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  1. My son just told me each player gets 2 tickets for parents only! I'll take it!
  2. my son is a senior on the tm....its definitely a crappy deal
  3. I dont know much about Kinkaid. I'm hearing fans will not be allowed to attend this one
  4. Hopefully the scrimmage at BC wasnt any indication on how the season will go....if it was, it may be a long one in bear country
  5. gotta go with silsbee here....unfortunately for my battlin' bears however, i see vidor rolling through our district this year
  6. LCM by 7...we will look much better than we did in last week's scrimmage
  7.'s my son's senior year also
  8. BC looks much improved for sure....i hope we are able to get it together
  9. the fact that it was just a scrimmage is the one high note for LCM after yesterday lol
  10. wasnt impressed at all with LCM's performance at Bridge City....
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