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  1. Good Win Buna!!! Sounds like it was a good game!!!!
  2. Thanks for the update !!!!
  3. Thursday State Championship Games

    Southeast Texas Ground Water and Conservation State government office This is a copy paste off of google maps which is in Jasper and is futher north than Newton. LOL
  4. Thursday State Championship Games

    Where do the people from Newton say they are from? The one's I know say South East Texas !!!!!
  5. Thursday State Championship Games

    Dang it!!!! Are you rubbing it in. LOL We had plenty of chances. 
  6. Good game!!!! See you after Christmas.
  7. Thursday State Championship Games

    WOW  Both teams score within 2 min. Must be running back the kickoffs?
  8. Thursday State Championship Games

    Thanks for the updates PhatMack19. 
  9. EC15 Orangefield 5 end 1st
  10. That kid is tall and is pretty good player while halftime warmup. It would be nice to have Kordell back for this game 
  11. Well I guess I'll have to make a trip to orange field!!!!! Out of football 9 days and already playing district. What would happen if they were still playing football? Would they move the game or have to take a loss?
  12. That’s to close for a old man like me. FYI Grandview won by 14. 
  13. EC playing at 10AM. Who is giving updates? LOL
  14. Who is there that is going to keep us updated?
  15. Good win BUCS!!!! Any updates on Kordell?
  16. Keep us updated Crawford!!!!
  17. I was lazy and did not check schedule. When I looked at it, I wanted to retract my question. I'm not sure what is going on, but they need to turn that ship!!!!
  18. Just got home from game. It was #81 with scoop and score Ben Shepf. Both teams had a lot of turnovers. Great season BUCS. Played some great football. 
  19. Is Newton Home team?
  20. It's confirmed I'm headed to this game!!!!! Hope it's not raining.