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  1. Both background checks and red flag laws are based on the premise that we have the capability of predicting behavior based on a set of arbitrary criteria. The premise is that we can prevent crime by disarming those who we think will commit a future crime. Who posses this capability? (That is rhetorical.) If you know the criteria, please lay it down on print...right here...right now. As with "no fly" lists, how do we stop abuse of these programs? All are ripe for abuse and have zero oversight for fairness. All can be good if applied by Andy Griffith, but would be suspect if applied by Bar
  2. Since no Liberals will respond to the background check topic, would any of you anti-gun nuts like to opine on the susceptibility of so-called "Red Flag Laws". If you think background check laws are subjective to abuse...let's delve into this brain-dead idea. I'm guessing the enlargement of Red Flag Laws against those who purposely interact with firearms should also apply to any "pedophiles" that have the audacity to purposely interact with children. I want you to keep in mind that idea as one of many conundrums when you attempt to explain the benefits of Red Flag Laws. Please outline who
  3. I was pretty confident no Liberal would respond to this. I'm also confident that any Liberal who reads this will realize the fallacy of their position, but will maintain their rabid support of background checks. The hypocrisy will be lost (or ignored). I don't know how many sane people have given thought to background checks. My fear is that these checks are simply a gateway for gun registration, restriction, then ultimately confiscation. Registration: I have no doubt the registration data (background check data) is currently being saved. No doubt. No proof other than past history...
  4. He dropped a F bomb. Then put LOL behind it. That in itself deserves a LOL. I still can't believed he lasted this long. Anybody that immature will eventually show their true colors. I'll still sleep fine tonight, but yeah...the comedic relief he provided will be missed (although I still feel somewhat bad about laughing at people that intellectually stunted).
  5. I've posted this topic before, and got zero responses from the anti-gun nuts. Let's try this again, since the anti-gun nut administration is in charge. Biden has said that universal background checks should be mandatory for all gun purchases. What does he mean? What is the Liberal agenda for this? Registration? Confiscation? Let's begin. What questions should be asked on a background check that prohibits guns from being in the hands of criminals but lets law abiding citizens exercise their 2nd amendment right? Please outline these inquiries that distinguishes who qualifies and who is
  6. The self described "elitists" do love attempting to denigrate others while failing to recognize their own limited cognitive abilities, contributing to the comic relief for the masses...I will give you that. I have no doubt that you have no comprehension of my reply. Grade schoolers will get a chuckle, but you...well, you are bewildered by the complexity of the "tone and timbre" of my reply. So to be clear, I am mocking you. Once you do an internet search on the meaning of the word "mocking", you will undoubtedly be confronted with your shame of being "disrespected". Your only choice is to
  7. Wow, you can count to five. That is impressive. But then you go and ruin it with your last comment. Can you please explain why you feel posting consecutively would be evidence of mental instability? Is falsely accusing someone of mental illness actually a sign of their own mental illness?
  8. "Wackos"? Have you ever read your posts? You attack the person who posted a link to an article instead of debating the merits of the article. "Wackos"? Are you engaging in self-reflection and projection at the same time? We all know you can't debate, and your intellectual skills are severely lacking, so why do you keep trying. Just give it up already!
  9. Where did you buy your "superiority complex"? And speaking of naivety...well, who better to speak on the subject. Keep the jokes coming.
  10. That's what you get for trying to think...and stereotype. By now you should realize how foolish you look when you attempt it.
  11. Spoken like a true liberal. It's a crying shame people with this stunted intellectual skillset are allowed to spew this nonsense. If you had one iota of a brain cell you would quit trying to "analyze" (lol) people by putting them in a box with a stereotypical label. That's so boring and childish. Non-liberals are not trying to end healthcare or food stamps. That is a lie perpetuated by the liberals for their sheeple to eat up. Consider yourself full...of it. Most non-liberals want only those that need help to receive it, not make a living off of it. It's a simple concept, but apparently t
  12. You just got schooled on a topic you started. The posters responded with logical answers...dispelling your "you suckers" nose-ring led mantra your masters have programmed you to believe. You have been thoroughly embarrassed on this topic. But I have a feeling you will brush off the responses and run your mental gymnastics to convince yourself that you have won the internet today by making redneck rubes expose themselves. Since I believe this is the case, please refute my analysis with your own rationale. Which response, so far, is out of line with your thinking?...and why? Which poster, based
  13. Your analysis of how a Trump supporter thinks is based on your warped sense of reality guided by hate. Your description of Hitler supporters' delusional sense of reality seems more analogous to you than to Trump supporters. And just for a laugh, please back up your claim of my "fanaticism"? Scour my posts to find this evidence. Or maybe save some time and admit your judgment is just stereotyping based on hate.
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