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  1. If that is the case my son should have been MVP last year cause he was face guarded just about full court by the best defender every district game except for the games against Kountze and still averaged 20+ points. But it is not the case. Perrault benefited from this as well as being the best athlete on our team last year. Sells is a phenomenal ball player who deserves the mvp. At worst if you believe in the co mvp stuff he would be that. If anything it is preparing him for college because that’s all they do is tight man coverage.
  2. I would suggest getting there early for all of y’all’s games Friday at EC. There is also two soccer games and a baseball game that night as well. Parking will get limited very quickly. Just an fyi
  3. Just seeing if anybody has a roster list of athletes that will be participating in the upcoming events.
  4. At some point as much drama it seems follows this guy around from what I’ve read, can you really keep pointing fingers at everyone else and not think, hmm maybe I am the issue?
  5. With the district title it seems EC got the shortest end of the stick compared to the other teams. Orangefield as well
  6. Some of these picks seem pretty odd to me
  7. New Waverly posts dominated and were very physical inside. EC doesn’t really have a true post which proved to be the downfall. Aggressively drove the ball but just didn’t get the calls or the shots to fall. Hats off to New Waverly and wish them the best of luck.
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