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  1. I want to wish everyone and their families a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe one if you have to travel. I am very blessed and thankful for great family and friends. Looking forward to a day of awesome food, football, and family gatherings!
  2. I know! Just saying be careful what you wish for Indian fan’s cause you never know what ya gonna get! Karma’s a *****!
  3. 28-28 @ the half! Lindale gets the ball to start the 3rd.
  4. Turnover EC @ the 1! There goes 1 stop!
  5. What would EC be without Owens? We may never know!
  6. 1/2 way thru the 2nd and Owens has every touch for EC except for 2 touches!
  7. Yeah. Don’t know if drinking or typo!
  8. Will either team get a stop??? 35 in the 1st. Lindale about to tie it up @ 21 a piece
  9. What would be awesome is if he would get forced out @ PNG, pull a Bum, and end up @ Big Ned and be a thorn in everyone’s side that wanted him out at the Rez.
  10. Evan Alford 6’4” WR check out his highlights
  11. I have Lindale beating EC also. From what I've seen of EC games on hudl they around 85/15 or 90/10 heavy on the run. If Lindale mans up to limit the run success and force EC to beat them with the pass Lindale should win. Lindale's QB Peterson is the real deal. Lindale looked better in person than on film IMO.
  12. 1st series we opened up with 5 wide sets and no RB and they were in a 3 man front. 2nd series 1st play 73 yd TD run right up the gut. Next series they adjusted but we still ran pretty good against them. They have better line play than LB play. Their O-Line and D-Line are pretty stout, but we didn't have the O-Line or D-Line strength to offset their size and athleticism. But we're not a heavy run team. Maybe 15-20 totes a game to RB. I can see where they will have a tough time stopping Rueben. He's gonna give them fits.
  13. He had like 202 vs Brazosport and ended up with 153 vs Lindale.
  14. Wanted to attend that one, but it’s on a dang Thursday night in Waco. If it was on Friday or Saturday we would’ve went. Will be in Channelview supporting the Bears.
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