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  1. Somerville volleyball player and cheerleader test positive up this way
  2. I have friends from the waco area that have said the same thing... Several have said this could be la Vegas best team ever
  3. Lorena @ Franklin Aug 28th is back on now that McLeenan county reversed the order
  4. As does La Vega, Lorena, China Springs, Mart ect... Now that McLeenan county schools can start on time we may play Lorena week 1 again but idk yet
  5. Yep Mexia is now playin Cameron Yoe in Mexia
  6. I agree i want us to be tested early and adding WOS with the likes of Cameron Yoe and a loaded #9 Troy in 3ad1 could help us make another run at state even more so with us dropping back down to 3ad2... Plus i think we could make WOS better we bring back 9/8 and skill position could be some of the best we have ever had... #3 WOS vs #8 Franklin make it happen
  7. None takin from franklin folks we usually play up... Lorena, Waco Connally, Navasota, ect... Are teams we have played in the last 4 years... The boys play hard and give it their all against anyone
  8. Franklin needs a week 1 game anyone still have an open week 1... Contact Mark Fannin ([email protected])
  9. #1 Shiner #2 Refugio #3 Post #4 Cisco #5 San Augustine #6 Mason #7 Hawley #8 Ganado #9 Panhandle #10 San Saba
  10. Diboll lost 28 seniors... They will be rebuilding for the next year or 2
  11. 1. Franklin 2. Mart 3. Cameron YOE 4. Bremond 5. College Station 6. Waco La Vega 7. Grandview 8. Newton 9. West Rusk 10. Hearne 2 - 10 in any order
  12. Crockett by 10... Seen both play twice this season... Crockett is just on another level
  13. Congrats to woodville 2nd straight year yall have knocked us out in the region 3 championship... Good luck in state
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