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  1. Thanks for the info.
  2. Does anybody know who the new Nederland and Lumberton coaches will be?
  3. This Org has a TX state championship in football for homeschool kids
  4. Home School students have ways of being a part of Athletics volleyball team out of Houston practiced at same club my daughter played at and they won the state championship! I can't speak for football.
  5. PNG Colors

    Something similar to this would be really cool with purple and white. Elam had one previously on his FB page that was really neat.
  6. Sub topics lacking

    Bye Felicia!
  7. Lumberton @ PNG girls 3/7

    You obviously don't know much about soccer. The yellow and red cards are kept in the same pocket, so when they pull the yellow card you will see the red card as well sometimes. I really don't think a ref decides to change his mind on what color card because a ball hit him. The first game between the two had a punch thrown and connect to the opposing teams face and a yellow card was given. To receive a red card you almost have to put somebody in the hospital on purpose! Red cards are handed out to often in HS soccer! There was physical hard play by both teams in both games. Both teams grabbed shirts, tripped the other team, knocked opposing players down with shoulders, High kicked and everything else that happens in a highly competitive soccer match. Lumberton had the same amount of free kicks from about the same distance and just didn't capitalize on those opportunities!
  8. That was sarcasm!
  9. Lumberton @ PNG girls 3/7

    Why is it that everytime a team loses they have to complain and say the refs cost them the game! I watched the game and could really have cared less who won. Both calls were consistent with the calls the refs made all night against both teams. Both teams played fast and physical games. Lumberton controlled the ball the entire second half but just never got off any real good shots on goal! Please don't say the refs cost Lumberton the game! They made good calls and bad calls both ways!
  10. Anybody have the 22-5A All district selections? I know they have been completed, but have not seen them published anywhere!
  11. #1 6A Atascocita 2 PNG 0 F

    That is a good showing against the top school in the state!
  12. That second one had me nervous, midland score 4 points real quick and got it to within 12 points, but the girls did a great job with ball movement and getting to the open lane after that. Great Job Legacy Ladies and Coach!
  13. I take it Ozen will drop out of the polls! PNG should probably move into rankings, lol!
  14. Central has a great young coach! Hope they continue to learn how to win no matter what!