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  1. EC @ Kirbyville

    Did Kirbyville by any chance put a cover over the visitor stands?   LOL 60% chance PM shower. Hope it changes to 0%.
  2. Diboll 15 Coldspring 13 final

    WOW!!! Coldspring almost pulled rabbit out of the hat. Sounds like a good game.
  3. Hardin 42 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    If Hardin keeps getting better you never know. I think Hardin is heading in the correct direction. The     Hardin vs Orangefield and Buna will decide who goes playoffs!!!!! Anahuac could be dark horse but we'll see. Some good games coming up!!!!!
  4. Buna vs Woodville

    Sounds like better  game than most people thought. I want to watch this game film to see what Buna did on defense !!!! Just have to find the time.
  5. Orangefield @ East Chambers

    Is Orangefield QB out for the year or is there hope for him to come back ?
  6. Buna vs Woodville

    Buna QB did come out in first half but Buna did not dominate like I thought they would on offense or defense.The back up QB did a good job throwing the ball, but I don't think he contributed to run game like the starting QB. Good luck to both teams !!!!!
  7. Buna vs Woodville

    Went to the Buna vs Anahuac game and it's going to be a long night for Buna if they have not improved a lot. Woodville by as much as they want. This is not a knock on Buna, just my opinion. 
  8. Diboll 39 Crockett 28/FINAL

    Sounds like Crockett was asleep first half and when they woke up it was too late. 20-0 first quarter, did Crockett turn the ball over a lot or did Diboll dominate 1st quarter?
  9. hardin at EC - thur 10/4

    Hardin looks to be going in the right direction. See you Thursday.
  10. Buna 30 Orangefield 14/FINAL

    Nice win Buna.
  11. hardin at EC - thur 10/4

    Must be only game on Thursday. LOL
  12.   I fully understand why he said it and understand polls accuracy. I was referring to this thread is about EC and Woodville not centex. That is for another forum or thread. I understand your pride in the mighty lions but this thread is EC and Woodville opinions, smack talk, updates and whatever about the two teams. I just would not go to smoakhouse and get on a thread of two centex teams an divert attention away from them to setx teams. No offense just saying.  
  13. They mean more than you trolling and high jacking this tread. Time will come for that topic. I trust the coach’s before a troll. Just saying!!!
  14. Was very impressed with Woodville football team and the way they handle themselves. Was proud of how both teams helped each other after the play the whole game. I knew 10 and 2 would be hard to contain but the fullback impressed me also with how hard he ran and played linebacker(Tough Kid). All the Woodville running backs keep their weight in front of them and feet moving, falling forward for those extra yards. EC threw all they had at the running game and could not stop it. Well done Woodville. I will tell you that if EC is not playing and Woodville is that I will try to make the game. God Bless You Woodville and good luck rest of season.
  15. Woodville 1st at 16
  16. EC finally drives length of field. 
  17. Martin is as advertised. One thing I do like about this game is both teams helping each other up and haven’t seen any trash talking on field. Now ec will have to make some stops or this could get ugly. 
  18. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    The only advantage EC has is that Woodville is very predicable. We know what they are going to run and do it good with 3 different backs, and EC will have a good game plan to stop it. Can they do it, we will find out Friday night !!!!  If EC can do it then I'm not sold that Woodville can find another way to win. I could be wrong but we will find out Friday Night !!!!! All this smack talking will not change one play of the game. It's just smack talk and predictions. 
  19. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    All I can say is WOW. LOL Where is eaglewoodville#1 ?
  20. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    I think EC will have to use all their playbook on offense and defense. I think EC has a great game plan on both sides of the ball for this game. Just have to execute it to the "T", without turnovers and EC will be fine. Playing Woodville in Woodville will be a challenge !!!! Heck, I like a good challenge.
  21. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    EC will have to take away what Woodville does best and that is they put 11 players tight and pound the ball. They run a lot of misdirection. I'm not saying EC can do it, but EC will have to make Woodville find another way to beat them. Which is not a small task. Woodville QB look ok to me, but I would take my chances on the passing game over the running game. Woodville will execute their offense very well. Their guards pull well, they block well, and their backs find the hole and hit it hard. Again, saying it and doing it are two different things. This game will be like a playoff game early, early in the season. I would like to have seen this game played late district play to set up playoff atmosphere.
  22. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    Well I guess all the smack talking is over. Only thing left now is crow for some after the game!!!! Smack talking will pick back up next year !!!!
  23. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    Look at the head to head, your up by 1? HF has always been  the bigger school and should be way ahead but that is not the case (Overestimated ?). Yes it shows some years(90's) but this is not that year. EC has been where HF is at, but that is the past and we are talking about this year. Need I say more?
  24. Gives new meaning for: go play yourself. At Home !!!!!