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    Plus, doesn’t everybody want to coach at PNG? Duh! Lol.

    Ex card coach is also pregnant and expecting second child, which could play a role into the change.
  3. Has anybody heard about any new UIL tournament distance travel restrictions?
  4. SFA Team Camp 6/13 and 6/14

    MP  Chapel Hill is a nice win!
  5. Hamshire-Fannett HC open   I don’t see how you guys that are High School coaches do it, no way would I work as hard as you/these guys do.
  6. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Not a very desirable position in that tough district.
  7. 2019 Houston Astros

    So Dallas Keuchel, goes to The ATL Braves for $13 million for one year, but turned down a $17.9 million one year deal from the Astro’s in the off-season? I think somebody over valued their client and would probably be getting fired if it were me.
  8. Lumberton Population

    None of those cities you mentioned have developed 3200 acres and increased the population by 50%. Most local developments are under well under a 100 acres.
  9. Well sure hope he struggles with bringing in a new system next year, lol.
  10. Released by Lumberton Ledger tonight BREAKING LUMBERTON IS GROWING: The Lumberton Muniple Utility District board of Directors announces an agreement with Brampton Essential LP owner of a 3200 acre tract of land located off of FM421. Brampton (the developer) has announced plans for multi phase residential and commercial area with open spaces and green belt areas that will provide a unique setting for Lumberton’s residents and community. Roger Fussel with LMUD says, “this will be a several year project in several different phases, and said if he had to compare it to something based of the information he has, it will be much like the Woodlands area.” He also added that the homes will be much like the ones we’ve seen being built in Lumberton lately. The location is West of the Lumberton City park and will be on both North and South sides of FM 421. And about a 50% increase in population. With that size increase Lumberton ISD better be prepared and get a plan in place, Schools are already undersized for current enrollment.
  11. 2019 Port Neches - Groves Graduating Class

    That also includes the girls sports too!
  12. GCM is Open

    That is a tough loss for GCM, that teams was playing some good basketball at the end of the year.
  13. New Kountze HC

    Well Deserved! If he can train these girls up like so many boys he has, they will be a force!
  14. U.S. U16 National Team Tryouts

    Looks like Ash is the last Texas girls standing. She has made the final 18 cut. She will remain in Colorado Springs until May 31 and then the final 12 will be chosen! Keep it up Ash!
  15. U.S. U16 National Team Tryouts

    The 8th grader has already committed to Baylor is my understanding.