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  1. So which is it ? was that the kids fault or was it the coaches ? You seem to have it figured out Forrest. You don't like people pointing fingers at coaches but don't have a problem making snide remarks about Crosby and Dayton teams . ----- ( you know' Team' includes players and coaches- right ) Everything is on the players' then why don't those kids coach themselfs and save the school half a million a year on coaching staff wages. An indiscipline poorly coached team will always commit more infractions that a good coached team and will lose more games. Wrong again Gump you win with a combination of the two - a talented team won't win that many games without the discipline and guidance from the coaching staff. Jerry Stewart coaching at Dayton had the same gene pool to pick from as the coaches before him and after him why did he win so much while the other HCs didn't ? Because his teams bought into the winning culture respected and looked up to him just like Rio had with Crosby ... You are obviously clueless and have a problem with fans airing their concerns and frustration you must be one of those "coach can do no wrong and should always be respected and not held accountable conformers ) that thinks Johny can get ahead with a little sugar sprinkled in the right direction. And I say that with all due respect- Sir . Disclaimer : The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author's employer, organization ,committee or other group or individual.
  2. Does Jerry Stewart still live in Dayton? I know Linda, wife or ex wife, we did graduate school at UHCL together. Are they still together? Jerry brought me up in Clear Lake from jr high in my 3 rd year of coaching, best boss I ever had.

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    2. coach bear

      coach bear

      Thanks for the info, sounds like Jerry. I can’t believe what has happened to the Broncos. Last year I thought they were as talented as any district team. They don’t seem to have as many athletes as last year, but enough to get some wins. Something seems wrong, out of sorts.  I’ll be at the game on the Dayton side for the first half. Love to meet you and talk football. I’ll be in the Aggie under armor shirt and Texas Longhorn orange hat. Let me know where you sit.  Thanks for the info. Coach Bear 

    3. jayhawk


      I'am not a football guru but I do know running the triple option out of the shotgun isn't very effective. Nations doesn't have a very high football IQ like Jerry did. My twin brother and I both played safety at a small school in Kansas in the 70's and the only direction I got before a game  from coach was " don't let anybody get behind you and try not to get more than one personal foul this time" My reply was I promise nobody will get behind me ( my brother and I were the two fastest kids in the school in track he started the relays and I anchored them) but I cannot making any promises on that second thing coach... We were small and we had to be mean to keep our job. lol-  When I was a JR. I weighted 115 pounds and after the season I said " Coach I'm going to start on your team next year because   I will be a SR". his reply " your fast enough but you'll have to put on weight to start on my team". My SR. year I caught him the hallway and said " Coach I put on weight just like you asked me to  - how much you weight - I said proudly 125 lbs."  He started walking off then as he was walking he bent his head around and said       " Kernohan your a fucking monster ".... Yeah the wife and I will be sitting in the blue seats about half way up on the right side of press box -Row H Seat 12 & 13. Ph# 832 492 8348 see you there -

    4. coach bear

      coach bear

      Will do I’ll spend the first of the game in pressbox and then on Dayton side. I’ll come down and we can solve some world problems or just talk football 👍. Coach Bear 

  3. The school board and superintend can't be trusted to do the right thing ! We need to get serious and vote them out. In my best President Trump voice - LETS MAKE DAYTON GREAT AGAIN ------ do I have a second ?
  4. It actually started around 2008 when Dayton was relevant and played for State. The Hill had a lot of little jackals posters 😎 that was jealous of the Broncs and BS would fly back and forth sometimes for 30/40 pages before the game. Mont Belveiw is built on the world's largest salt dome ( the dome evolved into the hill)and the Barber family was one of the first family's to settle and help establish the community. Hence Barbers Hill. So as trash talking goes and to be as disrespectful as we could the ant hill or ant mond came into play.
  5. Unfortunately welcome to Daytons world !
  6. I think your being a little to kind ,but hey. More like a team with an offense vs a team with no offense . Its was blatantly obvious that BHs kids were way coached up compared to Daytons. BH did a great job of executing their game plan to get the win! Daytons defense can only do so much.
  7. I said on a previous post it's ok to try something new if it works ... well Houston we have a problem . Agree QB needs to go back to receiver and 18 when he played QB against NC moved the ball better than the starter. We have a great group of kids that play their hearts out but they don't roll out the game plan.
  8. Yeah turn overs are game killers. We put up hundreds of points last year and never staggered into the win column with the spread. I'm all for trying something new if it works - we will see
  9. The new offense can work but needs to be balanced with the pass more we can't be afraid to mix it up.(The Broncos have an excellent air attack when utilized) I think our staff hasn't shown all their cards yet we will see friday. This team has a lot of potential just need to let those purple ponies out of the corral and let em run.
  10. I don't remember getting blown out last year - I remember coming back late 2nd half and making a game out of it. This year the Broncos are beyond hungry and have some good talent on both sides of the ball.If we can play a game without a bunch of turnovers we will definitely put up a better fight than everyone is expecting personally I think we will win .We have a new DC and a new OC from last year that was from a multi year playoff program and he was HC..Don't sleep on us .
  11. Dayton will be the underdog and rightfully so after stinking it up for 9 yrs. We do have a decent defense and some athletes on offense also. QB is dual threat and can take over the game by himself (he's a jr. and the game is starting slow down for him) The key to this game for Dayton will be trying to slow down BHs big QB.I think we are better than KP and can win this game if we don't have 7 turnovers like we did against Porter.
  12. Crosby beat WOS last year and with a much improved defense this year I'll take Crosby in a close one.
  13. Completely agree we have the talent on both sides of the ball and the kids are playing all out. http://www.hudl.com/v/2BjLQL #46 MLB for Porter was all district last year and wouldn't be surprised if he goes D1. #45 MLB for Dayton isn't to bad either. Our QB is getting better every game and is a hand full to bring down.
  14. 1. Crosby 2. PNG 3. Santa Fe 4. BH / Ned / Lee / Dayton / Vidor - toss up
  15. If you play like you did the second half against a very mediocre KWP we just might hang 30 on ya ! Nobody in the District will be intimidated by BHs soft defense - better hope your QB stays healthy . ( if you want gentle bring the KY )😧😯☺️
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