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  1. What makes a great Texas High School Football Program?

      My understanding is that Adrian Peterson has been on the record as saying that CT was a huge motivator for him... the story went that CT left the impression that he was leaving Palestine because the kids were soft and that motivated AP.  I couldn’t find a link this morning, though. 
  2. What makes a great Texas High School Football Program?

    Jesus, racism sucks.  I guess you also need a white qb and a white coach to win, too. If it all comes down to having black athletes, then why do so many majority black schools have losing programs? Inner city Houston schools should be collecting hardware every December.  This has been covered a million times. 
  3. Sabine Pass cancels the rest of the season?

    I wonder if the coach is going to forfeit his salary, too?
  4. What makes a great Texas High School Football Program?

    Genetics related to a particular area has a lot to do with it, but not everything. All of the athleticism in the world won’t help without proper coaching and hard work in the years building up to the big stage.  Kids from areas with a history of success have a lot more pressure on them to win and to prepare.  They are also the product of parents who know what it takes to win. Kids from Livingston aren’t expected to win by their community like kids from places like WOS or Newton.  Strong little league programs, followed by good coaching/program through junior high, and serious physical development through high school are key. I’ve said over and over how our kids were competitive through little league based on coaching.  Our kids went to WOS for 7th grade (and won) but our coaching deficiency was obvious during warmups... WOS had kids drilling and ours were doing backbends and playing grab___ in the end zone. Our group literally learned nothing and developed nothing until Coach Dubois took over in 2015. That group lost an honest four years of progress because of woeful coaching. 
  5. Silsbee 48 Bridge City 14/FINAL

    Nah... I disagree. A D-1 QB prospect is a kid that you expect to play qb at that level.  If the kid was a D1 qb talent, he’d be under center next year. Great athlete, good qb. Not a D1 qb, apparently. 
  6. Silsbee 48 Bridge City 14/FINAL

    That pretty much sums it up for me. Hanging with Crosby and having a comparatively better game against Newton makes me feel more and more like WOS is the man to beat this year. I expect a competitive contest, but a win nonetheless. 
  7. Silsbee 48 Bridge City 14/FINAL

    Isn’t PNG’s qb going to be moved to WR?
  8. Silsbee 48 Bridge City 14/FINAL

    Yeah... Liberty “maybe,” but Im starting to doubt that you guys can handle WOS this year.   Good luck, though 
  9. Livingston @ Jasper

    Livingston Coach Finis Vanover (in a Swedish accent): “Whale Oil Beef Hooked!!!!!”
  10. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    I was gonna just copy/paste the roster, but that MIGHT have been considered bad taste. 
  11. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    Cardinals-  Strength-halftime show    
  12. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    Cards win....
  13. Bridge City 13 Anahuac 6/FINAL

    That was Hamm, if I remember correctly. He’s a junior this year, but he’s our ace on the diamond. He’s focusing on baseball, and I really don’t blame him.  If our center weighs 185 pounds I’d be surprised. Not wanting to hate on the kids who are trying, but we look like our line is wearing roller skates on most plays. 
  14. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    I think this makes the Silsbee/WOS matchup more intriguing.   Could this be Silsbee’s year to knock off the Mustangs? It looks like they’ve got a decent chance with both offenses sputtering.