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  1. Diboll seems to have gotten it together after a shaky start.
  2. On our schedule it says 28-29. Typo I’m assuming
  3. Seeing two different dates for the tourney?
  4. What happened to LaPoynor in 2A? Went 5 deep last year and lost one player.
  5. I’m also liking Diboll this year. Good year last year with only losing one starter.
  6. Posted Sunday at 11:56 AM Here are the games for the Week 8 pickems: (picks need to be posted by 6pm Friday, Oct. 15. NO THURSDAY GAMES) 1. Kingwood/West Brook 2. Magnolia West/Magnolia 3. Baytown Lee/Galveston Ball 4. United/PA Memorial 5. Nederland/Dayton 6. PN-G/Kingwood Park 7. Texas City/Crosby 8. Lumberton/Huffman 9. Splendora/Livingston 10. Vidor/LC-M 11. Jasper/Carthage 12. Rusk/Madisonville 13. Bridge City/S
  7. My disclaimer is I didn’t see Silsbee play last year so I know little about this years team. But I’d be skeptical to compare them with the likes of Bush, Adams, McCain, Barnes etc. They could wind up being better but that would be a hard task.
  8. 8,505 62,321 posts Posted Sunday at 10:00 AM Here are the games for the Week 7 pickems: (picks need to be posted by 6pm Friday, Oct. 8. NO THURSDAY GAMES) 1. Atascocita/Summer Creek 2. College Station/Lufkin 3. Goose Creek Memorial/Baytown Lee 4. Friendswood/United 5. Galveston Ball/PA Memorial 6. Barbers Hill/PN-G 7. Nederland/Texas City
  9. posts Posted Monday at 12:19 PM Here are the games for the Week 6 pickems: (picks need to be posted by 6pm Friday, Oct. 1. NO THURSDAY GAMES) 1. Summer Creek/CE King 2. Lufkin/New Caney 3. Baytown Lee/La Porte 4. Galveston Ball/Beaumont United 5. PA Memorial/Goose Creek Memorial 6. Crosby/Barbers Hill 7. PN-G/Dayton 8. Santa Fe/Nederland
  10. Watched Huffman play in a playoff game last year. As a whole they were very disciplined with size. Harvey was the stud but not all they had. I think Harvey was the only starter they graduated?
  11. I thought this was going to be one of the easiest pickems for everybody. But what did I know. Lol
  12. Really miss stevenash. Always enjoyed discussing basketball with him last 20 years or so.
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