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  1. 61-32 after 3. Dunks by 4 different players. Not a typical BH game. 
  2. Was the foul before or after he landed? If it was before he landed, it would be a shooting foul and 3 shots.  If it was after he landed it would be a common foul not in the act of shooting.  I thought I have been pretty clear in saying my view shows it was after he had landed and therefore not a shooting foul.  The trail ref in the picture's should of watch him to the ground.  He should of called the foul in either case as there was quite a bit of contact.  The only way he should of not blown the whistle is if the buzzer had already went off and felt the contact happened post landing (shot over) and post buzzer since there are no common fouls after the game.  I can't hear the buzzer to know when it went off.
  3. I agree with you that it is a foul.  I just think they waived off the one and one or 2 free throws since there is no time left on the clock and no way the free throws would of effected the outcome. (I could not hear buzzer on video, so I assume it had went off since people mentioned it was a buzzer beater).  
  4. It looks like the shooter did land on his feet before contact.
  5. so the approach alters the shot and the foul should be on the approach?
  6. The foul happens after the player lands on the floor, so the contact is after the shot.  Even in double bonus, 2 bonus free throws wouldn't make up the 3 point difference.  
  7. I think HJ has the best shot at it.  United has a very tough road ahead of them but their win over Hightower shows they can play with quality teams.  I hope that both of these teams make it to San Antonio.  BH is a couple of years away from another run.
  8. Was that with Coach Toon?
  9. 21-5A Standing

    This is the weakest BH team we have had in many years partially due to youth and inexperience, but they are getting stronger as the year goes on.  DC should still be between PAM and BH.
  10. 21-6A

    Sterling won 59-43 per Baytown Sun  
  11. High School Refs

    2 hour games would usually mean bad play and shouldn't be the norm. 
  12. Barbers Hill Tourney

    Episcopal beat Yates earlier this year. Channelview is athletic and quick. 
  13. Barbers Hill Tourney

    Thursday games   Pool 1 Wins Loses Pool 2 Wins Loses Katy Tompkins     Channelview     Nimitz     Nederland     H. Sterling     Episcopal                         Time Home Team   Visiting Team Gym Time Home Team   Visiting Team Gym 9:00 Katy Tompkins vs. Nimitz F.H. 9:00 Channelview vs. Nederland Comp 12:00 H. Sterling vs. Katy Tompkins MSN1 12:00 Episcopal vs. Channelview Comp 4:30 Nimitz vs. H. Sterling Comp 4:30 Nederland vs. Episcopal MSN1                     Pool 3 Wins Loses Pool 4 Wins Loses Kingwood     Terry     FB Clements     B. Sterling     Cy Springs     College Park                         Time Home Team   Visiting Team Gym Time Home Team   Visiting Team Gym 9:00 Kingwood vs. FB Clements Aux. 9:00 Terry vs. B. Sterling MSN1 1:30 Cy Springs vs. Kingwood F.H. 1:30 College Park vs. Terry Comp 4:30 FB Clements vs. Cy Springs MSN2 4:30 B. Sterling vs. College Park F.H.                     Pool 5 Wins Loses Pool 6 Wins Loses BH JV     Westbrook     Davis     S. Houston     H. Furr     Woodlands Christian                         Time Home Team   Visiting Team Gym Time Home Team   Visiting Team Gym 9:00 BH JV vs. Davis MSN2 9:00 Westbrook vs. S. Houston MSS 1:30 H. Furr vs. BH JV Aux. 1:30 Woodlands Christian vs. Westbrook MSN1 6:00 Davis vs. H. Furr Aux. 6:00 S. Houston vs. Woodlands Christian MSN1                     Pool 7 Wins Loses Pool 8 Wins Loses Lake Creek     Clear Springs     Barbers Hill     Faith Family     LaPorte     Humble                         Time Home Team   Visiting Team Gym Time Home Team   Visiting Team Gym 10:30 Lake Creek vs. Barbers Hill F.H. 10:30 Clear Springs vs. Faith Family MSS 1:30 LaPorte vs. Lake Creek MSN2 1:30 Humble vs. Clear Springs MSS 6:00 Barbers Hill vs. LaPorte F.H. 6:00 Faith Family vs. Humble Comp