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  1. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. When is the start time for the game?
  3. IMO...It appeared that we were trying to force too many shots. I guess congrats to Memorial’s defense on that. Bush was off, Jordan and Devin couldn’t get hot. We had no answer for Memorial’s big man who seem to get lost around the free throw line. He made us pay for it a lot.There was no depth on the bench. It will definitely get better when the football players join the team later. This was definitely a learning experience. We will still be fine. Good luck in Dallas. GO TIGERS!!!
  4. Silsbee 52 Shepherd 13/FINAL

    Thanks for the update 
  5. Silsbee 52 Shepherd 13/FINAL

    The broadcast has gone off the air. Will it be fixed soon?
  6. Is there anyone at the game that will be giving updates?

    Leggett down by 30 to start the 4th quarter. Lipan is just too much.
  8. Lipan 77 Leggett 41/FINAL

    Leggett is no match for Lipan.
  9. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Does anyone know if Silsbee ISD will be selling tickets to the game? If so, when and where.
  10. If Silsbee does not shut that lane down, it's going to be a long drive home wondering what could have been. And they should have taken advantage of the time that Yates big man was on the bench...just saying.
  11. Any more updates on Hillsboro/Connally OT game?
  12. How much time is left?
  13. If they both make it to the finals, Saturday at 1:00pm in Huntsville.
  14. Yates appears to be too much for HJ. Up by 44 going into the 4th, 87-43 Yates. 
  15. Yates with big three from half court to end the half up 60-37
  16. Yates up 18-6 3:30 left in 1st 
  17. Will there be anyone airing this game?
  18. The wave was a nice touch, too.
  19. Coach Sig didn't pull his starters last night against NF like he normally does when he has a good lead. Maybe he was trying to send a message that his tigers will have plenty of gas left in the tank at the end of the game as well. So if your bench is 10-12 deep, I hope they are of the same mold as their starters because if they are not, them tigers are going to eat. Tigers will have their way with the Spartans!!! Tigers by 50 easily! JMO....
  20. If they are going to be anywhere tonight, it will be in Kingwood. They will be watching the one team that concerns them the most...them tigers!!! I'm pretty sure they don't feel threatened at all by the HJ/LCM winner. Yates probably doesn't know where PNG is located!!! Just say in'....