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  1. Nederland Bond

    About whether or not to steal signs? Dunno.  Do you have a problem with using taxpayer funds to pay for signs promoting the bond issue?
  2. Nederland Bond

    I was talking enrollment, not population. 
  3. Nederland Bond

    It’s just crazy how they’re all overcrowded when there hasn’t been any growth for years... 
  4. Nederland Bond

    FWIW, My dad is 71 and attended classes at Groves E.... which is still in use.  I started Kindergarten at Van Buren E.... it wasn't new back then, and it's still doing a good job.   Now, they're not as snazzy as the new schools that are being built these days, but those schools are typically being constructed because the districts have outgrown their facilities... That hasn't happened in Nederland.  Some people just want their name on a bronze plaque by the front door. 
  5. Nederland Bond

    I'm less concerned over that one.  I don't even have a problem with the propositions being singled out.   $200/square foot seems a little high for commercial construction, but I'll use your number.  With that number in mind, you could create a complete BRAND NEW Central Mall for less than NISD is asking.,_Texas)      705,158 square feet at your price of $200/square foot... add the three, carry the four.... $141,031,600 for a complete, brand new shopping mall.  Not a school that will house 1500 kids for 182 days per year, but an entire shopping mall that would DWARF the plans that Nederland has for the kids.  And you'd still have 15 milly on hand. I don't care what you guys choose to do as a community.  My problem (as it has always been) is that NISD isn't going to be getting what they're going to be paying for.... for the next 40 years.    
  6. Nederland Bond

    Oh, there's no disputing the impact... $230 million dollars will be transferred over the next 40 years from Nederland property owners to investors who will likely not be from the area.    With the exception for any funds during construction for locally purchased materials (not much) and anybody hired locally to participate in construction.... most of whom are practically guaranteed not to be from Nederland. 
  7. Nederland Bond

    I’m not sure exactly where my line would be. But obviously an amount of debt that was $56 million less would be better in my opinion, provided that the money spent is well spent.  The numbers are mind boggling. We keep hearing about the $100,000.00 home in Nederland.  This bond is an amount of money that would build 1,560 new $100,000.00 homes. Think about it. Does it seem like you’re getting you money’s worth when the 156 milly is spent?
  8. Nederland Bond

      Did you notice that the value of this bond issue is bigger than  #5-10 on the top ten list combined?   Basically, NISD could buy ALL of the holdings of BASF, SUNCOR, Entergy, Philpott, Transcanada Keystone, AND MFG Willow Lakes with the $156 million and still have about $30 million left over?  Like I said.... a bond is a good idea.  The scope of this one is the problem.  
  9. Nederland Bond

    That’s good info. Two things I’m curious about... I’d like to see the breakdown of some of the other local districts just for comparison’s sake. I’d expect PAISD and BISD to be a lot more heavily business based.  I’m also curious as to why Sunoco and Motiva are getting such a big break on their taxable values. It makes me wonder if they’re getting some type of break for Ag or wildlife preservation. Nice find on the data, btw... I’m surprised to see the split is that even. 
  10. Nederland Bond

    Not Nederland ISD ... schools can’t enter into tax abatement agreements.
  11. Nederland Bond

    Honestly, I don’t know. 
  12. Nederland Bond

    You’re mistaken again, my friend. The fact that the comptroller is currently coming down on CADs has nothing to do with this legislative session. Check local news. Notices of Appraised Values for 2019 are already in the mail. Across the board people are complaining about increased appraised values. They are getting serious about making sure that CAD values are at 95-105% of market values, and penalizing CADs who aren’t in compliance. The big picture view is that the state wants local govs and schools to twist as much out of the locals via property taxes before the state kicks in their funds. Locals have been getting around it by keeping appraised values artificially low. It’s kinda like walking into the tax office and saying you have $500 for a car and just paying sales tax on that amount... now you pay based on the amount the state sets... same thing is occurring with CAD appraised values. The legislature is talking a lot about property tax reform, but they may or may not (and probably won’t) get anything meaningful done. Jefferson County mailed theirs 4/11.... I fully expect to see a report on the news tomorrow evening regarding an average increase of 10% or greater.  But what do I know?
  13. Nederland Bond

    So while we all agree that ALL of taxes (school, city, county, etc...)are headed up due to state mandated increases to appraised values, it shouldn’t be confused with this proposed 29% bump in NISD taxes due to the bond  issue? You’re right. They aren’t related. The bump caused by the state pushing for higher property values is unavoidable. The  bond issue can still be stopped. Thanks for pointing that out. Vote No. 
  14. Nederland Bond

    That’s a great article and a point I thought would be lost on most of you. Hazelwood was going back to the voters to increase their tax rate to cover debt service because the value of their tax base had shrunk post-mortgage crisis.  What NISD is actually saying about the rate dropping after 2020 is that they expect the tax rate to go down after 2020 as the value of tax base increases.  They’re patting the great unwashed and saying “your tax rate should go down after 2020” and even acknowledging that its only going down because property values will be climbing. But Joe Citizen never reads past the part about the rate dropping after 2020.  Here’s the deal.  We’ll use $125,000 house example.  They take the value of your house and multiply it by the tax rate.  I’ll skip the discussions of m&o vs i&s.  Let’s assume that they need $330 per year to cover the debt service for the bond from you. That’s your $125k house (less $25k for homestead)=$100k taxable value) at .33 per $100 .... $330 dollars.  NISD still needs their $330 for debt service no matter what.  NISD is assuming (and I agree) that appraised values will be going up. If your taxable value of your jumps by 10% (and again, were assuming the increase is across the board) you should end up with $110k, and the tax rate needed to cover your $330 part of the obligation would drop.  With your new $110k value, the portion of your tax rate needed to satisfy the bond debt would only need to be $.30 instead of $0.33.... but either way you’re still coughing up $330 bucks. And nobody ever goes back and drops the I&S rate, either.   THE I&S TAX RATE SHOULD GO DOWN, BUT YOUR TAXES WILL NOT.  They are literally saying outright “we expect your home value to increase in the future, and because of that, the tax rate needed to maintain the status quo would be less” and the morons all cheer “lower taxes!”
  15. Nederland Bond

    Lol.... c’mon! Our property taxes have gone up year after year, but as soon as they borrow this money (and before the schools are even built... no way they’ll be completed in 2020) our taxes will suddenly start going DOWN? Are you seriously buying that? We must not have borrowed enough on the last bond issue, because they have just kept going up.   True story. My truck got worse fuel mileage than advertised. I did some research and bought a K&N air filter, keep my tires properly inflated, drive the speed limit, and never accelerate rapidly. My truck doesn’t use fuel anymore. It makes it! If I forget to siphon the tank down every three or four days, the tank will literally overflow and fuel spills out on the ground!  Do you remember way back in 2010 when the ACA was gonna save us all $2000 per year on our health insurance? Do you know a single person whose healthcare costs have gone down? No, they’ve exploded... just like your property taxes will if this massive cash grab is voted through. I like all of the “probablies” and “projections.”  Here’s a actual fact for you. Not a “probably” or a “projection.” 2018 tax rates... Nederland is currently the lowest in Jefferson County at $1.15 per $100. They’ll instantly move to the highest in Jefferson County once that 0.33 increase is approved. $1.48 per $100 puts NISD as having the HIGHEST property tax rate in Jeffco.  Then consider that NISD isn’t being supported by industrial or commercial accounts. There are no refineries or Dowlen Roads in NISD’s tax base... just a bunch of homes. The highest school taxes in Jefferson County and this one will be soaked up by real PEOPLE.  The numbers don’t lie.