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  1. I think big sandy beat a really good Huffman team this year but I’m not for certain.
  2. Foster is another great one, bad Santa you named coaches who have stallions every year.
  3. Real simple you have to have players to win, I mean I think Coaches like coach Jeffcoat, Coach Mitchell, Coach Mcdonald, Coach Smith from vidor don’t get enough credit, those guys do a pretty dang good job with what they have...
  4. Yeah I agree hoop, lumberton is lucky to have a coach like coach Mitchell!!! Seen him coach for a long time does a good job for that program.
  5. District is tight, going to be interesting in how it plays out.
  6. They beat goose creek, bay city, Tarkington, Anahuac at that tourney. Goose and bay city aren’t bad from my knowledge but who knows, they went 3-2 in Nederland tourney and that’s a good tourney right?
  7. Lumberton played in Splendora, hj, and Woodville tourneys last year.,tx)/basketball-winter-18-19/schedule.htm
  8. Lol, here we go, come on coach23, coach Mitchell has those boys playing hard!!!!
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