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  1. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    I knew your dining list would be just as good as you football list. 
  2. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    My question is, What restaurant will you be dining at before each game? 
  3. 4A D2

    From the looks of things it looks like two QBs are getting equal amount of time. Both look good and needing all the reps with the WRs they can get. 

    Doesn't Zod lose to Superman, every time?!
  5. They also don't want to have to deal with their kids!!!
  6. 2017 Carthage v 2016 WOS

    Why would you say that? It ain’t like we beat one and not the other. We have the same amount of wins against both teams in the last 20 years. 
  7. 2017 Carthage v 2016 WOS

    I understand what your saying, like you seen it first hand. WOS defense would not be able to get off the field in the second half. Carthage would score no matter if it took five plays or fifteen plays. 
  8. It's the dog days of summer and a little over a month away until high school football practice starts. So, I decided to start this "what if" conversation about two of the best high school football teams I have seen in recent memory playing each other.  The 2017 4A DI undefeated state champs Carthage Bulldogs v. the 2016 4A DII undefeated state champs WOS Mustangs. Each team had the athletes and speed to score from all over the field and defenses that you couldn't go wide on, plugged up the middle and got to the QB if you tried to pass the ball. To me this would be a epic high school football game that would be well worth the price of admission. I think this game would be a little more high scoring in that both offenses puts a ton of pressure on the defenses to stop the run or stop the pass. In the end I think Carthage would come out on top, the Bulldog defense would be able to handle the Mustang run game. Also, with as much speed that WOS had on defense Carthage would ware down the front defense line of WOS and take control late in the game. I see Carthage winning by two touchdowns plus, something like 45-30 Carthage. It's a game that would be fun and entertaining to watch and to see the coaching from the side lines would be epic.   
  9. TASO All-Star Game

    Looked like a good game. Anybody got a roster and what area the teams where from?
  10. TASO All-Star Game

    Can someone post the rosters and scores from these games
  11. Congrats Jasper, finish it tomorrow!
  12. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    Good luck Jasper