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  1. WOS should win....but I said the same thing about Jasper
  2. after seeing newton beat WOS the past few seasons, then get throttled the way they did against them this year gave me doubts lol...but they are killing people now
  3. looks like newton has turned it around since those 2 beat downs by Jasper and WOS....or is it because the competition is weaker?
  4. good win huffman...hopefully livingston gets it done tonight also
  5. congrats Livingston! worst to first! good luck in playoffs
  6. Hard to believe a team could make the playoffs with 2 wins on the season...but it can happen...winner of this game is in the playoffs. I'll go out on a limb and give LCM home field advantage. 21-14 LCM.
  7. what a turnaround from past few years...completely different team this year
  8. sending 4 tms from the district does make it too easy to make the playoffs. I remember when it was only the DC and runner up
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