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  1. QB does not have a strong arm, not fast/quick enough and can't run through a tackle. WR's like I said no playmakers! If Babin would run Ward 40-45 times a game they might be ok!
  2. Lumberton will struggle this season with lack of QB and playmakers.
  3. Pick 6 for PNG! 42-0 8:19 left in 3rd qtr
  4. He will need to put on some lbs, but he should definitely get some letters in the mail!
  5. They could do that all night long if they wanted to.
  6. It changed and was PNG at Tarkington PNG won 3-1 (25-17, 19-25, 25-17, 25-15)
  7. Bay City 35 Bellville 34/FINAL (OT)

    I'm impressed Bay City is even playing, according to news reports the entire city was under water from Hurricane Harvey!
  8. District play delayed

    What a mess all up and down the Gulf Coast of Texas! Prayers to all!
  9. With District play set to start tomorrow night and  most schools not scheduled to go back until Sept 11 how does missing the first two games affect the records? Do they make these games up or are they just cancelled? What about families that have lost everything and are forced to relocate?
  10. Dang, I can't believe no info about this game!
  11. After seeing several of West Brooks opponents in this tournament West Brook should be favored to walk away with the district!
  12. Caught the Nederland and Lumberton games today Lumberton: lost 2-0 to Lamar Con defeated Laporte 2-0 lost 2-0 to Texas City Nederland: lost 2-0 Sweeney  defeated Galena Park 2-0 lost to 2nd Baptist 2-0 in two super close games. Lumberton on Thursday: defeated Pasadena Dobie 2-1 lost 2-0 GCM lost 2-0 to Lamar Cons and went 2-4 for the tournament Nederland also went 1-2 on Thursday but don't know the opponents and went 2-4 in the tournament.  
  13. PNG defeated Baytown Sterling 2-1 in a nail biter. Won the Bronze bracket and went 5-1 only losing to Shadow Creek in the first match Thursday morning. (12-4)
  14. PNG defeated Sweeney (2-0) (11-4)