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  1. By the time I started playing SFA was on the verge of closing down... During those years Coldspring wasn't nothing to write to home about... Also my first game ever in 7th grade was against Hardin-Jefferson a game we won 14-0 (which sounds very familiar with the game against them this season)
  2. Lol but see that was before my time and plus I've heard stories
  3. I remember through out the 90s everyone was scared to play Coldspring... Idk what's going on now when we get scared to play a smaller school. If I'm the coach I would of definitely scheduled not only Timpson but other tougher opponents
  4. Bellville looking like world class beaters right now... If WOS don't make it to state then I'm hopping on y'alls bandwagon
  5. Is that the same group I've been hearing about... I hear they have a squad
  6. Is this one gonna go down for sure?
  7. I thought the cougars would hang in for sure guess I was wrong
  8. But I will give Shepherd a lot of credit... Hopefully they can be a dark horse team in 4A-D2
  9. Definitely... I felt that way after winning against HJ and missing the Lumberton game last week trust me we will win games but we won't win district this year that's for sure
  10. Give me Coldspring by 12... Will be at the game for this on
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