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  1. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    Told you, Crosby scores to quick!
  2. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    Where did Coog4 disappear too? He must be in the corner cryingbhis trail of tears!
  3. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    Crosby is going to score too fast!
  4. Team to beat?

    Who is the new coach?
  5. Woodville # 3 HJ # 8 BH # 15
  6. Huffman @ Bellville

    Sounds like an exciting fun match!
  7. TCGA State Volleyball Poll

    Volleyball as a whole this year seems to be down a little bit. Still some really good talent, just seems a little lighter than I have seen in years past.
  8. Former Bmt Star

    So I wonder how that affects her Sophomore year, since the Fall semester has already started? Is she able to transfer somewhere immediately.
  9. Former Bmt Star

    Wow, I hate to hear that. She played a significant role in NCAA tourney last year for them.
  10. Team to beat?

    Lumberton lost best player to graduation, second best player transfered to Legacy, Top Freshman contributor transfered to Legacy as well. Post player tore her ACL in last game of district, other post decided not to play this year. So Lumberton looks to have one returning from last years team who will be a Sophomore.  I didn’t realize you guys had everybody coming back too. Enjoyed the games we played you guys in last year, were competitive games, Jasper definitely had our number though! Looking forward to playing you guys again.
  11. Team to beat?

    39 MORE DAYS
  12. Team to beat?

    Mhs to win district and beat PAM, teams will have to stop your sister and get her in foul trouble early
  13. Team to beat?

    I’m a little biased, but hoping that PNG girls for the first time ever will be a tough win for opponents. The entire team is returning from last year. Only two girls not in offseason that are playing volleyball. Only time will tell. I have my fingers crossed! PAM should be District favorites, BH is always tough. HJ Hawks should be a favorite to make a deep run in the playoffs. It would not surprise me if the win state. Silsbee is always tough. Beaumont United will be tough.  
  14. I don’t know much about the individual players in the area, but was curious to know with all the basketball state championships and deep runs in the playoffs, how many boys have continued on in college and where have all theses local players committed too?