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  1. Not to mention, Nelson hasn't really been involved with athletics for 2 years...
  2. No doubt 409 teams have some grit that you don't get at other parts of the state. Honestly don't really think either of them will turn the tides at BU but that's just my 2 cents.
  3. Not knocking on Coach Nelson because he is a good coach, but wouldn't you want someone to come in and change the culture of the program instead of just fitting into what is already there?
  4. Gotcha. Just didn't know the correlation there.
  5. Not hating on Graham but just wondering, how did he end up in El Paso?
  6. I guess they aren't paying attention to the fact Duncanville is under investigation.
  7. Some good candidates on that list. Also a lot I've never heard of and some I have that would be disastrous.
  8. There is plenty of talent at BU. Should've been more competitive in 6A but if they get the right guy, BU should make some noise in 5A. Hear it could be a WB alumn.
  9. Follow the money does not lead to athletics.
  10. The time of former coaches making it into high positions in the school system has come to an end which is bad for athletics. Majority of the upper admin has turned into academic people, their goals are different.
  11. Definitely not true. I believe she is a control freak and wants to be in charge of every aspect and doesn't actually know who a good fit for BU would be. She just wants someone there who says the right things to her and won't challenge her on what she wants done.
  12. A big part in the decline of people going to school for teaching is because people are going to school and getting lets say a Finance degree or any other degree. Then going through an alternative certification program which it not hard at all and you have your degree to fall back on if teaching isn't for you anymore.
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