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  1. Congrats Silsbee.  I'm glad I could watch the 2nd half on TV.  I remember a few of those players when they were in Little Dribblers.  
  2. UIL State Tournament Info

    Is it easy to get session tickets on Saturday?  We plan on driving up Saturday to see most of the games. I assume they are general admission like at the girls tournament.
  3. that's an old list.  Danley broke 500 in 2014 I believe and Kit broke it in 2015.  (She got her 400th when she was here).  McMinn got his 500th win in December per CC newspaper. It shows Lombard with 1160 which he had before state tournament in 2014.  
  4. Friday was the first time I got to see Silsbee play and I was very impressed. Their speed and athleticism makes it tough on the opponent.  Sometimes it seemed they had 6 on the court. I wish them well tonight and hope they move on to Regionals and then San Antonio.   
  5. 20 years since our last title.  The '97 team was special and I hope this team repeats.  I think all 4 coaches are part of the 500 victory club.  Coach Martin (Timberview) led our team to our last state trip in 2012.
  6. All State

    It's pretty accurate I believe.  He has some great bball history. and it's a coincidence that good teams have good players?
  7. He has at least six 3's and the only dunk. 69-20 after 3
  8. Byron is doing most of the damage. 
  9. Central started off red hot and was up 30-7 after 1. It's 44-18 at half. 
  10. I hope it goes like the 2 previous playoff meetings (2011,2012) where the winner ends up at state.
  11. If they get a chance to watch Ms. Morris play, they will have to respect.
  12. It should be a good game.  I hate that our boys and girls are playing on the same night and I can't watch both.
  13. This should be one of the easier ones.  Kicking the ball is intentionally striking it with any part of the leg or foot.  Many times it hits the leg or foot of the player and people are wanting a kicked ball, but it has to be intentional for it to be illegal. As a ref, I don't want the shot clock....  (we like the stall) As a parent/fan I agree that a shot clock of 35 or 40 seconds would be good.
  14. You are correct.  It has to hit the rim.