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  1. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    What is the punishment for this UIL rule violation? Does the UIL have a punishment in place for said violation or does the UIL leave it up to the District Committee to hand down the punishment. If it is left up to the District Committee and they hand down a punishment of a coaches suspension for how ever long is that going to deter any coach from doing it again so he can get a win? What is a strong enough punishment so this UIL rule not be broken again? Is it "hay I got suspended for a few games" or is it having to look in your players eyes knowing what you have done?  I don't know the number of games involved or the teams they may be involved, just rumors. I know that a precedent will be set by the UIL or District Committee and the next time this violation happens the one that breaks the rule will come back to this ruling. 
  2. 22-4A Standings

    With two games left in regular season the playoffs seedings are still in questions. Here are the district standings thru 4/20.                                              4/23           4/26 Bridge City           10-1        Open         WOS HJ                          9-2        at Sil          Open LCM                      7-3         at HF         Sil Silsbee                  5-5         HJ             at LCM HF                         4-6         LCM         at Lum Lumberton            1-9         at WOS     HF WOS                     0-10      Lum           at BC *Bridge City- District Champs, #1 Seed; series sweep over HJ HJ- #2 Seed; series sweep over LCM LCM- can clinch #3 Seed with winning one of next two games; at least a share of #3 Seed Silsbee- can share #3 Seed with winning next two games and LCM loosing next two game, can clinch #4 Seed by winning next two games, by winning one of next two games and HF loosing one of next two games, can share #4 Seed with one win in next two games and HF winning out. HF- can clinch #4 Seed by winning next two games and Silsbee loosing next two games, can share #4 Seed by winning next two games and Silsbee loosing one of the next two games or by winning one of next two game and Silsbee loosing out.  Lumberton- Out of playoffs WOS- Out of playoffs *Waiting on District Committee ruling on Bridge City rules violation. 
  3.   Legacy      000 100 0   2 1 7 Silsbee      201 231 -   9 6 1  
  4. Final  Legacy      2 Silsbee      9
  5. 4/18 Postponements

    Not crying, not whining. Speaking the truth. 
  6. The Silsbee Tigers (11-10) step away from district play to take on the Legacy Christin Warriors (14-7). The Tigers winners of two games in a row are looking to keep the momentum going for a playoff push with two district game left to play. The Warriors on a six game winning streak looking to stay hot for the playoffs with one game left to play.  Varsity starts at 7:00. Join us at the Tiger Diamond for game or listen to for all action. The Tigers and Warriors coming up.    
  7. 4/18 Postponements

    Silsbee v Legacy pushed back to 7:00
  8. 4/18 Postponements

    I bet there will be more water on the HJ field playing HF than there would have been when HJ played BC.  
  9. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Wrong. IF the kids are punished it will be because of a coaches decision about a rule. He is the one responsible for the team and knowing the rules. I'm sure there are different results for different rules broken according to UIL. It's a wait and see now. 
  10. 22-4A Standings

    22-4A District standings thru 4/16                                  4/18           4/23        4/26 Bridge City       9-1   at Lum       open       WOS HJ                    8-2    HF           at Sil        open LCM                6-3    WOS        at HF        Sil Silsbee            5-5    open         HJ           at LCM HF                  4-5     at HJ        LCM        at Lum Lumberton      1-8     BC           at WOS    HF WOS               0-9    at LCM     Lum         at BC
  11. Silsbee 6 Hamshire-Fannett 4/FINAL

      Silsbee      003 300 0   6 10 1 HF             200 000 2   4  6  1 One of the better games Silsbee has played and we had to, our backs were against the wall. Good pitching, good defense, and good hitting. Still left six runners on base and one little error in the last inning. We can't afford to lose focus, not for one minute. Back at it tomorrow working out the kinks.  
  12. I don't know who pulled what over who, but don't understand why this game couldn't have been played Friday. Somewhere in SETX there was a dry field open. 
  13. Silsbee v HF 4/15

    The Silsbee Tigers (10-10, 4-5) travel to play the Hamshire Fannett Longhorns (10-12, 4-4) in an all important game in District 22-4A. The Tigers are one game behind the Longhorns in the playoff race. The Longhorns beat the Tigers in the first game of the district series 5-4. I'm not going to say this is a must win game for both teams, but this is about as close as you can get to a must win game for both team. JV starts at 4:30 and Varsity starts at 7:00.