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  1. I like this man already - looks like Dayton will finally start to be competitive again especially when he gets some of the latent talent that's been wondering the halls for years on the field - Yes Sir , Go Broncos !
  2. Word is the new Coach is already making a big splash on campus and getting a lot of kids interested in football again !
  3. They already rewarded the in house AD for going 1 & 24 and he gets to keep his job - if one applies that wisdom to the new hire things are looking pretty gloom. Either way the new HC will have his hands tied unless by some miracle they leaned their lesson after 9 years of gross negligence from homer insiders and give a new outside HC the reins to rebuild the program form the ground up .
  4. How is Aledo this year ? Is there a team out there that will challenge you on your way to state or even in the finals ?
  5. Same here - duty is a cruel master -lol
  6. Hopefully this is the case ? Dayton has gone 1 and 23 the last two yrs. Nations and staff doesn't deserve or has earned an AD job the only avenue for future success is a complete house cleaning from top to bottom anything short of that will be a disaster. Dayton has a little political click that has run the football and other sports in the ground included is the school board and superintend . ( pathetic ) The only coach that had the potential to take over the HC job just got fired by nations I heard. ( imagine that ) not part of the loosing mentality click.
  7. I watched Crosby go toe to toe with Manvel - this should be a great game - Go Coogs !
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