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  1. Nederland 21 Santa Fe 0/FINAL

    Good game Bulldogs !
  2. Nederland 21 Santa Fe 0/FINAL

    Ask the players how they feel about playing on turf. Their answers may surprise most people. Most don't like it, my son absolutely despised it. 
  3. Good luck Titans from Nederland !
  4. NRG Stadium 11/24 Roll Call

    I'm going, for Nederland and staying to watch the Indians.
  5. Still gotta play the Dogs. We will see !
  6. I second that, no sense jumping off the cliff and then looking for a parachute because someone said it would be there.
  7. Congratulations to Coach Barrow. Hard earned and we'll deserved !
  8. Now you know that's not right. It's hot down there!
  9.  Congrats WOS Mustangs.  Back to Back, Southeast Texas is proud of you !
  10. The wait is nerve racking
  11. Come in Jags......hold em.  You got this!