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  1. not saying he is a bad coach. just saying things seem to be one sided and not very UNITED......
  2. LOL. you go to school at OZEN campus and now they have an OZEN head coach. i wonder how that makes the central people feel? should of just left the name of the school as OZEN.
  3. it would not be beaumont if shady back doors deals were not taking place in this process. 
  4. what happened to anahuac's turf?

    got it! so it is a 265' plus fence.
  6. i would be willing to bet the superintendent had something to do with the way this all went down.

    when did babe ruth get a 300' plus fence?
  8. how many years was bennett in kirbyville?
  9. this thread is entertaining in so many ways...... lol  
  10. Injuries

    what college is he committed to?
  11. there is a big difference between acting right because that is who you are and acting right because you are on probation.
  12. isn't silsbee' still on probation for starting a bench clearing fight last year?
  13. Baseball Scrimmage 2/5-2/9

    2/5  NED at BC 4:30 2/9 NED at WOS 5:00
  14. jeff would not get the same response in beaumont.