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  1. 21-5A School                                        W     L Barbers Hill                                  1      0 Port Arthur Memorial                   1       0 Vidor                                            1       0 Port Neches-Groves                    0       0 Dayton                                          0      1 Nederland                                     0      1 Cleveland                                     0      1 Next Games - Friday, Dec 14 Barbers Hill at Nederland, 7:00 pm Cleveland at Port Neches-Groves, 7:00 pm Vidor at Dayton, 7:00 pm          Like this  
  2. The futures JV PNG 33  Huffman 29 Freshman PNG 33  Huffman 29 Keep it up ladies  
  3.                  1Q     2Q     3Q     4Q     Final PNG          17      4       13      10       44 Huffman     6      11       1       17       35
  4. Vidor 70 Cleveland 28
  5. We picked up another game today. They found out last night late after I had already headed home and they played Rusk and lost again by 4 or 6 points. Another one where it looked like they were going to come back and get the win and allowed a late run. Girls had a bad weekend, then to top it off the bus broke down 4 hours away from home. Finally got it repaired and are headed home. Need to get back on track Tuesday at home against Huffman Hargrove before first district game on Friday. They fought hard and are still struggling to adjust to losing their friend for the year. On a bright note, the one victory the got matched last seasons win total. So improvement. The hard part is getting past the expectations we as parents have. They are playing hard, just in a slump. The rock will fall again.
  6. Who me? I’m not saying that all, I was wondering why Woodville wasn’t whooping them worse. Woodville has a really really good team. You guys would beat most of the schools in this area no matter the classification.
  7. Have to close out long on her and get a hand in #3’s face! I am blown away at Livingston’s performance. They have made the playoffs the last two years in 22-5A giving all the top teams everything they have and blowing out the other teams. The younger Hawkins girl is a handful to stop and can make shots from anywhere on the court.
  8. We had a scheduled 3:30 game, games were scheduled 1 hr and 15 minutes apart throughout the day. The game started at 3:00. So first off a normal varsity game typically last 1 hr and 30 to 45 minutes, so in order to run 30 minutes ahead the refs are barely calling fouls. I noticed really quick that if a defender just blew up the ball handler no foul was called so I started yelling that to the girls. They finally listened to the annoying obnoxious dad in the stands and we got 6 steals in a row, that should have been 6 fouls, lol. Then the girls reverted back to their normal defense. The only “fouls” these refs would call was if a shot was put up and a block was attempted and ball was missed (no contact necessary and went both ways). One particular play I almost got thrown out of the gym for was when it looked like Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka came off of the top turn buckle with a flying cross body check and not one whistle between three refs. All that i got was a hand from a ref and then she turned around and told me to shut up!
  9. We just played Bracket only
  10. Let me just say this too. I hate tournament refs. We didn’t lose because of the refs, but it sure does not favor the Lady Indians game play.
  11. Dang a 15-0 third! Then Livingston a 15-8 third. 
  12.                       1Q      2Q      3Q     4Q      Final PNG               14      11       11     12        48 Palestine        17      19        9      12        57 We had it to a 4 point game with just under 3 minutes left missed a free throw, got the rebound  and missed the put back when the score was 50-46 and then they finished it off with a 7-2 run after we had went on a 10-5 run, have to learn how to finish the games we claw back into.
  13.                       1Q      2Q      3Q     4Q      Final PNG               14       8                              25 Palestine        17      19                             36    
  14. Ummmm! You have been misinformed! Like CNN Fake News! Make Girls Basketball Great Again! 
  15.                           1Q      2Q      3Q     4Q      Final PNG                   14      13       15       1        43 Elysian Fields      7       10        6       14       37 I have no idea what happened to us in the 4th Qtr. It was almost like the waking up early and the 4 hour drive zapped them in the 4th.                           1Q      2Q      3Q     4Q      Final PNG                     4      13       12      10        39 Chapel Hill         15       9        10       11       45 This one we had a hangover in the 1st Qtr from previous game 4th period, got a boost of energy in the second and third but we would get it to 4 points and never get it closer. The first Qtr hurt. We are not sure who we play today at 3:30 yet, it’s win or go home now. We finally got the news back last night about the injury that happened against you guys and it is a torn ACL and obviously she is out for the season which is a huge blow to us. The girls are going to have to step up in her absence!