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  1. I would think fill the tank up and go. Maybe play PA Memorial, also there is a school named Shadow Creek that could be competitive. Maybe another top 5A D1 school in this part of the state. Need to find teams that will challenge you on your level. Those teams are few and far between 
  2. Never said Silsbee was innocent of the incident. 
  3. Bite your tongue boy, if LCM would have acted right to begin with we wouldn't have a problem. 
  4. Yeah, it does make you wonder.
  5. Realignment

    I was at the very first West Brook/Central football game at Lamar. Best one of them all. I also remember the West Brook band and the skit they put on. It's hard for me to say this is for the best, but it is. I was never a fan of three high schools in Beaumont because it seemed at one point in time one of the high school was the red headed step child and not all three where given the attention they needed. Will this new school be competitive not only in football and basketball but volleyball, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, ect. Will they bring in coaches to make all sports competitive.  I am looking forward to the football game between the new school and West Brook. I wonder if the football stadium will be sold out and will they move it to Lamar. Maybe it will be moved to a Saturday game. A lot of questions, as far as sports, will be answered on realignment day. 
  6. Countdown 2018 Season

    One more week! 7 more days!! 168 more hours!!! 10,080 more minutes!!!! 604,800 seconds!!!!! 
  7. That old school has a 21-3 record and 6-0 district record and tied for district lead. Playing for district lead tonight. Age is just a number, the man still gets the most out of his players. 
  8. You got to do what you got to do. You have to work on your game and how you have prepared for that team. If given the chance get the whole team playing time and let the ones that don’t get that much playing time on the court. Way to get every player involved. 
  9. Just let the third team finish the game. No need for any unnecessary injuries. 
  10. Countdown 2018 Season

    Two more weeks!!! 14 more days!!!
  11. Newton needing games

    Maybe Lumberton could step up and put their name on the schedule. Bring back the Village Creek Classic!
  12. Newton needing games

    Yeah um ok, I'll amuse you for a sec. Yes, I was there. Duh! Yes, I seen the pic. Was you there? Never mind, I don't care. It is what is it. Jasper don't want to play us, just like they don't want to play WOS. 
  13. Newton needing games

    As bad as it was, the Jasper defender that targeted the Silsbee receiver hit him helmet to helmet then taunted him, Silsbee was willing to look past that to play Jasper again. 
  14. Newton needing games

    Ok, got cha. Thing is I look forward each realignment to see new teams on our schedule.