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  1. All-District teams

    all district teams have expanded because district coaches got tired of hearing from crybaby parents and people on public forums about why their little snowflake didn't get all-district. Which of course they blame the coaches for even though all the coaches can do is nominate people, they have no control over which of their players gets on the team, but order to save themselves from annoying phone calls and public shaming....they just expand the teams to make everybody happy my big brother was a coach in west tx and said they used to start the all district meeting by saying "who all has a kid that doesn't belong on the 1st team but it'll save you some headaches?" so everybody got to put their annoying parents kids on the 1st team, then they picked the real first team, and added it all up. Simple
  2. didn't haynes get sick of this kind of crap at lumberton back in the day so he just made all the seniors the starters? If I remember correctly is was pretty funny...all the good Juniors and sophmore played on JV and all the seniors started no matter what..they got beaten badly every week and their parents who told them how great they were had to sit and watch it happen it's a football game, get over it...seems to be that every time that game is close, nederland comes up with a big play to win it.....not sure why that is, but no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater...9-1 is a good record, seems pretty stupid to start putting kids who haven't been playing on field in the playoffs because you lost to a good team by 1 point    
  3. This Board Needs....

    So a priest and rabbi develop a friendship of sorts over the course of serving the same community for many years one afternoon sitting on a park bench the priest says to the rabbi "I know this is a deeply personal question, and its okay if aren't comfortable answering, but did you ever try eating pork?" the rabbi looks down at the ground in shame and says " be completely honest, I once ordered room service breakfast and it came with bacon, I was all alone and tried a little" the rabbi then asks his own question "since we're revealing secrets here friend, let me ask you, did you ever sleep with a woman?" priest looks at the ground in shame and replies, "yes...I did...when I was first out of the seminary I was tempted by a young parishioner and in my weakness I gave in to temptation just that once" The Rabbi nods to show he understands and says "it sure beats the hell out of pork doesn't it?" 
  4. PNG Defense Needs Help

    agreed, the comments are a good thing I'm not saying we don't have a right to question coaches, fully agree that they are public employees and there is some accountability there....point I'm making is that I don't criticize plant mangers because I don't have the foggiest idea how a plant should work. And hard as it might be to accept, we can talk about coaches all we want, but we really don't know that much about football just because we watch a lot on TV and go to the games. For example - a random clip from a youtube search    This is Saban giving a talk to high school football coaches about coaching the secondary.......I've watched a lot of football in my time, but have no earthly idea what he is talking about, might as well be in a foreign language, but I'd be willing to bet that defensive coaches at PN-G probably's a pretty complex game, these guys are pro' seems insulting to tell them they need to teach "turn their hips" or "wrap up" as if they didn't know that already.  It's a poor analogy because the stakes are so much different, but it's similar to telling police officers what they should've done in a given situation, after all my tax dollars pay their salaries right? But I have no idea what it's like to be a cop (even though I watch law and order all the time) so I don't feel like I'm the guy that needs to be telling them how to do their jobs That's just me though
  5. PNG Defense Needs Help

    yes..those are undoubtedly fundamentals of football, and I'm not trying to be a smart alec with this question, I'm legitimately you really think these things aren't being taught at all? or do you disagree with the techniques being taught? or is it just not reinforced? or it is that some kids are big fast strong and really hard to tackle.  and I don't know who #20 is, or any other player on the team, I'm just a casual observer, but whoever 20 is...a group of people who have been successfully coaching football for a living, have decided for whatever reason that the other guy gives them a better chance to win....seems like we can have a little faith in that decision.  I don't run into a plant worker at the grocery store and tell him "ya'll need to move ol' bill over to the job of OSHA compliance guy and benny should really be the operations manager, and then ya'll need to make Jimmy the guy who pushes the button once an hour, and then Raul should move over to the job where he breaks something on purpose so ya'll can pull overtime fixing it." I just have faith that the people in charge over there know what they are doing and we won't all get blown to kingdom come.  seriously bashing just gets under my brother coached a few years at a school without a lot of tradition or history of winning, he worked his butt off and all he got for it was people in the stands yelling in front of his wife and kids what an idiot he was. So maybe my personal experience causes me to be a little to critical of you guys. It's good that PNG has such passionate fans, I suppose a little criticism is part of the deal. 
  6. PNG Defense Needs Help

    fair enough, my response was mostly in reference to the "heads in the sand" comment. As if these guys don't spend the majority of their waking moments worrying about ways to make the team better, it seemed a little over the top is all. 
  7. PNG Defense Needs Help

    What constitutes a run? your looking at a winnable first round game, a decent fort bend team in round 2, then potentially run into college station again, who lost by 7 points to Austin freakin' Westlake, PN-G would have to play over their heads a little to get that one, but it's not impossible say they fall short in the 3rd round game? is that not a great season all things considered? I would say that it is, but some of you supposed Indian lovers will scream bloody murder.  Spoiler alert...PN-G ain't winning the state championship, even with the QB they likely just can't run with the more talented teams in the state, somebody will eventually beat them, once that happens all you arm chair Lombardi's who did nothing but criticize all year will then get to beat your chest "see! see! see!...I told you they don't coach defense worth a flip..when I was coaching these boys to the 8 yrs olds national championship over in Hampshire we tackled everybody!" I remember when all you fellas screamed out how FC couldn't win a "big game"...that's really easy, you just wait until they lose, then say "see!..that was a big game and he didn't win it!"....nevermind all the games he did win to get to that game...they weren't the "big game"...but now that they've won a few undoubtedly big games, ya'll gotta shift gears and find something else to criticize. If the defense pitches shutouts in the next 5 games some of ya'll will be on here talking about how the Ice in the concession stand melts into your coke too fast and what the hell are those coaches doing about it by God.   
  8. PNG Defense Needs Help

    okay my bad, in that case fire everybody
  9. PNG Defense Needs Help

    You guys are amazing, the team is undefeated and just knocked off a ranked opponent as severe underdogs and you start a thread to bash the coaches.  I'll tell ya what boys, once that QB graduates my guess is your current staff will be out of there on the first thing smoking to a different school that appreciates what they are capable of, and nobody could blame them. When that day comes, you guys go ahead and take the reigns of the program, bring in a few other good ol' boys that know what it means to be an true indian!, put in the ol' wing T offense and have all the boys go both ways, slam 'em into each other for 3 hours a day to "get 'em tough". Congratulations, you will have become vidor, every now and then put together a decent run but for the more part your sitting at 5-5, 6-4 year in and year out did it ever occur to you, that playing kids both ways requires that the offensive kids spend half of their time at practice working a defensive position? Which then means the offense would have to be dumbed down considerably. No more gadgets, no more qb and wr's in perfect sync, you'll be back to the days of 2 runs up the middle on 1st and 2nd, then an overthrown pass on third down, then bring out the punter..... your current staff has put the most dynamic kids on offense to go with your superstar quarterback, then put a bunch of average athletes with a lot of heart on D and coached them well enough to shut down a bunch of D1 athletes in the 2nd half of that game Friday night, you should be having statues commissioned of those coaches, but instead your going to run them out of town before too long, different town/same story all over the state, nothing ever good enough for some I suppose