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  1. No way you can give up 103 and still win. Whoops.  Congrats.  I hope to sneak away and see them in San Antonio.  Good luck.
  2. if you freeze the second angle at .1 the foul has occurred before the end of the game.
  3. Last night was the first time I got to see Silsbee this year.  I hope their few lapses in defense were due to playing a lessor team.  They will need to shore this up in Huntsville.  I enjoyed how quickly they answered made baskets with a layup on the opposite end.  Bush played great, as I expected, but I was impressed by Chris Martin on both ends of the court.  Good Luck, and I hope you have 4 more wins in you.
  4. On close plays like this your eyes can let you see what you want to see sometimes.  My first view, looked like an obvious shooting foul.  In that point of the game the ref knows the time and the shooter will be trying to get a shot off.  The shot starts when the player begins the motion which habitually precedes the release of the ball. Looking at it later with the view of thinking he pumped faked and lost control, then I see it differently and it was a common spot foul.  But I only see this view when looking it from a biased perspective.  Close call that if I'm coaching, I'm arguing my side pretty strongly.  It looks like the ref went for the pump fake and started signally 3 point attempt too early.  That shouldn't of swayed him, but experience tells me it does sometimes.
  5. I agree.  Looks like a shooting foul.
  6. Will have a big drop next year, but  should still be top 2 in district.  Freshman class is very athletic, but with many playing multiple sports you don't know who will continue playing.  Very good 7th grade player in the pipeline who may be our next superstar.  She is the best ball handler I've seen since Pennee Hall in the girls program. She probably could provide good minutes on most Varsity teams now.
  7. Collier had 52 points in the win.  
  9.  Barbers Hill vs Livingston on Monday Porter High School 7pm
  10. BH Football Schedule

    But 10 games is the UIL limit.
  11. District 21 Cleveland Dayton Barbers Hill Nederland Port Arthur Memorial Port Neches-Groves Vidor