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  1. Do you think you could still say this if Baxter and McClure swapped teams?
  2. I think McClure will really thrive when he is surrounded by better players, and playing within a ball movement system. He could struggle, similar to Hefner, (who I am most familiar with) if he has to continuously beat defenders off of his first step alone, like they have at HS level. Clearly defenders at the next level will be better. Team basketball elevates guys like McClure and Hefner, IMO. Hefner had a better taste of that in HS than McClure has from the little I have seen and the lot that I have heard.
  3. Not a basketball guy, but I have watched some decent players the last few years when I went to watch Hefner play. I have seen Lumberton play once early this year. It is incredibly naive of you guys to not acknowledge that McClure has had no one around him that can score the basketball. In the game earlier this year there was no one around him that could finish or knock down shots. Talking to people in the area that know basketball, they tell me it is still the same; McClure doing it all with little help. Whereas the guys you are listing have had great team success due to having good players t
  4. Quarterback can’t panic like he tried to do a few times late in the game tonight. Aledo going to be tough.
  5. Marshall staring to find their stride at the right time.
  6. Go Crosby. I was wrong. Drinking wrong koolaid. Glad I’m wrong
  7. Hope this isn’t the end of the line for the Dawgs. Pine Tree playing in a tougher East Texas district has me a little concerned. Regardless, Go Dawgs.
  8. I’ll take Texas High with little to no hesitation. I probably would still have taken Texas High if Crosby would have beat the Dogs, buttttt.......
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