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  1. Hey parking has never been an issue to me. In fact, I usually always get to park right near the front. I just figured I would be sweet enough to give others a heads up that usually park over there.
  2. Just a little FYI - the parking lot on Melrose that is directly across from the stadium will not be open for people to park in tomorrow. Our parking is already a cluster so tomorrow should be fun! lol
  3. G&G Enterprises did the WOS field. Their time lapse was pretty awesome to watch.
  4. Little video the Vidorian posted today.
  5. Scrimmage against Silsbee on August 16 has been moved to the Junior High.
  6. I know they were already out there working at 5:30 this morning when I was headed to the gym. All the stadium lights were on and they were out there. By the time I took my daughter to the school for volleyball, they were out there pouring concrete under the scoreboard and laying down another layer of whatever rock/slag that is on the field.
  7. I have been told from an individual who works there, and in the athletics department, that it will be done by then. I drove by there last Friday and they're moving pretty quickly now.
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