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  1. I believe the top 3 are (not positive about the losses) Barbers Hill 13-0 Dayton 11-2 (BH, Crosby) Crosby 10-3 (BH, Dayton, New Caney)
  2. BH edges Crosby by 2 in Crosby.  After 9 district games, there are a lot of teams still in the running for playoffs.
  3. Agreed.  Rankings on the girls side are too weighted on name.  We have had teams not very strong start off in the top 20 based more on the past.  Our team this year has some energy, but like many years, it will take a good path and matchups to make it to regionals or beyond.
  4. Who did Dayton lose to that made them drop from 4 to 13?  Dayton and BH play this Friday, it should be a good game.
  5. Silsbee knows how to prepare for a playoff run.
  6. Area Top 10?

    Dayton was 3rd last year in district and should be in the playoffs again this year.  It think if they are able to beat BH in a few weeks, then that will help people notice them.  The 3 teams above them have been seen by more local people in quality games. Polls at the local and state level have some value, but the real value comes in getting as deep as you can in the playoffs.
  7. Pretty good win.  It's not easy to win in Humble.
  8. Area Top 10?

    I have had the opportunity to officiate a couple of her games over the years and have watched her in others. She is one of those special high school players that you don't see very often and seems to have a turbo button that the other players don't have on the court.