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  1. Love everything about San Antonio except the venue.
  2. So I guess there is a possibility that coach may be leaving. But why? And the commute?
  3. Where is all of the housing located in HF school district where these transfers are living?
  4. Didn’t they get a lot of fouls called in the state championship game last year too? Saw a video and looked like Jackson just walked off the floor after the game.
  5. Coaches leave all the time for bigger opportunities and more money. Does he have a family? If so, money is a priority to provide for them. Big schools don’t come knocking everyday. Some coaches choose to stay in certain situations, and those opportunities may not come along again. I understand that he has a core group coming back and that is normally a recipe for success, but what if the AD leaves, which happens at HF often and the new AD has universal off season, which has happened. Things can change quickly, especially at a small school. By the way, someone in this board mentioned him going
  6. So what happens when a bigger school comes knocking on Coach Rideaux’s door with more money? Does the coach stay or go? If the coach leaves, do those “new additions” leave also?
  7. Not sure which 14U team you are talking about. If it is the OC Warriors, many of those kids are not from LCM district. Some of the players are from LCM and are going to be very good, but many of those players are not. I did not think that their JH teams were very strong this year. LCJH has one 8th grader that is really good with a good frame and potential. Not much around him though. OF 8th beat them by 30 or more and LCJH had already beaten Mauriceville. Jeffcoat does a great job at developing his kids and I do believe that LCM is going to be good the next few years, but I can pr
  8. Is it just me or does the Silsbee vs. Livingston game in Baytown seem way out of the way to play each other? Did this have to do with closer venues being taken due to the seeding game? AAW, you have any insights?
  9. EC point guard is coming back. He is just a junior. Buna has a lot returning, but not sure it is enough to make a deep run.
  10. I in no way am saying that Coach Rideaux is not a good coach, but some of their success must be attributed to the number of transfers from Beaumont. I think that if you add those players to just about any struggling program in the area, or non-struggling program, you will see an improvement in results. I have spoken on here about how I don't agree with his methods, but obviously he has a good enough relationship with those players that it is successful. As they continue to get transfers, I am sure that their success will increase. I also don't like the transfers coming in. That is why I e
  11. There is one on the JV that is even better than those two.
  12. FYI. He was also a head coach at Midland Lee, Highland Park, and Georgetown. Pretty sure he didn't have cupcake schedules at those stops. Give him some credit for what he has accomplished in his career instead of minimizing what he is doing now.
  13. I am not sure where the hard feelings for Coach Hoffpauir have come from. He has only been at West Hardin for a couple of years. That schedule you are bashing has only accounted for a small portion of his 700 wins. He was at Legacy for a year or two and East Chambers prior to that. Most of his coaching was out of the area. It is ok to have good players and a good coach. Usually that is a recipe for success. Some people on here are getting very sensitive over the fact that he was called the best coach in the area. I don't think he is, but that doesn't mean that he isn't a great coach.
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