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  1. What the heck is going on in Austin?!? Banks now....I remember him at A&M bringing in some talent Big time hires, but idk my gut is telling me it won’t work lol. Maybe because of the past seasons in Texas they just seem to underachieve but can’t fault Sark for trying.
  2. Maybe is not that they’re avg, but BU is just that good. Nederland may actually be solid they just ran into a better team...
  3. Texas said F*** it...By any means...lol aside from there past endeavors these are very impressive hires...Good for Sark
  4. Soooo Sark is going after LSU DB coach Raymond....I’d be very surprised if he leaves LSU but I think this is good news for Texas..It shows the administration gave him the green light to go after anyone he wants, money no option...Hopefully that means they’re backing him 100% and the alumni fall in line..They’re the reason this job is so toxic Flood (Oline) Wiggins (WR) “Bo” (D-Line) Already are Really good hires keeping Drayton (RB) was big to
  5. Perkins lost once in HS and it wasn’t to Vidor. It was to Chris Bosh in the state championship
  6. This is definitely true. Another Area that does this is Katy. It’s been known Katy goes to get its athletes from Fort Bend ISD area. I Personally know Donovonn Young from that 10 Katy team and take a guess where he’s from??
  7. Ayyy why not, you’ve hired two of the hottest HC in college football the last two hires and it hasn’t work so why not go for an “ahhh” type of hire..might work out this go around
  8. Lol competitive?!? They lucky green called the dogs off for them to even keep it under 25 this time...
  9. 5 or 25?? If what I seen was correct they were at #31 nationally a the beginning of the week...so that’s why I said too 25 top 5 nah I don’t see that happening..l
  10. United should be on the cusp of entering the National top 25 rankings
  11. Biggest win of he season for United up to this point imo....Bellaire is a really good 6A program and has been for a few years to my knowledge
  12. Congrats BU kinda thought King would put up much more of a fight but maybe they still have kids in football... im really expecting BIng things from BU this year
  13. With both Ozen or Central reaching the state tourney in recent history United should be a power house for years to come unless something crazy happens, with Rings and championships being involved
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