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  1. BH is down this year. Max (district MVP) scored 40 in a game last year, and they ended this game with 37... a little quick DUDE...
  2. HJ by at least 10. Maxpreps says HJ played Nederland PA and BH to close games. PA smacked silsbee and nederland would too. HJ will be ranked when they take this one like they should.
  3. Was steve kerr last Championship more than "5 10 20" years ago? LOL last time i checked they won in 2018...
  4. Everybody keep this same energy with these names on this list in late February and march. Lets make sure these guys are producing NOW... and not resting off 5 10 20 years ago. And save participation the accolades "he did the best he could do with those boys". You either get it or you dont.
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