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  1. Open enrollment and magnet sounds like the playbook then to me. I dont think madison is a magnet school. To automatically make schools with those characteristics play up... would mean they MUST be cheating. I dont know man. they cant be the only school with those two things. Somebody needs to aggregate a list and put their basketball and football records and come back to the group. I dont think it would be anything to note other than the one school thats literally on two college campuses. Speaking as a parent that hopes his kid ends up 6'8 (I'm 6'6 and his mom is 5'11 so it can happen not just a blind hope), I would do the same thing if i could. My first thing athletically would be to get to a school that has at least two kids the same height or taller than mine. I would NOT want my kid to have a "Katt orangefield" experience where no matter how skilled (dribbling shooting) he is he has to play the 5 on both sides of the ball. I would also have to watch my kid get Quintuple Teamed everytime he touched the ball with possibly nobody of anywhere close to equal ability to pass to. Im not gonna pay 10 dollars for 25 games for 2/3 years to see that. thats not basketball to me.
  2. Is this topic you mentioned just confined to HISD and DISD. I can see the idea of a "showcase school" being nurtured. However, if that is true, Where is the San Antonio and Austin version of this practice? I'm not saying it does or doesnt happen. Im merely asking if they do it in other metropolitan areas.
  3. Nobody want to have their high school career as a screener passer rebounder to one guy on a team. But hey yall said I was silly when i said HJ was beating Silsbee months ago. Yall quoted me after the HJ loss at Silsbee. Nobody Quoting me now though. I said 9 pts I think so the forum bullies still covered.
  4. Nobody cares about points posters and highlights against vidor, dayton and the like. Get them against Memorial United Etc...Nice post though Joe.
  5. He's Definitely A++ in athleticism. He's quick and jumps Super high. So the B grade comment on another page no way.
  6. Those guys make mistakes too. As a Nederland fan I say. Good thing Port Arthur Memorial isnt in the SEC...
  7. How is it criticism to state a fact that "a power five" is 0-7 against a team down the street from him. How is it criticism to go into details of those 7 losses. When does "criticism" just go straight facts. And then yall blame the rest of our seniors when they have been programmed since the 7th grade "Give the ball to Hefner". If they were allowed to shoot and play since middle school maybe theyd be better. They've been programmed for this. then when good teams come he says I need help. Those kids spend their whole school career doing this so go win the big games with that strategy then.
  8. "Power 5" commit lost first round to friendswood last year...supposed to win games just by him walking on the floor. But hey English on the awesome coaches list too. I dont know the answer to this so just a question. whats the furthest English has been in playoffs because if he cant do it with a TAMU commit and full of seniors................YIKES.
  9. BH is down this year. Max (district MVP) scored 40 in a game last year, and they ended this game with 37... a little quick DUDE...
  10. HJ by at least 10. Maxpreps says HJ played Nederland PA and BH to close games. PA smacked silsbee and nederland would too. HJ will be ranked when they take this one like they should.
  11. Was steve kerr last Championship more than "5 10 20" years ago? LOL last time i checked they won in 2018...
  12. Everybody keep this same energy with these names on this list in late February and march. Lets make sure these guys are producing NOW... and not resting off 5 10 20 years ago. And save participation the accolades "he did the best he could do with those boys". You either get it or you dont.
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