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  1. I like the way your post has been edited. Did you decided to walk it back or did some other reasonable person handle that for you?
  2. Silsbee football field

    Ask the guy that ended up with Mrs. Dauphin's $$$$$.
  3. Shouldn't you be out protesting at a military funeral or something?
  4. Bah.... I think our ranking is a joke with all of the kids that moved on. But since we're in front of the Tigres, I'll take it!
  5. anybody else?

    I've pretty much broken the fuel tank loose on my trimmer by pushing the nozzle against the spout on the tank. Those big five gallon gas cans are worse.  Every time I use mine I'm like, "Thanks, Obama!"
  6. anybody else?

    I end up spilling more fuel with the new nozzles than I ever wasted with the old ones.  
  7. Republican Scalise and Aide Shot

    Buying them new and registering them just makes sure that Big Brother will know where to pick yours up when the time comes.   I'll stick to used ones.  
  8. Republican Scalise and Aide Shot

    It's the next logical step... Since we're okay with corporate sponsorship of the "Trump Assassination" play as well as Kathy Griffin's "comedy," you can't be too surprised when people start taking shots at each other.  I like the way that Trump was "causing all of the violence" during the campaign with this speeches, but having the President assassinated or beheaded in effigy is all just good clean fun and protected free speech and totally not connected to today's targeted violence.  
  9. Good Country Song that Never Made it

    My favorite one that didn't make it was "Life ain't easy for a Sioux named Boy."
  10. Kirbyville open Neece turns in resignation

    Belichick on the sideline? No. Belichick for offseason, two-a-days and a scrimmage or two? Kirbyville by 14. 
  11. Kirbyville prayers

    For real... I've heard a few people mention that. Most families would be ready to scrap over discussing somebody in the family who ended things that way. Maybe times have changed, I dunno. 
  12. Kirbyville prayers

    No doubt he can be removed for doing something unlawful, but to this point I haven't seen anything to indicate that he's broken a rule, much less a law.  He misled the news by saying the meeting with Reeves was nothing major, then it turns out it was a "resign or get fired" meeting. Dr. Wallis would defend his statement by saying that he was trying to spare the feelings of the family by leaving the bad stuff out when talking to the media.  Here's a brainbender... the secretary is alleged to have told admin that Reeves had threatened to hurt himself if news of the affair got out. If that statement is true, then the secretary admitted that the affair occurred or was occurring. So, either the secretary admitted to the affair and expressed concern for Reeves, or Reeves never threatened to harm himself. Either way, Wallis is in the clear.  
  13. Kirbyville prayers

    I can't speak for AHUDDLESTON, but many Kirbyville residents have openly questioned whether not Dr. Wallis could have pulled the trigger.   The more this drags on, the worse it looks for Kirbyville. In most places, firing a principal for boofing his secretary is the only reasonable course of action... regardless of how charismatic the principal is. The good news is that all of the people of Kirbyville will get to share in any buyout of Dr. Wallis's contract should the school board opt to go a different way, and will no doubt pay for any settlement that the grieving family ends up receiving. So, when the citizens of Kirbyville are saying "I'll bring the diesel! You'uns fetch some matches! We'll meet up at the schoolhouse!!!," remember to yell "and we can all pay higher taxes!!!!" It's way too late for the school to replace a super, assistant super, high school principal, assistant high school principal, and junior high principal in less than two months. I doubt they can come up with enough candidates, much less good ones on such short notice.     
  14. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    Sounds like a party.  I'm so ready for tackle football season. 
  15. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    C'mon!  You gotta have a little faith in the locals! I wonder if we'll still have our first scrimmage against you guys again this year?