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  1. Sending you prayers, WOSgrad....I was not aware until now that there were problems....Hoping you get resolution in a timely manner so that you are healed soon.
  2. Super Gold First and Second Teams

    Then how did he make it without having stats to compare to other players?
  3. Super Gold First and Second Teams

    West Brook | Linebacker | SeniorHelped anchor defense which allowed270 points, reached 6A bidistrict playoffs
  4. Super Gold First and Second Teams

    It has nothing to do with the player named.  I wasn't really wanting to get into an argument over who deserved Super Gold and who didn't because I know that it is a tough job to decide between the number of schools that we have.  I just know that WOS didn't have but maybe two on it last year (IF that...I'll have to go back and look.  I do remember a lot of people upset about the lack of representation) and one on it this year and the comment about giving support to a defense that held opponents to 270 was just laughable to me since we've held opponents to half that amount.  We all have opinions, I know....
  5. Super Gold First and Second Teams

    "Helped anchor defense which allowed 270 points".  LOL
  6. What people never take into consideration is that coaches also teach!  The majority of them also coach more than one sport.  That takes them away from their families and their workload is unreal.  Granted, AD/HC's are paid administrators.  Most of them ALSO have to take care of the junior high personnel.  Yes, there may be a campus coordinator, but they answer to the AD.  AD oversees all athletic programs, attends most every game in every sport, works 12 months, and is pretty much on call 24/7.  Teachers do not make enough PERIOD, but to compare their salary to a coach, HC/AD is apples and oranges.  Until you are closely associated to the coaching profession, it is hard to comprehend.  
  7. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    It is 412.  It's 416 for those who don't have the Hopper or whatever.
  8. What happened to D-FW this year?

    You can drip all the sarcasm you want but i guarantee you that if Ennis had had to sleep in a hotel 6 hours away back in 2000 instead of playing in a place where they had already played 3 or 4 games, PLUS only 30 minutes away from them, West Orange-Stark would have one more State Championship ring on their fingers!  
  9. 4a div 2

    What happened to Orangefield?
  10. I did not write the above statement.  How did someone "quote" something from me that I did not write?  
  11. Trash Talk

    Skipper's house flooded again (it hasn't been long since he moved back in it) and I think his insurance isn't helping out much this time around.  I'm really surprised he hasn't been on here but I think this flood and storm crap is just taking its' toll on everybody.
  12. The game Friday night is at 7 PM, not 730!
  13. West Orange-Stark 32 Liberty 0/FINAL

    He went to Sealy.
  14. Realignment

    Totally understand that but generally, you see the same teams year in and year out at the finals...in baseball and basketball.  The smaller schools (NCAA) don't have the luxury of being able to recruit the bigger named stars like the LSU's, the UT's, etc.  It's rare for a small school to make it to the finals.  That's the only point I was trying to make as far as the NCAA rule is concerned.  And I only brought that up because I felt that the UIL was "trying" to follow some of the NCAA standards.  I have absolutely no clue if that's true or not, but I do know that football is a huge money maker.  Every team that makes the playoffs in every division has to pay 15% off the top to the UIL for each playoff game.  I'm guessing that helps to pay for JerryWorld or whatever....who knows.  I just know that that adds up to a lot of money....and more money than baseball or basketball brings in for sure!  
  15. Realignment

    Because basketball is more important?  Not sure what you mean by that being an answer.  There are definitely exceptions in cases of a school being more successful in one sport than the other, but it doesn't take away the statement that the schools are playing with the same enrollment in the other sports that they are playing with in football.  The question was why are they separating football and not the other sports?  Maybe the physicality of football compared to the others and the beating that it takes on the body?  Maybe somebody knows the reasons why the NCAA has the division and why the UIL followed it.
  16. Realignment

    NCAA is the same way.  You have teams like McNeese that are in a different football division, yet when basketball and baseball season roll around, they have to compete with the UT's and LSU's.  I'm not saying it's right....I've always thought the colleges should have a different division for the other sports as well just like football, but I guess they haven't figured out how much more money they could make having different divisions.  The biggest puzzle is that those schools (as well as the ones in high school) STILL have the same number of kids to choose from in basketball and baseball as they do in football.  It makes no sense.
  17. Local Media

    I think they are stretched thin.  Not enough reporters and too many schools to cover in our area.  And they are "damned if they do and damned if they don't", meaning that people seem to get their feelings hurt or they just get ticked off if they happen to cover one school more than the other, regardless of how well the school is doing.  Kudos to the ones still trying to make it in sports journalism.  It's a tough world out there.
  18. Bmt Enterprise Super Gold

    I stand corrected.  Thank you for the information.  LOL
  19. Bmt Enterprise Super Gold

    Just curious as to what point Coach T WOULD be voted as Coach of the Year by the Beaumont group?  It certainly hasn't been in the last 3 years at ALL.  It probably matters to others more than it does to him but it has nothing to do with being "spoiled".  It has to do with the principle of the thing and makes it seem like Beaumont is a wee bit jealous of the success of WOS.  WOS scores over 800 points on offense in a season and has NO ONE on the offensive side recognized.  Spoiled?  I don't think so.  
  20. Thanks for the correction on that.  I totally skipped over where he had McCarty at South Park.  I thought McCarty came from Lamar to Orange, but I could be wrong.  McCarty did a great job of bringing the two schools together from what I heard.
  21. When did Alex Durley go to Orange?  And where did he coach in Orange?
  22. KJ does not have a broken collarbone.  DeMorris Thibodeaux does.  
  23. You are correct.  I just looked it up.  105,995.  Jeff Matthews was next with 98,111.27, and Brandon Faircloth was 3rd with 95,840.  
  24. It was recently published in the Beaumont Enterprise that he makes the highest in the area at almost 103k
  25. Drones

    http://www.taso.org/rule/football/uil-and-tapps-drone-policy TAPPS Policy: Drones 1.Use of drones during competition 2.TAPPS rules are in compliance with all applicable FAA regulations and related law 3. Contests a.Practice - subject to local discretion drones may be used  b.Scrimmages and games - Drones shall not be used during warm up, contest or half time - See more at: https://tapps.biz/athletic-codes/drones/#sthash.fZTGbx45.dpuf