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  1. looks like a few of them ol' boys would benefit more from actually walking rather than the wisdom part
  2. Southlake Carrol

    disc golf...typo
  3. Southlake Carrol

    it's like when your buddy leaves his wife and you get all upset at him from a moral standpoint but then he ends up with a much fitter girl and you kind of understand and he is allowed to stay on the disc gold team or whatever
  4. Question for PNG?

    I for one am excited for coach bass, been a fan of his since the N'Sync days I hear that he did most of the writing and choreography for the group..that pretty boy timberlake gets the millions, but those of us in the know give credit where credit is due the fulcrum of one of the more impactful musical groups of our time    
  5. How Bad Is Sweden's muslim Immigration?

    it started with the gas stations there too...be forewarned
  6. agreed, who wouldn't want to play in the stadium where cowboys legends like cole beasley and allen hurns once played, not to mention the hallowed ground where jerry jones and his friends semi-yearly let homeless people free in the stadium and hunt them for sport
  7. Sadaam Hussein

    well similar atrocities happen all over the world without american military intervention, I mean did you see sara jessica parker's dress at the '09 oscars? if anything is a war crime yee gads It was terrible
  8. Brenham is Open

    I'll agree that the fans are great, especially considering the hardships they are forced to endure at the hands of their ice cream covered masters, did you know that the dryer ice cream empire was started when a group of blue bell employees were able to tunnel under the wire of the "rocky road rehabilitation and programming detention center" ?
  9. Brenham is Open

    Truth is the working conditions in that ice cream plant are pretty terrible.  Most of the people work straight through the weekend with no pay and no benefits. As I understand it many lives have been lost in the moose tracks mixer but blue bell has so much pull with the governor they don't have to adhere to any safety standards or be held responsible for accidents, I guess those folks are just too dang tired to head over to a high school football game, but the bell family runs that town with an iron fist so nobody has been able to do much about it
  10. I take the verse to mean that we just need to interpret the prophecies in public places like bars and diners, never in private where we might not have anyone to interpret with!
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  12. the great thing about the bible is that we can all decipher it's mysteries in whichever way supports the world view we already have   this brings us closer to human brotherhood
  13. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter sir
  14. HS Employee Wants to Kill Whites

    there are other boards for conversations such as these I found a pretty good one for real men on a board called "men seeking men"...there are some guys on there who call themselves "bears" (code name for former military i think) and we see eye to eye on a number of issues....can't recommend enough
  15. What Are Your Favorite Quotes ?

    "f____ it dude, let's go bowling"                    - walter to the dude in the big lebowski