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  1. Lamar getting quarterback transfer

    sounds like he told some lies to the A's
  2. Final AP Top 25

    have you heard how aggie fans talk and they came in 6th in their own conference...... lol 
  3. Lamar getting quarterback transfer

    that does not seem very likely. wouldn't you rather see him dedicate himself to one sport and get more playing time?  i am sure the baseball team would love some support.
  4. Lamar getting quarterback transfer

    why would you hope that?
  5. THSB Baseball Top 10

    where is bridge city and the hill on this list?   
  6. Lamar getting quarterback transfer

    isn't that interesting!
  7. Under Armour Game

    like i said if he wants to play he needs to look at a position change.
  8. Lamar getting quarterback transfer

    one is transferring and the other one is not going to play football. from what i have heard.
  9. Lamar getting quarterback transfer

    from what i understand there will not be any home town QB's at lamar to push next year........
  11. Butch to be renamed...
  12. I know its a little early.

    any word on kelly? i heard they have been out recruiting hard this year and pulled some good players away from local schools.
  13. So ready

    BC and HJ at the top. this is a brutal district. the other two spots will be up for grabs between many good teams.
  14. So ready

    even with the new members in the district?  Bridge City Hamshire-Fannett Hardin-Jefferson Lumberton Orange Little Cypress- Mauriceville Silsbee West Orange-Stark
  15. Under Armour Game

    ask jerrod heard.  he was the #2 dt qb high 4 star while johnson is the #2 low 4 star. lots of good athletes change positions when they get to college. the longhorns have better horses in the barn....... and more coming