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  1. You do know what gets old don't you? Does your fake/false/dishonest/delusional stereotypes of people that don't think like you ever get old? Way to derail your own topic with insulting comments. Now that deserves a yawn.
  2. I missed it. I should have caught it though. You got me!
  3. Me too. I'm also for mandating a strict, healthy food regime for everyone. Have you noticed all of those fat slobs in the doctors office. I have to wait for hours to see the doctor because of these idiots. Let's force them to eat healthy. Ban meat. Ban dairy. Ban everything unhealthy in the name of protecting me, my family, my loved ones, and of course, our fearless political leaders. We need an "Operation Warp Speed" diet commission to produce a pill that those idiots must take so they will be healthy and will not fill up the hospitals. I hate looking at those disgusting people. They nee
  4. Your posts are devoid of any semblance of logical thought...but they are not random. Just "weird as hell". It's funny that you try so hard to fit in. Now get back to the topic and quit wasting our time with your childish personal quips.
  5. So is hating a politician "weird as hell"? You obviously don't get it do you. If we must accept the conclusion that loving a politician is "weird as hell", shouldn't the ones who abhor Trump also be labeled "weird as hell"? Which end do you fit in this spectrum? Are you "weird as hell"?
  6. Yes, I agree. I probably should have wrote "alleged" or "Liberal cast" worshippers.
  7. I agree with pretty much all of this. But what is really stranger than the people that worship Trump, is the people that despise Trump. According to the election results, the people that hate Trump far outnumber the people who love him. So why do the worshippers get all the negative publicity, but the haters get a pass? (Rhetorical question...we know why.)
  8. Wow, are you actually trying to use an off-handed remark meant for amusement as some sort of evidence to justify your contempt for Trump. I guess that is the result of blind hatred...and a lot of hatred exists. Far more hatred than love.
  9. Please explain your TDS driven analysis on how anyone was "tricked". Now this should be comical.
  10. Is "blind loyalty" akin to "blind hatred"? Which is worse? Which side has a majority of the afflicted? It's sometimes fun (and simplistic) to put people in a box with a label when one doesn't understand their reasoning processes. But blind loyaty and blind hatred both lead to deranged analysis, and both can lead to very bad outcomes...a la Biden. Who won the election with a record number of votes?
  11. Since we are playing armchair psychologist, do you think the people that envy Trump to the point of hatred outnumber those who worship him? Which group voted for Biden? Is admiring someone because of their success just as good as hating someone because of their success? (Yes, that is the correct order for this statement.)
  12. Wow. And you just dismiss the over 90% non-stop negative (and very hateful) media coverage of Trump. Yeah, let's blame Trump's loss on some mean tweets. Let's not talk about the behavior of the lefties. Who mobilized who?
  13. I don't know who the next Republican presidential nominee will be, but we already know a few things about him/her. The nominee will be racist (even if he is Black), will be misogynistic (even if she's a woman), will be xenophobic, will hate immigrants, will hate gay/transgender people, and will hate anyone that fits into a minority category. These are undeniable certainties. I hope the next nominee gets banned from social media in order to protect those who levy these accusations. We don't want the next candidate to be labeled a bully. That will surely turn off the "moderates" and doom the can
  14. How in the world do you equate "both parties working against Trump" with "the swamp was smarter than Trump"? Those are nowhere close to the same sentiment. I guess it would take a "genius" to decipher that twisted logic...if it is even possible. And it's ironic that you resorted to sarcastic name-calling when your attempts at degradation hold more truth than you can imagine. Not that I'm a genius...it's just that for some, normal people can seem like geniuses. You are welcome!
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