crime. 
  3. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    You've got to admit... there's not a lot of diffence between a group waving signs and blaming the Jews and "mud people" for all of their woes.... and the group of people waving signs and blaming "white privilege" and racism for all of their woes.  Don't buy into the hype.  Trump is about as responsible for that guy slamming into the rock-throwing protestors last weekend as Obama was for the guy who sniped all of those cops in Dallas last summer.  The guys on the right always have to answer for the actions of the biggest jacksass out there who wants to be associated with the right.  Let some Republican state senator from Idaho make a ridiculous statement about rape/abortion and he just spoke for every conservative out there.  Nobody holds the left collectively accountable for what their most despicable voices are saying.  Obama wasn't even associated with his own preacher's hateful speech.   We're moving in the wrong direction.  Instead of progress and equality, we're moving into more and more racially divisive policies.  One group says a word and it's a term of endearment.  A different shade of person says the same word and they're branded a horrible person, fit for firing, etc... A group of people tear down a confederate statue in NC yesterday and they won't be prosecuted.  Let some other guy snatch down a similar statue of MLK or bust a window at the Holocaust Memorial and face hate crime charges.  Unlike most of you, I actually used to know some guys who were white supremacists and belonged to certain groups whose names get thrown around a lot.  They would talk about a coming race war and I thought they were totally out in left field on that one.  These days I'm not so sure.   I think what you're seeing now is that a lot of white people are sick and tired of being painted as a devil because it's a whole lot easier to blame whitey than admit that most of the problems facing black communities today are self-inflicted.    
  4. Assessments after day 1 of Pads

    Are y'all still scrimmaging us the week after? It's not on the schedule. 
  5. SETX Scrimmage Schedule

    You ain't got no fans!
  6. Sources needed for story

    This is also the era when a lot of kids don't even care enough to go get their drivers license anymore.  I think a lot of kids are more concerned with getting followers on social media than yards or tackles.  
  7. Taking the year off, sort of...

    My old boss went that route.... A&M then on to UT Law.  He liked say that he went to A&M for an education and UT to learn a vocation.  
  8. First day of Texas football practice.

    I know y'all have to be excited about Coach Burnett coming on board. This could turn into a good season for the bears. 
  9. First day of Texas football practice.

    They're ready in LCM, too.       
  10. LCM gets a new video board

    Nobody is certain that the "home" lights work on the scoreboard, either. 
  11. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    We're running the slot T. 
  12. THSCA Preseason Rankings

    They have us at six and Silsbee at nine.... I'm not sure how accurately that will actually play out.  If they're basing it off of last year, how does Navasota come in at 10?      
  13. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Coach Dubois' younger son will be back at qb, Max Baker and Hunter Denton will be back in the backfield. I expect Denton to take more snaps on offense this year, and I expect Andy Lara to produce big numbers replacing Draper.  There aren't any Calvin Tylers in the bunch, but with four guys running out of the backfield and running up big rushing numbers you have to consider us one of the "most dangerous offensive backfields."
  14. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Keep sleeping on BC.   All you have to do is stop the run.  
  15. Re-Alignment Changes

    I know.... the deficits are worse in the smaller classifications.  I mean, how would a school with 125 kids fare versus a school with 425?  300 hurts a lot worse on smaller schools.    We're closer in size to tons of 4A D2 schools than the 4A D1 schools in our district.  I can't imagine how we'd do if we played schools our size.  We might win a DC, LOL. I guess I shouldn't gripe.... the year before the top three finishers (Silsbee, Jasper, BC) were the smallest three schools in that district.