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  1. Crosby is open

    Bet they go outside for the new hire. Smoaky is also saying that RIO can bring as many guys as he wants. 
  2. Letting them play......  sit back and enjoy
  3. Crosby baseball stands

    Nice. But overkill.  No wonder they are in financial crisis.  Pretty sure they kept adding and adding so before they knew it they didn’t have enough bond money to finish it. Read the Chronicle.  Audit divulges the dirty truth.
  4. Anahuac Open?

    Fricky Fracky
  5. Anahuac Open?

    Need to study more and do your research 
  6. Anahuac Open?

    Might wanna research where the Supt is from and that maybe will explain things
  7. Anahuac Open?

    A Frick A frack everybody a Knick knack
  8. Hand held and a muzzle 
  9. Silsbee is Silsbee.  Dominant as usual.  I expect them to get to state.  But if they don’t.  There won’t be a rock big enough for ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING to hide under.  Just sayin
  10. Seems like these teams match up pretty well.   First two games were 2 pt wins on their Home Courts.  Looks like BH made adjustments at half.   Heck something was done to overcome an 11 point deficit and to our score PAM by 23 in the 2nd half.   Did BH press to get back in it?
  11. Wow....total meltdown by PAM.  23 point swing 
  12. FEB. 5 PICKEMS

    La Porte at Beaumont United (-39) North Shore (-25) at Beaumont West Brook Cleveland at Barbers Hill (-22) PN-G (-5) at Vidor Baytown Lee at Galveston Ball (-8) Friendswood (-7) at Crosby Texas City (-30) at Santa Fe Huntington at Carthage (-9) Jasper at Lufkin Hudson (-4) Livingston at Huffman (-24) Liberty at Splendora (-12) Lumberton (-6) at Bridge City Hardin-Jefferson at Silsbee (-16) LC-M at WO-S (-7) Diboll at Central Heights (-10) Hemphill at Woodville (-8) Pollock Central at Newton (-13) Hardin (-25) at Anahuac Orangefield at Buna (-6) East Chambers (-56) at Warren Coldspring (-89) at Houston Harmony New Waverly at Hempstead (-5) Shelbyville (-16) at Tenaha Broaddus (-16) at Big Sandy West Hardin (-23) at Sabine Pass   Tiebreaker game: total score of Orangefield/Buna = 121
  13. Must be the dad that got offended I suppose
  14. News Flash!!!!!!!!! Breaking News!!!!!! Whatever ECBUCFAN says is the plain truth
  15. Most likely HS kids being HS kids.   See it all to often.  Now if dads got involved then that is a different story.