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  1. So no destination on where he might be going. There aren't any local head jobs available at this time, I don't think. There are some assistant jobs out there though. Lumberton or H-J?
  2. I don’t think anyone is saying that you, oops I mean Mitchell, didn’t do a good job. A D1 player, especially at the 4A level makes a huge difference. If anyone should take a slight for not being picked to make the playoffs, it should be McClure. That means the coaches of the district didn’t feel he was as good as he actually was.
  3. If they are "homeschooled", they should still have a residence that could be verified the same way as it is for enrollment. The difference would be that they could actually compete for a school they were not actually enrolled in. That can be a very slippery slope.
  4. So who does Hamshire have coming back?
  5. That is a good win. I believe that Flatonia’s coach used to coach at Mumford and played in the state tournament.
  6. I wonder if Yates considered flipping for Wednesday so Silsbee, or HF, would have to play on back to back nights.
  7. WOS fans keep talking about how young they are and what they have coming back. I know that Brown, the twins, and Wardlow are coming back, but who else. And as for the JV, I only saw them play OF, but they got handled by a LOT both times. Not sure there is much on that team that will help next year.
  8. It does look like there will be about an hour after the game is over before the Silsbee game is supposed to start. I would imagine the facility will be cleared and possibly some cleaning done. Maybe on certain sections are open during the first game and the other sections opened during the other game. I see what you are saying about the UIL and I agree that something could have been done to have a regional tournament. State tournament is a totally different animal.
  9. Bobcats keep playoff hopes alive with the win. Need to beat Vidor at home on Tuesday and hope West Orange loses to Bridge City and Lumberton so they can have a play-in game.
  10. I agree there is a drop off, but a 35 point win wasn't expected on my part as well. I saw Buna played multiple times early in the year and would have anticipated a much closer game.
  11. This score really surprised me. Wasn't this game at Bridge City also? Bridge City kept it close against Silsbee. I thought this game could go their way. I will say that Lumberton hits the boards so hard that it could have given Bridge City problems. I wouldn't say they are the most physical team by any means.
  12. So a game was cancelled because one player may have been exposed and that player has to quarantine. They couldn't play a game without that player?
  13. I don’t think a loss to Orangefield shows that they haven’t turned the corner. This district is very competitive and playoff spots are still up for grabs. Orangefield did what they needed to do in order to win the game. Rebound and limit turnovers. On any given night Orangefield has three guys that can go for over 20. That makes it hard to guard them for 32 minutes. Good luck to all teams the rest of the way.
  14. After seeing some of the other Orangefield scores, I am not sure that close win was that bad. They barely lost to EC and from what I heard, were up 10 with about 4 minutes to go.
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