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  1. stop inhaling the fumes from the paper mill.......
  2. yes good crowd and they made all the drunks stay outside the gate.  i am sure lamar wished they had crowds like that.
  3. is that official?  
  4. upsets

    which games in the first round do you consider upsets 
  5. yes but the kids will be the ones who pay the price for the adults actions.......
  6. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    no but the people who voted for this have.  
  7. and this is why you don't mess with the baseball gods.
  8. Huffman vs Silsbee

    also small stands and no parking.
  9. Huffman vs Silsbee

    you will see when you get there.........
  10. Huffman vs Silsbee

    i take it neither coach has been to anahuac's baseball field.......
  11. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    people are going to lose their minds when this bond doesn't pass
  12. i am wiling to bet you see larry sterlings name on the list.