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  1. Yes sir!!!!!! I love it...Just wonder How it would work While I do wish the SEC would brake off to form two powerhouse divisions im all for OU and Tex going to the SEC... If you want Drop Vandy (ACC) and Mizzo (Big 10) and add TEX and OU.. Move Alabama and Auburn to the East ..I would say Kentucky but their overall athletic program is rising and whats more Southern then Kentucky...Vandy on the other hand, while Academics in the conference overall would take a hit, Texas while not on Vandys level is a great institution in its own academically. I mean you lose a few
  2. From Beaumont but I live in the Dallas/FtWorth area. But as Soulja mentioned, my dad refs some games in SETX/Houston area and has mentioned a very strong group of kids from the Beaumont area that went to Houston and basically shut the city down
  3. Dynasty coming??? Hmmm if a certain group of kids find their way to United a certainly looks like it. I know it’s fresh but It’s a group of young man coming up that will probably be one of the best to come thru Beaumont.. this United team may have started something
  4. Could definitely run it back next season. Kimball has their top 3 coming back while United had 95% of the team
  5. Wow thanks for blowing my question out the water lol. I had no idea so many teams have did it, specially that Allen team
  6. wasn’t Kris on that team that went to Tulane??
  7. Has a Team ever won the football and basketball state championship in the same school year??? Westlake has a chance to do that Saturday also anyone know if these games are being televised ?
  8. Excellent point... Kimball has a team with the same makings of a United. Great players who play their part With a Star on the team who can get a bucket at anytime and a big man who is coming into himself.. They’re definitely clicking at the right time and are hitting their peak.
  9. Way to go BU!!! but it was expected let’s get ready for next week
  10. Manvel was probably the most athletic team United would have seen in this region other than Hightower or GCM
  11. United needed a game like this....no matter how it looks a win is a win on to Round 4 congrats United
  12. Doing a good job slowing the game down and getting in United’s head...Pretty good rim protection though I must say
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