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  1. Congrats Huffman on a great season
  2. And just why do you say that?
  3. Silsbee 19 Vidor 0 Silsbee 20 Nederland 19 Silsbee 20 Lumberton 8 Silsbee 7 Legacy 0 Silsbee 6 Bmt United 6 Goose Creek 7 Silsbee 6  
  4. And some poster asked me if Nederland was good this year! 
  5. That team HJ had last year was pretty dadgum salty. Gonna have to disagree with you on that comment. 
  6. 22-4A All District

    Congrats to these young men for their hard work and dedication. Shout out to that first team second baseman. Proud Dad right here. 
  7. I wouldn’t call it an upset. We played both teams twice and had our chance to win every game just came up short. I did think this series would have went three games, Huffman had other plans. 
  8. RIP Coach W.T. Johnston

    Prayers for Coaches families. 
  9. Silsbee should have another good year, I see them making the Regional Finals even on to State Semi. Got a good bit coming back and have a good bit to reload. No step for a stepper. 
  10. I'm pretty sure there's one open in Oklahoma somewhere. LOL
  11. Congrats Evadale. That first game looks like a football score. Good luck next round. 
  12. Silsbee     010 223 0   8 7 1 Huffman   100 003 5   9 9 5 That's just the way the ball bounces. It could just as easily been Silsbee moving on. Congrats to Huffman and good luck. This one is going to take some time to get over.