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  1. I saw WOS play in EC tourney and #11 was athletic and could jump through the roof, but (at least the two games I watched) was not a great basketball player. He was avg the games I watched, missed some easy layups and put backs all game long.  What is up with WOS coach not allowing players to shoot three pointers except in the corners? Why would you setup an offense to where the defense know that I don’t need to close out except in this area of the floor? Makes no sense to me.

    I would take the over
  3. Silsbee would have to get past HJ
  4. Great season Jasper! Can’t wait to see what you guys do next year!
  5. 24-5A

    Maybe the toughest 5A district in the state has 3 of the 4 team into round 3 so far with Foster still scheduled to play GCM tomorrow!
  6. Shadow Creek 59 Galveston Ball 47 Final
  7. Great season SheWolves all future United teams will be chasing to better what you guys did. 
  8. Top Coaches

    What he said ^^^ I’m a little disappointed to see this question coming from somebody that is putting together an AAU team and I assume coaching?
  9. I hope so, because it sure was fun watching them reach their goal!  Three years ago PNG girls had 3 total season wins, last year 11 season wins, this year they finish with 22 wins. They have set the foundation. Now let’s start putting the framework to gether and keep building!
  10. Great job United! Go SheWolves
  11. 6 seniors, 3 starters. Scoring leaders are both Juniors. 
  12. Ball ran an efficient offense and couldn’t miss.