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  1. As an alumni of Nederland soccer, it's disappointing to see them that far down on the table. 
  2. Is anyone else having trouble getting the broadcast to work on spectrum channel 319?
  3. Nederland 35 Porter 3/FINAL

    Should be carried on Am 560
  4. 1. Georgia  2. Alabama  3. Notre Dame  4. Clemson  5. Oklahoma  6. Ohio State 7. Penn St 8. TCU 9. Wisconsin  10. Miami
  5. Two plays and a Port Neches touchdown 
  6. Indians return opening kick off to centrals 20
  7. Even as a Nederland fan, I agree with you. He made one that would’ve been good from 50
  8. Week IV

    Other interesting scores: Clemson beating Boston College 7-0 and Toledo is up on Miami 
  9. The parts that I've seen, Nederland has seemed to control the scrimmage so far.
  10. They are at Constellation Field in Sugarland, 
  11. Middle school soccer

    I know the Catholic middle schools and some of the other private middle schools have soccer programs