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  1. How bout them Broncos!

    Just being honest
  2. How bout them Broncos!

    Lots of teams had guys put up big numbers against Crosby.
  3. Anahuac hires new HC!

    Where is Roecker going??
  4. West Hardin

    Great example.  
  5. Area Round Matchups/Please Post Here

    Those fields are a big part of the financial situation they are in now !!!
  6. upsets

    So if an un-ranked team beats a ranked team it is an upset.   I disagree.  20-9 record is pretty good
  7. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    If base umpire is in “B” or “C” position he doesn’t have a voice in this argument.   It was a 2 Run HR.  So base umpire wasn’t in A position
  8. All runs via the long ball 
  9. Got your feathers ruffled.   Your too easy
  10. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    No way the base umpire should even be in the discussion.   Plate guy has the line.  Stick with your call. 
  11. Geez.  Your just like a woman.  Assuming what someone meant
  12. Very Big Correlation.  Big difference in quality of pitching and size of the fields they face.   
  13. Quality of pitching facing is a big factor. Plus dimensions of the playing field as well.