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  1. With both high schools struggling to put a 1/2 decent product on the field in 6A why not combine the 2 schools for better results. Thoughts
  2. Are y’all just saying this is a good hire because he is Gary Joseph’s son? What years was he at Austin Westlake and how was his defense? Magnolia west & SLC? Just curious.
  3. Lol you’re a man of many excuses. Weren’t you the same person that said PAM in a blowout?? That humble pie isn’t sitting well on your stomach I see. Point blank PAM was outcoached in this 1. Not to take away anything from Crosby kids who played a hell of a game but PAM clearly had the better athletes w/ a lackluster scheme on both sides. Crosby went at PAM’s best player and had success on multiple occasions. Imagine the score if Crosby coaches had PAM kids. I saw PAM fans kept saying this isn’t last season and they were right because Crosby would’ve hung 80 on PAM. All in all this was a great game to watch. PAM is a good team who should have some postseason success this year because the talent is def there. coaching staff just needs to step it up a little. Hats off to Crosby, the tough non-district schedule def paid off in this one.
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