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  1. LC-M VS Kilgore Predictions

  2. Dist. 9 #4 Center vs Dist. 10 #1 Silsbee

    #3 is Jaterious Evans.... committed to SFA. His older brother Octavious Evans graduated last year..... he's playing at Boise St.
  3. LC-M VS Kilgore Predictions

    You know we're all hoping our teams can catch fire and make a deep run in the playoffs.... but those of us from Henderson and Kilgore know what lies waiting in the Regional Finals and it's a scary, scary thing.
  4. LC-M VS Kilgore Predictions

    I'm still salty about that 30-9 beatdown y'all put on us in 2015 that cost us an outright district title, lol.   I remember that downfield pitch you are talking about.... I was like what the.... good play Buddy, good play.
  5. LC-M VS Kilgore Predictions

    It's almost indefensable when we run it cleanly. Henderson's defense has been very good this year against everyone not named Carthage or Kilgore. We played clean against Hendo and the Lions got caught stunting the wrong way a few too many times. 
  6. LC-M VS Kilgore Predictions

    I'd say average to maybe slightly above average. Ingram from Carthage and Hall from Henderson ran all over us.... we've been pretty decent against everybody else.
  7. LC-M VS Kilgore Predictions

    Offensively, we can go. We average around 370 rushing, 60 passing, and 40 ppg. Sr. QB Buddy Jackson makes it all go. He's not very big, but he is a 4.44 guy who doesn't miss many reads and is a pretty good passer. Leading rusher is TB Briant Mumphrey.... he averages about 10 ypc. Our top receiver is Jonathan Shepperd... 6'3" - 196#, 10.6-100 (committed to Oklahoma State). Our O-line is not huge, but they are very good.
  8. LC-M VS Kilgore Predictions

    Bullard recovered an onside kick and a mishandled pooch kick to gain an extra couple of possessions in the 1st quarter. They scored on a couple of deep balls and another deep ball set up the 3rd TD to make it 19-0. We struggle defending the deep ball.   Gladewater had us down 21-0 in the 1st quarter as well. It took our defense a little while to adjust to their running game and I'm pretty sure we turned it over early in that one. Those are the only two games we've trailed by more than 1 TD early.    
  9. LC-M VS Kilgore Predictions

    Looking forward to the game... I always like seeing us play teams we've never played before. Wise Old Owl was pretty spot on in his breakdown of Kilgore. We do not have the defense we normally have but we do have a very explosive ground game. Turnovers have been a problem, but that's the cost of doing business when you pitch the ball as much as we do.
  10. Bridge City V.S Stafford

    Stafford is the most talented team we played this year. Slightly more talented than Henderson. Stafford's defense was the best 4A defense we saw this year.
  11. 9-4A D1 #1 seed only wins by 16 hmmmm

    Does the entire SE portion of the state just default to riding WOS's jock whenever someone calls them out? My point is 9>10.
  12. 9-4A D1 #1 seed only wins by 16 hmmmm

    The "Doom" takes 3 out of 4..... and your #1 beat our #4 by 3 yards. 
  13. Carthage v/s Silsbee

    He'll probably have to for Silsbee to have a chance. Go Dawgs!
  14. LCM vs Henderson

    Good luck Hendo!
  15. Carthage v/s Silsbee

    I apologize for the oversight.... I know Draper is a hoss, who else totes the rock for BC?