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  1. Yea..after 2 losses,Huffman may not be as good as we thought
  2. IDK how they come up with the is questionable for sure...I love our Bears, but top 10? IDK about that 😬
  3. Something else...I hope Livingston can tackle...between vidors qb and all the backs, they are shifty and slippery....#7 in particular...if I wouldn't have had a son playing, I would have went to the house after he ran that 1st 2 pt conversion in 🤦
  4. At times our D has looked good (excluding the vidor game lol), but we are allowing too many pts. WOS put up 39 on us, Huffman 31, Vidor 29. Im hoping we have a good week in practice and show up prepared friday night!
  5. DCTF had LCM at #12, Maxpreps had us at #7. Vidor will prob in in maxprep top 10 this week. Possibly DCTF also.
  6. i would really rather our defense not allow 40 pts! lol
  7. i knew that was gonna hurt us....bc we could not stop vidors offense...
  8. vidor secondary did look good...LCM receivers dropping balls made them look even better smh
  9. yep. a few of our fans were cheering when we "held" yall to a 3 yd run. I knew it was too much lol smh chewed us up!
  10. the dropped passes definitely hurt us last night. and i agree we may see 3 tms from our district playing in area round
  11. the dropped passes definitely hurt us last night
  12. If Vidor has another turnover free game, and can eliminate the false starts, their offense will be hard to stop. They ran that slot t down our throats last night. And chewed up a ton of clock doing it. Gotta go with vidor here.
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