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  1. So in this district I heard that Livingston was supposed to in the top 4 with Shepherd looking on the outside... Now with the first half of district games played they're sitting at 3rd with a game back of H-J... Hmmm somebody owes someone an explanation lol
  2. They definitely are... I noticed that last year when we only beat by 5 the last time we played against them last year
  3. Congrats to the Bulldogs... I figured we would lose at least one to them
  4. Lol I'm just now seeing this... Where are you @Lions Pride 2021
  5. Expected this one to be close... Almost a month off with no opponents you can expect a little rust but good job to the Mustangs for making it incredible competitive
  6. Maybe top 4 and I don't want people thinking that I'm gung-ho for Shepherd but they have size over there but time will tell eventually
  7. Figured the Falcons would win at home but let's see how they do on the road against the Hawks... Still see a season split series here
  8. Well let's see how Livingston does this year as far as basketball goes and we will revisit this towards the end of the season unless y'all lose to Shepherd one, split or both games I'll bring you back out for that conversation alone sounds like a good plan to me
  9. Hmmm @Lions Pride 2021 where you at on this one? Were you guys missing players?
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