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  1. I am looking to buy a used Pole Vault Pit.  Does anyone down there have any for sale?
  2. Looks like that Lufkin guy was wrong!  Get after them Bucs!!
  3. Having seen Westwood live in the Grand Saline tournament, I have to say a team with good guards and a good press will beat Westwood.  They do have some size but I was really not impressed with how they played.
  4. Palestine Westwood

    They wouldn't beat East Chambers or Kountze.  Teams with good guard play and a good press will hurt Westwood.  We played them in a tournament in Big Sandy and saw them lose to Big Sandy(not Dallardsville).
  5. Rice Bowl 2017 EC @ HF

    EC 42  HF 28 Dawg,I have seen a lot of 300 lb lineman in my life and let me tell you just because they are that big doesn't mean that they can block.  
  6. NFL Trade

    Vance McDonald (East Chambers)  has been traded from the 49er's to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Now Vance has a shot at a Super Bowl Ring with the Steelers.  Steelers are my favorite NFL team, even before the trade.
  7. Woodville 7 Silsbee 6/FINAL

    Congrats Woodville and Coach Lafitte.
  8. Harmony Tournament (Woodville)

    Harmony beats Woodville 14-6 in the finals.  
  9. Woodville vs Trinity

    The Harmony Tournament is pretty good.  On Woodville's side, Anna will be pretty salty.  It will probably be Harmony and Woodville to see who wins the tournament.  As far as History goes, Harmony's baseball history is just as good as Woodville's.  We have had several State Tourney appearances and 1 State Title.  We are pretty good again this year, with several quality arms.  As far as seeing 90+, those high school arms are far and few between.  It is hard to get prepared to see 90+ unless you can see it on a regular basis.
  10. The UIL does not set the punishment anyway.  I don't care who you are, how good you are, but you pull some crap like that in a game, you should be done.  I have been a head coach before and if he was on my team and did that, he would have to move to play ball again.  There is no room for that in sports.  Just play the game,and let the scoreboard do the talking. 
  11. I believe the punishment was just.  He's lucky it is only for the rest of this season.  
  12. Leverett's Chapel 64 High Island 61/FINAL

    Real good game.. had to go check out a 6 man game and it was action the whole game.  Plus got to see some of the kids that were at High Island when I was there.

    Congrats Coach Williams!  
  14. For the 3a junkies!!!

    Sorry Gata, we got to end it for them!!  Harmony had over 500 yards of offense and was smothering on defense.  
  15. How is Silsbee's off-season progressing?

    I have read ozensfinest keep saying that a long playoff run is better for the school and coaches and not the players, that is false.  If a kid is tearing it up in the 4th round of the playoffs then it is definitely better for the kid.  By the 3rd round of the playoffs, the weaker teams are usually out and only contenders are left.  Any college coach worth his grain in salt will notice a kid playing lights out in round 4 of the Texas High School Football Playoffs regardless of class size.  I would take getting to round 4 of the 4A playoffs over round 1 or not getting in the 5A playoffs.