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  1. FM 102.3 the Eagle. You should be able to listen online.
  2. Ruiz is unfortunely out for the season. Hopefully he'll be fully healed by baseball season where he truly a marvel to watch.
  3. Livingston has dealt with a bunch of injuries and have had a nasty penalty bug. Maybe they're over it. That, and the Pirates don't like throwing the ball gives me hope that this will be a Lions win. The way things look, we could have three 3-2 teams and three 2-3 teams at the end of district. There's not much separating these teams.
  4. If you can throw the ball, Livingston is beatable. Had people been able to catch last year, the Lions don't win district. They just seem to be commiting more penalties than last year. IDK, they seemed to have taken a step back while everyone else has moved forward. Its going to be an interesting four weeks to see how this shakes out. Take nothing away from Lumberton, they won all phases of the game. It seems this year the power of the district will be centered around Beaumont instead of Houston. That season finale of Livingston and Hargrave may be for the last playoff spot inste
  5. I like your thinking but that's a bridge too far. I'll buy you keg of beer if the Lions win by 60. The Lions are decent, but they make too many mistakes that keep teams in the game. Lions by 8.
  6. I always hated that the local papers lazily called it a rivalry game just because they are in neighboring zip codes. i might have been guilty of that too when I was a sports reporter, but that was at least 18 losses ago. They should just combine the two schools and be through with it.
  7. I'm still sticking to my guns to the bitter end. Jordan and Kincaid are games the Bears should have expected to win. I know, they haven't always won the games they should have won, but maybe this is a new era. Let's see how it goes against Jasper. I always like to see LC-M do well. Maybe if they keep this up they can get win #3 against WO-S (1983 at Bear Stadium, 1994 @ Mustang Stadium, ????) (Statistically speaking, the odds of that nasty streak are 1 in 134,217,728. I think they didn't play a few times in between, but still, it's bad and unfathomable.) Peevy's a heck of a coa
  8. It will almost be back to the future when PNG and Nederland only had to cross the Rainbow Bridge to play district games.
  9. We tried to get a neutral game with El Campo at Rice Stadium but they backed out. Was glad to get the rematch against Chapel Hill at SFA, even though it was a loss. It will be interesting to see who gets shoved down to 4A. I dont think Nederland, PNG and Dayton fall this time around, but it seems to be a matter of time because the area isn't growing.
  10. As these articles pointed out, no one is building 3A/4A schools and the spread in those levels is becoming unbalanced. At this point Nederland, PNG and Dayton will be 4A schools within a few realignments. Texas is growing fast. There really needs to be a Metropolitan division for these monster schools to compete against each other.
  11. Don't think so. We scheduled against Jasper even when we were bad. I'd like to see them on the schedule soon. And Dayton too.
  12. You're the one that said it would come down to who wanted it more, which is a dumb statement. Of course both teams want to win. Wanting to win has nothing to do with actually winning the game. We would all like to win the lottery too. Its a tired, lazy sports cliche that I wish would be retired, so that's why I'm picking on you! I wish yall the best of luck the rest of the way. But I was never worried about Livingston losing to y'all.
  13. People said that last year. Lions will be fine.
  14. District championship games is Hargrave at Livingston. Everyone else is fighting for a playoff spot.
  15. Ok, I guess OF didn't want it enough, looking at the scoreboard. Livingston is not a guaranteed scheduled win anymore. There's no shame to losing to the Lions.
  16. On to the next game. Good luck the rest of the way Orangefield.
  17. The most import stat is what's on the scoreboard after 48 minutes. Smalley should have kicked the extra point last year. He would have won in overtime because Livingston was gassed. This year, Livingston is expected to win and no one will bat an eye when that happens.
  18. Orangefield doesn't throw the ball enough to be a threat to Livingston. Livingston by 10.
  19. 35-15 Chapel Hill Final. Good luck Bulldogs. On to the next game.
  20. Chapel Hill responds with a score 35-15 Chapel Hill, 8:18 left in the game.
  21. The Lions go for 2. 28-15 Bulldogs. 10:23 left in the game.
  22. 28-7 Chapel Hill to start Q4. Lions backup QB is in the game.
  23. 19-7 Chapel Hill at the half. Lions got on board with a fake punt from their 40. Hats off to the Bulldogs defense. Livingston has a lot of mistakes to clean up if they want to get back in this game. Chapel Hill ball to start the 3rd.
  24. 7-0 Chapel Hill End Q1. Livingston has chosen to shorten the game by sticking to the run. They are on their third possesion.The previous two ended at the Bulldog 30.
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