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  1. His arm looked like it was in a sling against TT.
  2. I wouldn’t say they routinely beat HF. HF was winning by 2 going into the 4th. By looking at the score, HF probably had to foul at the end which made it a 12 point win. That takes nothing away from HJ today though. That is an impressive win. That district race is going to be tight from Huffman, HJ, and HF.
  3. No chance they are going to beat United unless BU has some players that are missing. Still might not beat them. BU is on another level. I am not taking anything away from Silsbee by saying that. They probably will beat Westbrook and any other team from SE Texas besides United. They have a legit shot at going to state also, but not beating Beaumont United.
  4. Surprises me that Lumberton split with Big Sandy since they are missing so many kids due to football and Big Sandy should have most, if not all, of theirs since they don't play football. What is going on with Big Sandy?
  5. As he stated before, you guys are going to need to agree to disagree. That is why they play the games.
  6. Considering that WOS doesn't shoot the ball all that well, there may be quite a bit of zone run on them by many teams in district. Silsbee won't do this, but IMO Silsbee's swarming defense is going to give the other guards of WOS fits. Size is negated when you turn the ball over before they can get the ball to them.
  7. If you think that WOS didn't some part in what happened, then you weren't at the game. There was constant back and forth from both teams the entire half. The craziness really amped up when a fan got involved. WOS has a ton of potential, but can they stay disciplined and out of foul trouble. Not much depth, especially at the post. Lots of guards, but can they cut down on turnovers and make outside shots. It will be an interesting district race for sure, but IMO there is no way that WOS can contend with Silsbee. I believe that 2-5 is up for grabs.
  8. Please keep Coach Davis at HJ and his family in your prayers. I am not going to elaborate on what is going on since it isn't my place, but I know prayers would be much appreciated.
  9. Maybe he wants to coach his daughter and be part of a team that goes to the State Tournament and has a chance at a State Championship.
  10. Co-Offensive POY-Castillo 1st Team All District- Richardson 2nd Team All District- Boudreaux
  11. OC is going to be a dog fight between LCM, WOS, and OF. Not sure who has the edge. All three teams have solid players. Morris and Elliot for LCM, Wardlow and the big in the middle of WOS, and Wrinkle and Ragusa for OF. Personally, I am going with depth. OF is deeper. They had the better JV and many of those players will step in to help at the varsity level. They have the ability to shoot the ball extremely well. Wrinkle and Ragusa can both go for over 20 on any given night. They have two solid posts that play tough inside. Some others have mentioned the length of LCM. They
  12. I have seen plenty of athletic teams use this to their advantage over the years. Andre Boutte was the master of it. He would stall in the 3rd quarter if he had a 5 point lead.
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