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  1. Keep grinding HJ. Great season WO-S, great effort all season.
  2. Listening to broadcast, Looks like Kraken may be wiggling free from the chains...
  3. HJ will win by a good spread and they will do it putting as little on film as they have to for future round opponents. IMO hj has not released "The Kraken" yet and will not until Huntsville or San Antonio.
  4. Great season Lady Raiders. Y'all left it out there...
  5. Final Lumberton 64 (7) Yates 76 Dunk count ended at 0-0
  6. 4A Area Girls Basketball Playoffs: Lumberton vs Houston Yates at Dayton High School, Dayton, Tx Friday Feb 21st at 630pm
  7. I said at the beginning of 22-4A district play, Coach had his ladies moving in the right direction and were gonna be a tough out..... Great job WOS, keep it going
  8. Yes, they have different players that can score the basketball, but at their core they are at their best when they play tough aggressive team defense. They play hard for each other, and have gotten better with that as the season has progressed. Coach Sanders, Worry, and Boyles has gotten them playoff ready by playing a tough pre-district schedule. With a probable second round match up with Yates on the horizon, they better be ready, lol.
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