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  1. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    It’s a shame.. this happens so often that it makes rational people skeptical when attacks actually occur.  Every time that bi-racial couple gets “n-word go home” and “kkk” painted on the garage door of their suburban home I assume they did it themselves for attention. I’m not sure which is worse... that I think that way or that I’m usually right?  Way to go Empire guy... 
  2. Silsbee football field

    Mrs Dauphin crossed the River Jordan to sing with the angels before she scratched that check. The guy who took (care of) her money isn’t a football fan, so.....  
  3. Amazon scraps NY plans

    A lot of times those projects create competitive advantages within a community.  Let’s say you own a tire shop... one of a few in town.  One of your competitors is awarded funds from the EDC to build a new shop for the betterment of the community. Now your tax dollars have gone to improve your competitors business.... and coincidentally your customers are heading over there, too, because his new (free to him) shop is so much nicer than yours.  Same thing in Beaumont when they were promoting tax abatements and if I’m not mistaken, something similar to an abatement for occupancy taxes if someone was willing to build a hotel out near Ford Park. If I already owned a motel in town I’d be pissed. How nice is it to watch your former guests stay at a place that you were subsidizing?
  4. Amazon scraps NY plans

    It’s a different mindset I guess. I’m a little more pro-business than you are in some ways. I don’t think that abatements are some divine thing, but I’d rather hold my nose and see more jobs and future tax revenue than stand on my principals and deteriorate while some neighboring community flourishes instead.   I’m not sure that I’m familiar with that one. Is that the EDC tax? I’m largely opposed to those taxes and entities because they never seem to actually benefit anybody other than those who work for the EDC and those that seem to randomly receive funds from them. But that’s just me. 
  5. Amazon scraps NY plans

    You're entitled to your opinion, but in this case you're wrong. That place is still on the tax roll up there in Silsbee.  LP paid just over $180k in property taxes on land and equipment for 2018 alone.   Property tax abatements can be a fantastic blessing.  Nobody remembers when they moved the Walmart in Groves and the Nederland Walmart about 15 years ago... both went into Port Arthur City Limits when they rebuilt because PAT was willing to play ball with property tax abatements.   Nederland and Groves got to keep their property taxes for future years on the old years, but PAT abated property taxes and gained 100% of the sales tax revenue generated by two super Walmarts.  Advantage PA, especially when the abatement period ends.  And by my math, it probably already has. Sometimes people (like AOC in this case) get a little caught up in their beliefs and lose sight of the big picture.  25k good paying jobs, plus who knows how many more supporting jobs in the community, and she celebrates killing the project because of inherent corporate greed?  Some other place will happily step up and accept Amazon coming to town, and the locals in her district can stagnate.        
  6. New Jersey limits full contact to 15 min a week

    We wouldn't have a problem with that. #wesoft 
  7. Signings

    That’s the kid... I hate to hear that it didn’t work out for him. Not surprising, but still disappointing. 
  8. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    It would very possibly be the sporting event of the year in SETX.
  9. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    Hey, WOS... do you ever ask yourself why these guys keep coming at me like that? I mean... they ought to know what’s about to happen, lol.   
  10. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    I’ve already agreed that we could meet. I’m waiting on your terms and conditions.  Although I wouldn’t be surprised if you show up dressed up like an Frenchman from the 1700s wearing a big white wig and expecting to just slap each other across the face with our riding gloves. 
  11. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    Ok. We can meet. I’ll need to know your terms and conditions first. Is this gonna be a boxing contest held according to the Marques de Queensberry rules? Or maybe we’ll just use the unified rules of mixed martial arts. Open hand slaps or closed fists? Approved gloves or no? Standing eight count? Three knockdown rule? What about having cornermen? I’m sure you’ll want a few Saint Fans along to protest on your behalf.  Do I get any input on the officiating? Because I know you’re gonna need a ref to cry to. What about location and time? I don’t want you upset because we kept you out too late or your legs weren’t right because you spent too long in the car getting there. The more I think about it, I’m sure you’ll want to meet up close to home.... home field advantage and all.  (Didn’t help the Saints, though).  Do you see all of the challenges faced by a man like myself when trying to settle differences with a crybaby?
  12. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    No offense, but you’re the guy flexin’ those gums.  I’m sorry.  There. I said it. Now dry those eyes and come get a big hug. I didn’t mean it, lil buddy.   I just don’t understand how the worst team in Super Bowl history kept scoring on your Saints. And your whole season wasn’t “stolen” by a non-call on play that wasn’t going to advance the ball anyways.  I get Cowboys fans getting mad about “Dez caught it.” He came down with the ball in the end zone. Your guy never even had a chance at it.  Your team laid an egg. Bad calls and missed calls happen in every game from Pee Wee to the Super Bowl. Normal people don’t have protests, file lawsuits, and try to get their you-know-whats beat over it a month later.   
  13. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    You’d just whine about how I’d won unfairly. 
  14. Let's try this again - Bridge City OC job OPEN

    Give it up, brother...  I remember when he got hurt as a Junior.  There was concern as to whether he'd be ready to go for baseball season his junior year.  When his senior season rolled around he'd already decided not to play football (which is fine... it's a choice).  So why was he there on Fridays with his team?  "Because he wanted to support his teammates?"  Strap on some pads and be supportive.  Or go sit in the stands with the rest of the quitters or run the big flag up an down the sideline if we score or something.  That's all I'm saying.  That was the year they moved Trahan (another good athlete whose qb potential was never unlocked) from LB to QB... then he got hurt at LCM early in district play.  It's a 4A school without a single backup qb.  They moved Dearing's boy from LB to QB (in a spread offense) despite the fact that he didn't even want to play the position.  Think about it... A 4A school in which the cupboard is absolutely bare after the starting qb decides to forego his senior year.  Like.... BARE.  Which is nuts because we have arms on top of arms available, as evidenced by the mountain of baseball DC plaques.  
  15. Let's try this again - Bridge City OC job OPEN

    Good thing nobody ever said that to the guys who were recruiting Kyler Murray... he's a skyscraper at 5'11.   Has a trophy called a "Heisman."  Plays a little baseball, too.   He is a little quicker, though. I remember Shug's bum shoulder.. He'd be on the sidelines in his jersey and short pants throwing the football around on Friday nights, bad shoulder and all. But that's acceptable in BC.  And that's just symptomatic of the problem with the football program in BC, which is what we're talking about here.   I'm not knocking the kid's baseball abilities.  They speak for themselves.  No need to defend them.  But don't pretend like you guys gave ample attention to both sports.  And that's completely fine...That's a choice you guys and a lot of other parents in Bridge City make, and it's a reason that things are the way that they are.