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  1. Of course that's the first priority I was just saying in general
  2. I hope you guys won't be affected by the virus especially we need you guys to be ready for the playoffs
  3. I wonder could that particular strand of covid-19 can reach to us (11 miles) away from Shepherd if any of those student athletes just happen to come through Coldspring... And God bless the ones that do have it and may He remove it quickly as it was entered in them
  4. That's what I was thinking... To be in 4th place in their district and your opponents are from 10-4A-D1 is almost a guaranteed win
  5. 😂😂😂😂😂 Looking at this gave me a flashback in school hence therefore why I hate math or science now kmsl
  6. Hmmm depending how seeding will work out before the playoffs start I don't see how 10-4A-D1 will even get a win from 9-4A-D1... Although we do know that the winner of Livingston vs Huffman will win district could we honestly say that they can compete with the 4th place team of that district in Tyler Chapel Hill we did see how they demolished Splendora earlier this season do you think either Livingston or Huffman can compete with them
  7. Notice that myself... Definitely not the Henderson of the past
  8. As far as playoffs goes just hope y'all have decent competition before y'all face them again if that happens
  9. Well look at it on the bright side y'all can run certain type of plays and also get a good look at guys who doesn't start but will return next season and see how well they will do... Just look at this game nothing more than a glorified scrimmage as well as the rest of the district when playing against Shepherd and y'all do have them for another season so that's more of a opportunity
  10. Only issue is I don't know why Tatum is ranked up above us unless they have a lot of starters returning
  11. The other team Martin's Mill which is ranked #1 in 2A may give us fits as well but I still see us winning that one
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