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  1. 4A-D1 2018/19 SPORTS

    Sounds reasonable.
  2. 4A-D1 2018/19 SPORTS

    I’m curious to see who ends up in our district for non-football sports. I’d think Lumberton would replace Silsbee, but would expect the Lyins  to replace Cleveland over there with that district. 
  3. Newton definitely looks poised. WOS D is on point, but I’d feel a lot better about the Stangs chances if they were lighting up the scoreboard.  One more win and they’re in... you have to really like both schools’ chances at this stage of the game. 
  4. 4A DI

    Wait... Big Sandy is pretty close to Livingston.  You aren’t one of those Livingston guys that moved out to Big Sandy so his kids could compete for a winner, are you? Lol. 
  5. 4A DI

    When you have what it universally recognized as the worst football stadium for a school your size, pretty much anywhere, AND you don’t even have a baseball facility adequate to host high school baseball games, well.... you’ve indicated that you, as a community, put “zero” emphasis on your kids academic experience and fail to realize that how it hurts your community. I’ve got to believe that when people consider relocating to your area, the lack of opportunities for kids to participate and compete with other schools has to be a huge deterrent.  There is no civic pride in Livingston whatsoever. Here’s some irony. What do you call a family of lions? A pride! Yet this Lyin’ pride has none. 
  6. 4A DI

    Jeez... I was at PNG about 8 years ago when the Lyin’s beat the Indians on PNG’s homecoming. There were honestly 21 Lyin’ Fans there to witness it. 10,000 screaming Indian fans and 21 Lyin’ supporters.  To say that Livingston kids get absolutely no support from their community is totally the truth. It’s always been that way, and it always will. It’s a proven fact that there are more seats at the Livingston Livestock Exchange than at the football stadium. Except in Livingston, they don’t actually call it the football stadium, it’s usually called the “soccer stadium.” Which is kinda ironic because they stink at soccer, too.  The last time I paid attention, LISD uses private fields for their baseball games because the school doesn’t own acceptable facilities.  And lastly, the only Lyin’ fan here pretends to be a bear. That’s all I’m saying. 
  7. Newton 45 Waskom 6/FINAL

    That’s what I’m talking about!
  8. 4A DI

    I misspoke... they’re committed to NOT building a stadium. 
  9. 4A DI

    BearEssentials97 isn’t one of yall’s? I know the Lions have to be excited about moving down after being perrenial doormats in 5A. I’m not convinced they’ll do a whole lot better in 4A D1.  Livingston just isn’t a school with very good extracurriculars. I mean, everybody is good at something. We just don’t know what y’all do well, yet. Do y’all excel at showing animals at the livestock show? What about UIL? Maybe that’s what y’all are good at and the rest of us just don’t know yet. Maybe the new high school fishing competitions are something y’all can dominate.   How sweet it is!!!!!!
  10. 4A DI

    And parking... the ISD tons of property near the new high school, old high school, and jr high for a Stadium. As far as stadium shaming goes, when ours is hands down bigger and better than 5A Livingston’s, they should be ashamed. 
  11. Cutoff Numbers

    I think Silsbee has the best chance of joining that group. 
  12. *10-4A All District*

    Don’t forget the spaces reserved for coaches’ kids.  
  13. 4A DI

    I don’t know... his brother’s in Bellville. His Dad died a few years ago. I don’t know how many ties he still has in the area. 
  14. 4A DI

    They didn't misplace him.... they ran him off.   Livingston isn't, and hasn't ever been, concerned with having a successful football program.  In fact, they're committed to sucking on the grandest of scales, up to and including even building a stadium that would be necessary for a moderately successful 3A program.  
  15. *10-4A All District*

    Don't mention it.