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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!

EVADALE TOURNEY/Post updates here

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Evadale Tournament (Evadale, Jasper, Liberty, Bridge City, Orangefield, Anahuac, East Chambers, Kirbyville, Burkeville)


  Thursday, Dec. 2



Competition Gym                                                                    Old Gym



  9:00am              Bridge City vs Evadale (G)                                   Anahuac vs Orangefield (B)



 10:15am            Kirbyville vs Bridge City (B)                           Jasper vs Liberty (B)



 11:30am            East Chambers vs Evadale (B)                       Burkeville vs Hamshire-Fannett (G)



  12:45pm           West Hardin vs LCM (G)                                    Beaumont Kelly vs Bridge City (G)



   2:00pm            WOS vs Tarkington (G)                                       Burkeville vs Kirbyville (B)



   3:15pm            Liberty vs Anahuac (B)                                    Bridge City vs East Chambers (B)



   4:30pm            Evadale vs Burkeville (G)                                  Hamshire-Fannett vs Beaumont Kelly (G)



   5:45pm            Evadale vs Burkeville (B)                               Tarkington vs West Hardin (G)

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11 hours ago, Affliction said:

First Day Scores from Evadale 



Bridge City 58 Kirbyville 45


East Chambers 69 Evadale 30


Anahuac 43 Liberty 39


Evadale 65 Burkeville 30


Orangefield 41 Anahuac 35


Jasper 32 Liberty 30


Kirbyville 55 Burkeville 51


East Chambers 57 Bridge City 26





Is there a schedule for today? I'm off. lol

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6 minutes ago, ECFAN#1 said:

Is there a schedule for today? I'm off. lol

Just found It.

 Friday, Dec. 3



Competition Gym                                                                    Old Gym



   9:00am             Orangefield vs Jasper (B)                             Hamshire-Fannett vs Bridge City (G)


10:15am             Beaumont Kelly vs Evadale (G)                      Kirbyville vs East Chambers(B)


11:30am             Bridge City vs Evadale (B)                              WOS vs LCM (G)


12:45pm             Bridge City vs Burkeville (G)                            Orangefield vs Liberty (B)


   2:00pm            East Chambers vs Burkeville(B)                Jasper vs Anahuac (B)


   3:15pm            Evadale vs Hamshire-Fannett (G)                 West Hardin vs WOS (G)


   4:30pm            Evadale vs Kirbyville (B)                                 Burkeville vs Beaumont Kelly(G)     


   5:45pm            LCM vs Tarkington(G)                                         Burkeville vs Bridge City (B)


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