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  1. I don’t know much about the individual players in the area, but was curious to know with all the basketball state championships and deep runs in the playoffs, how many boys have continued on in college and where have all theses local players committed too?
  2. Mark Henry from Silsbee was one of the best athletes from SETX
  3. Coach Leblanc Temple New HC

    Team that went to state and has a bunch of returners, but does move up to 6A. Should be a nice job!
  4. Congrats to Coach Leblanc for landing HC job at Temple HS. Temple HS just got one of the best coaches from this area! Guess that means Coach Brown will be the New HC at United!
  5. LCM

    Lumberton basketball is going to be a shocker to many people next year! Not in a positive way for Lumberton. 
  6. Stud pitchers get beat by good bats on the opposing team! Have a solid lineup 1-9 that can hit and who cares who is pitching! If your 1-9 is stronger than their 1-9, your team should win! You still have to have a decent pitcher that can compete against that stud pitcher! Stud pitchers will keep the scores low. But 1-9 should be able to produce at least 2 runs and win a 2-1 or 2-0 ballgame.
  7. So 3 Div 1 players (Maybe 4 if backup pitcher is going Div 1, not sure of her status) 2 Div 2 players 2 JUCO 3 not Committed and not playing year round ball Last year they lost a pitcher to Div 1 who was originally committed to a JUCO and I might add is killing it at Div 1 level They lost 3B to JUCO and several others that did not continue to play softball after high school. Not taking anything away from any of these girls, I thought they should have made it past first round too. Great group of girls.    
  8. You may want to get the correct numbers on this. Sr Pitcher - Committed to Angelo State Div 2 Sr Catcher - Committed to SFA Div 1 Jr First Baseman - not committed and no plans to continue softball after school doesn’t play select anymore Jr second baseman - not committed that I know of, could be wrong Soph SS - Commtted to Lamar Div 1 Soph 3B - not committed doesn’t play select anymore Sr RF - Committed to small NAIA school in Arkansas Sr CF - not Committed and hasn’t played Select in several years Sr RF - Committed to LSCPA Soph DH - Committed to McNeese Soph Back Up Pitcher - I heard was Committed to a Div 1 school but I am not positive.  
  9. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    PAM game and MCM games last year sold out. My parents have had season tickets since before I was born (I’m 43) and don’t make many games because My daughters have been playing on Friday nights.
  10. There you have it folks the marching BUT’s and the strutting BUT’s will be performing at halftime!
  11. Sorry didn’t read the article! Thanks.
  12. How many Seniors start for Barbers Hill? What do they have coming up in next couple of years?
  13. Just FYI, I have never seen the kid play. My statement was directed at you but more because of observation due to every game you ask for his stat line and everybody gives you points scored and you leave it at that. You come across to me as a bitter parent who thinks their kid posses or posed more talent but doesn’t or didn’t get the same recognition and talk. I’m sure I’m completely wrong, but as a complete outsider and observer of this message board that is the feeling I get. I’m sure being he is a soph he is 15 or 16 years old, just let the kid ball out and be happy for him or any kid no matter where he/they end up at.
  14. So much more to the game for an individual player than how many points a kid scored. SMH. Everybody thinks because a kid is a top recruit that said kid should avg 20 + points a game. I’m sure their are kids with better talent in the 10th grade, but do they have high GPA’s, top of the class, good teammate, not selfish, etc etc. some kids can drop 30+ points a game, but play no defense, cancer in locker room and don’t listen to coach etc etc. way more than just a stat line. Brady B is correct
  15. 22-5A Final standings

    Overall I thought the district play was competitive. Ozen post were just too hard to stop in the end. The guard play of Lumberton showed they are the best in the district with last years offensive MVP lighting up the scoreboard every game. Central Seniors stepped up their game when everybody thought they would have a down year and are well coached. Livingston had an up a down season, two different teams at home and on the road. PAM played competitive, Julia Sion was def team MVP, guards showed up big in some games, but disappointed in others. Vidor was a head scratcher winning a couple of games, that nobody gave them a chance. PNG is young and inexperienced, played competitive but never could put together an entire team game and get that upset they hoped for. Nederand played hard and aggressive and never gave up. 22-5A has been fun the last two years but the landscape will be a lot different in 5A next year with all four playoff teams moving out.