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  1. Guys, its rankings. It doesn't mean anything. As long as both teams stayed healthy just get ready for district, get in the playoffs and make some noise. Everyone knows when playoffs start the rankings go out the window.
  2. Said what I said. Anyone who knows that man knows what I'm talking about.
  3. Hodges is one of the best out there, he always has a plan and knows how to get his guys outplay expectations.
  4. Agreed. Very tough kid, strong too. A good track season this year would’ve helped him with the home run speed like McGrue 2 years ago.
  5. Buddy of my coaching at Newton told me about this kid like 3 years ago, looks talented as hell just raw. If Guidry at WB can stay healthy he will be towards the top for sure. Foxall has been a stud since stepping onto campus at WB. A little overshadowed on the freshman team 2 years ago by Bryce Anderson. Talk about a talented backfield at WB with Anderson-Guidry-Foxall
  6. Good recipe for LCM. And that would be “Who Believe”. Bobcat nation big son.
  7. Didn’t know you guys were spread now. I think some people look at the spread as airing it out. A lot of teams run the spread and are still a smash mouth/run first team. It’s all about the attitude and what you want your team to be. Also depends on personnel.
  8. I'd be willing to bet there is a kid on that new turf baseball field right now that could sling it around the yard. Same with OF/LCM/Lumberton/HJ.
  9. Gotta start the development in the JH. Todd Dodge has a development program from the time a QB starts in the 7th grade. Kids play in open space in every other sport (basketball/baseball) then football comes around and you ask them to get foot to foot with their hands in the dirt & ask for 3 yards and a cloud of dust? It's just not fun playing football like that. Boring to watch, boring to play.
  10. I'll be glad when the slot-t craze of SETX dies out. I played in it at a school when everyone was still in the spread. Good offense but not very fun to play in. I think there is a better way to go about it. People say you can't run it at small schools, false. Just have to know what you're doing and develop.
  11. Silsbee is always the one that comes to mind for me. On a smaller school level, Evadale does well also.
  12. Yes. Boys and girls. As in culture and success of the overall athletic program.
  13. Starting this thread as a spin off from discussions about the Coach Graham hire. What school has the best overall athletic program in SETX and why?
  14. True. Have to get the community back into having a competitive athletic program instead of just trying to be good at a one or two sports. We see that a lot of smaller schools can do this well but somehow has been lost as you move up classifications. It goes both ways too. Football coaches/parents should encourage athletes to play other sports like basketball/baseball and/or track instead of just training year round for one sport. The competitive mindset is a hell of a tool in athletics.
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