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  1. After Lumberton upsets Carthage, and we win 1st 2 rounds, we get to get our revenge on the raiders! lol
  2. you're absolutely right...stranger things have they say, "any given sunday"
  3. yes that pass was nice...but i knew when we didnt score on our series in ot yall had us...our defense could not stop that running game
  4. yep...that big td pass changed the entire game
  5. I still cant believe it lol...LCM totally blew this game...inside the 5 3 times i think, came up empty handed...50 yds of penalties on one of those possessions smh...we wont beat stafford or anyone if we dont get better....not taking anything away from Lumberton.. they earned the win...the running game wore our defense down the entire second half...
  6. great season for huffman. they are good for sure. but i dont see anyone from our district competing with carthage
  7. but like i said, huffman is legit...hope to see them make a run...
  8. what scares me is running into Carthage in 2nd or 3rd round lol want to avoid that at all costs
  9. HF is a decent team, but i have a hard time seeing them compete with WOS
  10. yes the play calling killed us. and you're absolutely correct, we were forcing the run with our qb all night. anyone who plays us knows if they stop our qb from running all over the place, they beat us...we have to start changing it up...and we have great receivers to throw it to
  11. LCM should win this game....but with our play calling....who knows
  12. im no expert, but lets just say Lumberton beats LCM...wouldnt they finish above us?
  13. Huffman is for real. Very well coached, disciplined team, hope to see them do well in playoffs....our coaching on the other hand was a total sh!t show last night....dont understand our playcalling at all smh...but oh well...gotta forget this one and move forward...on to lumberton
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