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  1. TASO All-Star Game

    Looked like a good game. Anybody got a roster and what area the teams where from?
  2. TASO All-Star Game

    Can someone post the rosters and scores from these games
  3. Congrats Jasper, finish it tomorrow!
  4. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    Good luck Jasper
  5. If it makes you happy to bring band in. Agree or disagree, annoit him or not the fact is he has the hardware to prove it. For example, wouldn’t one say the WOS has the best football program in SETX, they prove it with the best winning percentage. What about BC Baseball, they prove it by the number of DC. Or Silsbee basketball. No matter how you go about it Kalon has the hardware to prove he has done something the others haven’t. 
  6. Athlete-noun-a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. That’s pretty straight and narrow. So, how would one go about labeling someone the greatest at something. If that someone won more awards than anybody else wouldn’t that someone be greater than the others.   
  7. He’s already been mentioned! He would be in the top part of the group.
  8. I wonder what the “wind speed” was? The Bromell kid ran his 9.99 in the mountains in New Mexico and had an “elevation limit on that run. He’s 23 and has several sub 10 runs in the 100 that where ether wind added or above elevation. It’s that a kicker. 
  9. And here we go. I say he started games, you say he didn’t start any games in basketball. You are trying to down play the accomplishment of one to build up another. Fact of the matter is six gold and two silver are better than two gold and two silver. Kalon will be playing football and running track at Baylor. 
  10. "JD" two gold metals, two silver metals. Not bad, but he's farther on down the line. As far as Kalon coming off the bench in basketball, Silsbee had 10 maybe 12 starters on our first SC team you really didn't know who coach was going to put on the floor first. Nice try. Next!
  11. I do not know of any other athlete coming out of high school in SETX that is more accomplished than Kalon Barnes. Six gold metals, two silver metals. Anyone else want to step up to the table? 
  12. We know how you feel HJ