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  1. Just a thought, maybe have two rankings. One from SETXsports staff and one from the fans, kinda like NCAA football rankings. The ranking to go by would be the SETXsports staff and the other to see where the fans rank the teams. Like I said just a thought.
  2. Super Gold Team Baseball

    How did I miss that????
  3. Anybody got an idea about who made it? It should be coming out sometime.
  4. The video of John Baseball is very damaging to BC. It shows two tall BC players in the face of ump and a shorter BC player shoving a ump. There where a couple more BC players at the umps also don't know if they are trying to get their team mates Bach are what. The BC coaches trying to hold back BC players. 
  5. Hawk85 we should remember they are just kids and in no way should a kid confront or disrespect a figure of authority or an adult in general. It is so hard for us parents to teach our kids to do right when all they see on TV in pro sports is players questioning the figure of authority. I wonder if their will be any punishment?
  6. The only hint that this pitch mite be a ball is the catcher moving his hand inside a little, other than that it will make you scratch your head on the call.
  7. So close Cards. Got hot at the right time. Just ran out of outs. Congrats on a great year.
  8. A public plea to the SETX board

    It's getting to a point where people can't even congratulate a team with some backer acting like a butt. If that's what you have to do I'll hate it. I put stats in after the game some times way after the games.
  9.               123 456 7   R H  E Tigers    000 100 0   1  7  3 Cards    100 000 1   2  4  0
  10.                123 456 7     R   H   E Cards      011 036 -    11  13  1 Tigers     100 000 -      1     5  4  
  11. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    Game Day! Silsbee/Bridge City. The Game! The Series! TigerNation!!!
  12. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    I'll be a homer and say Silsbee in two, but not by near as many as the past two games. TigerNation!!!
  13. Kyle Green, the coach that coached at Vidor that went to Lamar two years  ago? That Kyle Green! 
  14. Regional Qtr Finals/Post info here!

    Silsbee v Bridge City TBA
  15. 22-AAAA Strong!!!

    Thanks, Taylor was a good team.