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  1. 37-30 Shadow Creek
  2. The Hill vs Manvel

    Kam Scott TD at Missouri
  3. The Hill vs Manvel
  4. This Marshall has to be fastest team Manvel has ever faced... PERIOD!!  Their Center prolly runs a 4.5 40. LOL!
  5. The Hill vs Manvel

    Loved reading this post. It's a 100% fact that this Manvel team isn't better than our teams of the past... AISD ensured that with the new zoning. With that said, Manvel doesn't have to be better than our teams of the past... we just have to be better than that team across the field. Even if it's only for one night.   
  6. Houston Northside@PNG

    This will be over with 6 mins left in the first quarter. PNG by 50+
  7. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Willowridge has a few slippery kids with a crafty QB.  I don't think they can go 4 quarters with Ned but if it comes down to a few possessions they have a  playmaker or 2 that can be an issue. Hoping for a injury free game... Good luck to both.
  8. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    Great game BH... Kids showed plenty of heart and determination. That young QB is nice. TBH I think the Coach put the game on his shoulders and he only made a couple of mistakes. Personally, I see one of the INT's as the WR's fault by letting the DB take the ball from him. With that said, be proud of those kids they are warriors. 

    LOL! If you want me to lie to you and tell you that Crosby was the most physical team we have faced then I will but remember Manvel have faced off with NS, Katy, Westfield etc... We know a little something about true physicality. Manvel played a piss poor game and was still ahead with one second left. That is after 5 or so turnovers and way too many penalties... If we would have won that game I would feel the same way I feel now. Just so happen we played a team that was good enough to take advantage of it. From a Crosby standpoint you should be excited and view things objectively. Crosby did what they had to do... it's that simple. Congratulations on a big win. 
  10. R-E-L-A-X

    I hate to see kids get injured... Hopefully RJ makes a full recovery and rejoins his team. Praying all goes well. 

    LOL! Ok... To be in a game with Crosby or anyone else after that many turnovers you have to be pretty good. But I understand where you coming from.
  12. Crosby 49 Manvel 47/FINAL

    Great game and congratulations to Crosby... Those kids fought the whole fight. The coach did a nice job as well. You guys have reason to be proud of their performance last night.

    I wasn't impressed by the film at all. That's not to say they were "BAD" but I've seen better. I saw flashes but nothing that made me think Manvel would lose. 

    First of all... Great game and Congratulations. I learned a couple things last night. 1) Manvel isn't near as good as we have been in the past. 2) Crosby isn't near as bad as I thought they were.  I can think of a million reasons why Manvel loss but it boils down to one... Crosby's will to win a ball game last night. You guys have reason to be proud and it wasn't so much about "WHO" they played but "HOW" they played. Crosby kids fought until the bell and earned my respect. That's 100!