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  1. Good luck Titans from Nederland !
  2. NRG Stadium 11/24 Roll Call

    I'm going, for Nederland and staying to watch the Indians.
  3. Still gotta play the Dogs. We will see !
  4. I second that, no sense jumping off the cliff and then looking for a parachute because someone said it would be there.
  5. Congratulations to Coach Barrow. Hard earned and we'll deserved !
  6. Now you know that's not right. It's hot down there!
  7.  Congrats WOS Mustangs.  Back to Back, Southeast Texas is proud of you !
  8. The wait is nerve racking
  9. Come in Jags......hold em.  You got this!
  10. 22-5A vs. 21-5A UFC SMACKDOWN!!!

    Well that didn't work out the.way you planned it , now did it ! One game left tonight . ...Central vs New Caney.  Maybe a little upset is in order  
  11. Crosby 33 Vidor 24/FINAL

    Good luck Vidor.......make the Black & Gold proud tonight.