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  1. Both franklin and crockett have bye weeks... They might be scouting diboll
  2. Friday Franklin @ Lorena Saturday watching my little ones play football
  3. Franklin 3-0 West controlled varsity... Jv tied 1-1 controlled... Live quarter franklin 19 west 0 final
  4. As of right now i see ec playing either coldsprings or elkhart in the first round but alot can change between now and then
  5. They returned 11/10 and new coach was the dc and he pretty much ran the show last year... Grandview wont skip a beat
  6. The team you never heard of has been solid the last 10+ years including winning state championships...they won state in 2007 2008 2014 2015 played for state in 2009
  7. My top 5 Grandview Malakoff Gladewater Cameron Atlanta.... Cameron brings back 6/5 qb is back as well as other skill players and a 4 year starter leader ilb on defense... Brock only brings back 2/3 they will be down for the first time since starting a football program but could make some noise because reg 1 is really weak this year
  8. Yoe and gladewater should be top 5 for sure... Ec is good at #10 imo
  9. I have not seen Franklin's numbers but i know that cameron had 94 and rockdale had 85
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